Reading for Resilience:

Reading for Resilience:

CHLA/ABSC 2017 Reading for Resilience: Bibliotherapy lights the road to recovery for mental health patients Sharon Bailey1 , MI, AHIP Sandy Iverson2, MEd, MLIS, Psychotherapist Carolyn Ziegler2 , MA, MIS Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Toronto

St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto 1 2 CHLA/ABSC 2017 Overview

What is Bibliotherapy? Brief History Types of Bibliotherapy Exploring effectiveness Bibliotherapy @ St. Mikes STAR Program

Psychiatric In-Patients Evaluation Image by Robert Burdock; CC. 2.0 [] CHLA/ABSC 2017 Books and reading as Medicine for the soul

CHLA/ABSC 2017 REA DIN G to assist in the process of coping with life CHLA/ABSC 2017

CHLA/ABSC 2017 Is it effective? CHLA/ABSC 2017 Transformational power of

words CHLA/ABSC 2017 Image Source: Front. Hum. Neurosci., 01 October 2010 | 2010.00168 Re-wiring our experience through reading

CHLA/ABSC 2017 CHLA/ABSC 2017 CHLA/ABSC 2017 St. Michaels Hospital

Inner city hospital 5000 + staff Trauma & critical care Inner city health Research

CHLA/ABSC 2017 Shared Reading Group Session Check-in Read-aloud activity Guided group discussion Closure CHLA/ABSC 2017

Supporting Transitions and Recovery (STAR) Learning Centre The STAR Learning Centre was the first initiative of St. Michaels Urban Angel Fund for Homeless People.

CHLA/ABSC 2017 Reading for Resilience Working with psychiatric in-patients CHLA/ABSC 2017

Participants explore their own problems through discussing themes in literature [Responsibility] [Loneliness] [Gratitude] [Courage]

[Resilience] [Forgiveness] [Positive thinking] [Love & Giving] CHLA/ABSC 2017

Participant Evaluative Feedback I am very impressed with the selection of poems and essays. Very enjoyable topics. I enjoyed the readings. It was a good time. I would like topics of

depression and tackling challenges. I enjoyed being a part of the group. It was nice and the readings were warm. I feel at peace with much of my past. Im lucky I have so much love in my life, both at home and here at St. Mikes. Thanks for your time.

Thank you. Awesome! Forgiveness, gratitude and appreciation is great. CHLA/ABSC 2017 Reflective Evaluation CHLA/ABSC 2017

Material selection CHLA/ABSC 2017 CHLA/ABSC 2017 References & Further Reading About | Reading Well. N.p., 2017.

Berthoud, Ella, and Susan Elderkin. 2013. The novel cure: an A-Z of literary remedies. Davis J. Enjoying and enduring: groups reading aloud for wellbeing. Lancet. 2009 Feb; 373:714-5. Gold, J. Read for your life. Toronto (ON): Fitzhenry & Whiteside; 2001. Gold, J. The story species: Our life-literature connection. Toronto (ON): Fitzhenry & Whiteside; 2003. Hodge S, Robinson J, Davis P. Reading between the lines: The experiences of taking part in a community reading project. J Med Ethics. 2007: 33:100-104. McCulliss, D. 2012. Bibliotherapy: Historical and research perspectives Journal of poetry therapy. Vol. 25.

Tukhareli N. Healing through books: The evolution and diversification of bibliotherapy. Lewiston (NY): Edwin Mellen Press; 2014.

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