Raider Track & Field

Raider Track & Field

Thank You for taking the time to come tonight. We have a very special relationship with our student-athletes, coaches, boosters, and you the parents. We could not run a program as big as this one without your help and support! We are truly blessed to have your son or daughter spend time with us each and everyday! Welcome: 2017 Season Coach Ray Peaco Boosters Annual Dues

$55.00- used for athletes Tee Shirts, Athletes banquet ticket, purchase of additional/enhanced training aids, supplies, etc. for the team, meals for some away events, gas money for volunteer coaches, K6 Meet, Concession Stand Seed Money, Tents, Software for results, scholarship money, and more. No other fundraising needed, etc. Introduction of the initial timing system committee: Dave Dixon

Rick Laughlin Tom Kunkel Lisa Kunkel Booster Officers / Committees President- Lisa Kunkel

Tracy Hess Treasurer Lynne McGinnis Secretary Apparel Barb Keir & Jan Warchola Concessions - Kathy Hensler & Rebecca Choban Carin Bellack Senior Night Holly Lingenfelter Posters Dave Dixon & Rick Laughlin Timing System Scholarship Selection Committee -- ?? Hospitality Committee Banquet, Kick off activities, year end activities--- ??

Introduction of Booster President Annual Track Scholarship for a selected senior Lisa Kunkel In guidance office package. Deadline is March 10

th Annual Team Posters Picture Date is March 9 th everyone wear their team sweats or all black sweats! Individual Pictures March 27 th Concession Stand Looking for FUTURE coordinator to shadow this year. Everyone needs to sign-up for a 1 hour shift during the season Senior Night Looking for a couple of volunteers and a photographer to take pictures that night Hospitality Committee Coordinator We need a coordinator Team kick-off event at YMCA Information on the next slide Banquet End of Season Pool Party WE ALWAYS NEED AND WELCOME VOLUNTEERS!!

Annual Strong Kids Campaign Through your generous contributions to our Annual Strong Kids Campaign, we inspire, protect, and empower ALL kids and families, regardless of their ability to pay. We help our community grow and give everyone an opportunity to be more Our Annual Strong Kids Campaign is conducted in the months of March, April & May of each year. healthy, social and active. None of this would be possible without your support. COMMUNITY PROJECT MARCH 18, 2017 YMCA CRANBERRY TWP. TIMES: MIDDLE SCHOOL 2 P.M. TO 4 P.M. VARSITY 5 P.M. TO 7

P.M. VARSITY COACHING STAFF Dan Sample: Jumping Coach- retired teacher, 43 Years Craig Gehm: Discus, Javelin, Shot - 24 Years Gar Bercury: Sprints, relays 18 years John Cashdollar: Pole Vault, retired teacher 40 years Wayne Roccia retired SV teacher, 44 years Track and Field Ron Kelm Hurdles, previous experience at Freedom H.S., 4 years Crystal Weimer 6th year Varsity Jumping Coach at SV

(14 years) Justin Dosch 7th Year Distance coach Ashley Turici- 8th year Javelin, Disc Ray Peaco 34th year , jumps, distance Anastassia Williams- 4th year shot, discus throws Jarod Galloway student teacher 1st year (shot/discus) We dont cancel practice! Goals

1. Winning Season 2. Make playoffs- Win the WPIAL Team Championship 3. Athletes to W.P.I.A.L. championships, State Track meet and Nationals 4. Improve personal performance 5. Have Fun and make memories that will last a lifetime. 6. Take a bus to the state meet Color the Gray. If either team wins a section title, not a cochampionship, or if either team wins the WPIAL Team

Championships, then. Cyber Classes Please make sure that your classes meet NCAA clearing house requirements Example Math, Science, English, etc. credit or full credit Varsity Track Team WINNING IS OUR TRADITION AND

TRADITION NEVER GRADUATES Girls : 34 consecutive winning seasons Boys: 39 consecutive winning seasons Team Concept- March and April Individual Concept- May and June Local, State, Our season ends with Notes of Interest Go Raiders is our Slogan in all sporting events Only positive encouragement Opt out of Publicity of Students- pics

Sunburn and dehydration Drink water all day long, bring water bottle to meets Commitment and Responsibility of being an athlete. Band Concert/ Orthodontist appt.

Practice Choral Concert/ Practice Band Trip/ Choral Trip Senior Project Family Trip Spring Break Tutoring College Visitations

Doctor Appointments PT Musical Practice Musical (!!!!!) not this yr. Thespian Tryouts NHS inductions Injuries from another sport Things that make you say HMMM.

It is my way or the highway.. Coach Peaco only cares about the better kids I would argue that our track and field team is the most accommodating sports team of any at this school If you have questions or concerns, please contact me. You might not be getting the full story Forms, and Paperwork

Travel Releasepurpose of form (parent gives form- not student-athlete) Picture Forms March 29 individual Sweat suit Order form see boosters Team rules and information--website Top Ten and Records Survival Sheet

Extra Apparel see booster Lettering summary sheet- review carefully Contact Information Card turn in later PIAA Standards for state meet Uniforms Pink/ Blue Complete form and give to my wife at the first desk Make sure to list all info Sizes are for possible future awards Changes for 2017

Lettering Process see handout Practice commitment ATTENDANCE (ROLL) Meet Commitments explained: DETAILS Section, relays, invites, scrimmages, Uniform bottoms Black compression shorts No bikini style Black only, if logo NIKE white swoosh, 2 inches Clothing/_-_/ N-1hgZnf?cm_REF=Clothing&Nr=A ND%28P%5FRecordType%3AProduc t%29 Special Announcment Parents and Spectators are not permitted in the field of play could lead to forfeit of event.

Must not entered the track area and please stay in the spectator areas for all field events Please do not discuss coaches decisions with your son or daughter, or your son or daughters coach before, during, or after the meet!

Important Dates March 9 Senior Poster Pictures Black sweats March Monday, March 27 Picture Day March 13th and 20th Scrimmages April 1st Knoch Relays (sat) only one! Section Dates: 3/24, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25 (must stay until meet is over) ride bus home. April 18 Senior Night AFTER the meet. Team must stay for senior recognition. April 21 9/10 SV Invite Volunteers needed May 2 Team Play-offs May 8 Team Finals

May 12 Elementary Meet/Community Project May 18 Individual Finals May 25-27 PIAA state meet @ Shippensburg Attendance Policy- Tiered discipline for absences: unexcused 1st offense- warning event coach 2nd offense- warning and call home from event coach 3rd offense- dismissal hearing with athletic director

Just asking the student-athletes to be responsible Priorities: 1st Family and well being 24/7 Athlete

Time Management School Work-grades Rest- at least 8 if possible Nutrition- correct food groups, what and when to eat, workout window Hydration all day long.. Bring water .. Work out routines Equipment

School will provide: Uniform top next slide Spikes for in your shoes Athletes will be charged for lost , stolen or damaged uniforms. ($30.00) Sweats: Personalized Warm-up Everyone in the same sweats Provided by family If this is a financial difficulty, please see me personally. Personalize warm-ups, wind and Parent Portal: If you need

directions, let me Mustknow be done now! All other forms Where you check student grades! Scholarhips Senior Parents New Senior Parents should stay! Girls- Pink Forms Boys Blue Forms Give forms to my wife. Follow the tables for various booster activities Please stop at each table

New senior parents should stay until all your questions are answered! Philosophy Participation from everyone. No Cuts based on athletic ability .. May be coming next year You dont have to be the best, just try your best! We want as many athletes as possible to play.

Guaranteed to happen at home meets. Many of our athletes are receiving college letters of interest and scholarships. Currently we have several student-athletes continuing with track and field in college. We want all of them to have a positive athletic experience. We want to win at the Varsity level and will try to do so. Athletic Office Reminders

No Activity Buses on days there is no school Practice each day, unless school is canceled, Website schedule, coaches schedules If you reached the CAP for activity fees, student-athlete must still report to the office that they are doing another sport, just tell the office Activity Bus Advantages Convenience More

participants Pick up area: stay away from baseball field Far middle school lot FORMS FOR ATHLETIC OFFICE 1. PIAA physical or Section 7 2. Drug test confirmation. 3. Concussion Test 4. Parent Portal Coaches are not permitted to handle

forms, Athletes cant say they gave it to a coach. One place onlyathletic Varsity Practice Schedule 2:55 to 3:05 : Team meeting 3:10 to 3:30 : Warm-up, event plyos/stretching/attendance by coach 3:30 to 4:50 : Event practice. Get to all

your events or alternate by days. You should also stay for the late practice, see your coach 4:50 to 5:30 : Extended practice/weight rm. Skilled events-weather permitting. jumpers, vaulters, etc. Junior Parents If you are new to track and field, please stay until all your questions are answered. Shoe Presentation by Mr. Ed Doyle from Up-NRunning:

SV 9 -10 Invitational Opportunities for the younger athletes to shine! April 21 at our Stadium & Knoch Relays April 1 Questions ?? Remember we are training these young people to be 24/7 student

athletes. School Policies Good Sports Good Citizens Have a beneficial and rewarding experience with us. No one sits the bench. Sophomore Parents Team Rules Packet 1. Listed on the Seneca Valley school district website and the Seneca 2. PRACTICE EVERYDAY. Attendance is mandatory Practice is Only

cancelled if school is cancelled. (excused absences are permitted, must see event coach) 3. Athletes must be in school no later than 10:30. If you leave early, you must be signed back in school before 8th period ends. PIAA rules. 4. No athlete will participate in a meet that is absent the day before the meet unless excused by their Coach. 5. Absolutely no one will be permitted to ride home from a meet with anyone except their own parents.

6. Any athlete leaving a meet without seeing Coach Peaco will not attend the next meet. 7. Hazing: Not acceptable. Automatic dismissal hearing with the AD . 8. Valley track and field website. Social Media Facebook, Twitter, etc. Stay away from it! Communication

Coaches' will communicate via the website, at practice, or school announcements. Coaches will not communicate (or should not) via, email with students, texting with students, personal cell calls with students, face book with students, etc. Too many already. Parent Emails are acceptable. Must be parents email and coach will use ORDER OF EVENTS

Running Girls then boys 3200 relays 100 Girls hurdles at home

meets 110 Boy hurdles at home meets 100 dash 1600 run 400 relay 400 run 300 intermediate hurdles 800 run 200 dash 3200 run 1600 relay Field Varies by venue and meet

Groups Sprinters= 100, 200, 400, 4 x 100, 4 x 400 = 37 points Jumpers/ hurdlers = Lo H, HH, High, Long, Triple, Pole V = 54 points Distance= 800, 1600, 3200, 4 x 800 = 32 points Throwers= Shot, Disc, Jav = 27 points Total = 150 Points We need 76 to win! Asthma Action Plan Long Term control Medicines

Versus Quick Relief: Albuterol, etc. If you need to take quick-relief medicine more than twice a week on a regular basis, call your doctor to talk about adding or increasing your long-term control medicines. Shin Splints Versus Stress Fractures Definition Shin splints are

injuries to the front of the outer leg. While the exact injury is not known, shin splints seem to result from inflammation from injury to the tendon (posterior peroneal tendon) and adjacent tissues in the front Symptoms Shin splints cause pain in the front of the outer leg below the knee. The

pain of shin splints is characteristically located on the outer edge of the mid region of the leg next to the shin bone (tibia). An area of discomfort measuring 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) in length is frequently present. Pain is often noted at the early portion of the workout, then lessens only to reappear near the end of the Causes

A primary culprit causing shin splints is a sudden increase in distance or intensity of a workout schedule. This increase in muscle work can be associated with inflammation of the lower leg muscles, those muscles used in lifting the foot (the motion during which the foot pivots toward the tibia). Such a situation can be aggravated by a tendency to pronate the foot (roll it excessively inward onto the arch). Similarly, a tight Achilles tendon or weak ankle muscles are also often implicated in the development of shin splints. Poor quality or worn out shoes Treatment

Old WayPreviously, two different treatment management strategies were used: total rest or a "run through it" approach. The total rest was often an unacceptable option to the athlete. The "run through it" approach was even worse. It often led to worsening of the injury and of the

New Wayalternative workouts: Pool or stationary bike Ice to reduce inflammation Stretching and strengthening Proper shoes normal workout in volume and intensity.

Usually better 2-3 weeks rest Academic Eligibility: Students will be notified if they are not eligible and copies of the lists shall be given to the coach. All students in grades 7 12 who participate in athletics must attain a 2.0 QPA during a weekly academic eligibility report. If a student is ruled ineligible, he/she will not be eligible to participate in games and must attend a mandatory study hall in the afterschool detention room. The study hall will be held in the Senior High School three days per week and last one hour. (2:45 to 3:45). Once the hour-long study hall is finished, the student will be permitted to attend practice. They should report to their event

coach at the track and field area. A student will be reinstated once he/she has achieved a 2.0 QPA or better. Students declared ineligible will not be permitted to play from Monday through the end of Sunday following the week of their ineligibility. What Makes Track and Field at SV so much fun?

Everyone is competing at the Varsity Level No one is sitting the bench Run the fastest, jump the highest, throw the farthest. Minimum subjectivity NOTE Relays: Coaches decisions. Based on what is best for the team at that time. Relays can and will change from meet to meet. We will put who we believe are the four best Subjectivity at a Minimum

Normal- who ever runs the fastest, throws the farthest or jumps the highest will always win! All participants can earn PRs (personal records) Some problems do occur: Relay incidents must match Meet decisions Two Seasons: Team for seven weeks, individual for

Summary when you leave tonight Uniform form signed for and dropped off pink and/or blue sheet Travel Release Form- make copies for each meet picture forms/money

Sweat Order Form- SV Boosters Concession Stand volunteers Additional Apparel This is a varsity program we want We do want to Win! Question and Answers Freshman Parents Questions about shoes Up and Running Website Ed Doyle

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