Regional Partnership Board and Carers - Social Care Wales

Regional Partnership Board and Carers - Social Care Wales

REGIONAL PARTNERSHIP BOARD AND CARERS Claire Sullivan Chief Executive Officer NEWCIS NEWCIS is largest provider of carer services in Wales delivering information, one to one support, advocacy, training and counselling to carers who provide unpaid support to family or friends.

This could be caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems. Our Mission Statement For all North Wales unpaid family carers and volunteers to be properly supported and valued in their caring and volunteering roles and provided with a voice, opportunity and choices, to lead a more fulfilling life. What Do Carers Need? The early indications from the findings of the engagement activities

that we collated for the population needs assessment in North Wales show what carers have said they need: Better support for the person they care for, by meeting their needs Support specifically for the Carers How can Regional Partnership Boards support carers? Develop clear processes for joint commissioning Define the areas that both health and social care interlink to get the process started Use of commissioners knowledge across North Wales

Use of carers strategy groups across North Wales Do we need to wait for the population needs assessment? As with the other Carers Services in North Wales, NEWCIS is a Network Partner of Carers Trust Wales What can that bring to the Regional Partnership Board: National representation at Strategic local level Opportunities for providing a national perspective on carers issues gained from the knowledge of Network Partners across Wales

working closely with NHS and councils to improve recognition of carers and understanding of challenges carers face leading to service improvements campaigning / lobbying with carers to give their voice directly to WG - need improvements to recognition and support for cares on a national level Skills and abilities of the Regional Partnership Boards, how can they help the third sector?

Recognition of the preventative agenda and its value Develop processes for engagement and commissioning that are recognised by both health and social care Realistic timeframes around development of services and what the required outcomes will be Representation from key area groups from the third sector on the Partnership Boards

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