Read Critically To:

Read Critically To:

Getting the Most from Reading Nichelle Puder INRW 0420 Integrated Reading and Writing II Houston Community College System Getting More Out of Reading (Before You Read) 1st Have Your Tools Pencil Highlighter Attitude Curious Questioning Investigative

(Dont Accept Everything You Read As The Truth) Preview (Before You Read A Textbook) Analyze the Purpose of the Reading Assignment Adjust Reading Speed to Suit Information Purpose Read the Title and Subtitles Write Questions About the Text Turn Major Headings

into Questions. Using Questions that begin with What, Why, or How are Most Useful Preview (Before You Read A Textbook Read the Introduction or the First Paragraph Read Bold or Italicized Text Read the Sentence Under Each Heading If a Heading Is Not Given, Read the First

Sentence of Each of a Few Paragraphs on Each Page Identify Graphics (Charts, Maps, Photographs) Read the Summary While You Read a Textbook Predict What Will Happen Next Visualize What Is Happening Answer Your Questions Monitor Your Understanding Metacognition

Consult Another Source Summarize Sections Determine Meaning of Unknown Words Continued (During Reading) 2nd Engaging the Text Highlighting the Text Carefully 3rd Annotating Comments in the Margin Preview (Before You Read) Article

Author and Publication Facts The Title Headings and Subheadings 1st and Last Paragraph to Skim The Thesis/Main Idea Support for Thesis/Main Idea Literary Work

Purpose/Theme Characters Plot Setting Point-of-View Symbols Style/Tone While You Read A Literary Work or Article The Thesis or Theme Support of Thesis or Theme Patterns of

Organization Paragraph Indications Transitional Expressions Unfamiliar Words Review (After You Read a Textbook, Literary Work, or Article) Textbook Review What You Read Reflect on the Reading Make Connections and Comparisons React to the Text Literary Work or Article Reflect on Highlighted and Annotated Sentences

and Passages Be Open To Reading It Again When Problems Occur When Reading Analyze the Time and Place Where You Are Reading Rephrase Each Paragraph In Your Own Words Read Aloud Sentences/Sections of Difficulty Reread

Difficult/Complicated Sections Slow Down Reading Rate Write a Brief Outline of Major Points Highlight Key Ideas Making Sense of Unfamiliar Words (During and After Reading) Pronounce the Word Try to Figure Out the Word From Its Context Words and Sentences Around the Unfamiliar Word Look for Parts of the

Word that are Familiar Mark It and Keep Reading Unless the Sentence Does Not Make Sense Without Looking It Up Record Unfamiliar Words in Vocabulary Log Notebook or Word File

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