"Thank you, M'am" (p. 30 red textbook)

"Thank you, M'am" (p. 30 red textbook)

Thank you, Mam (p. 30 red textbook) RL.7.2 I can determine the themes (life lessons) of a text and analyze their development through citing textual evidence, paraphrasing, or summarizing. Word Work: 1. Write the definition of your word.

Lets learn some of the words before we read. Person 1: frail p. 31 Person 2: presentable p. 32 Person 3 : mistrust p. 32 Person 4: barren p. 33 1. Look up your word using Thesaurus.com. Write down

three synonyms (words that mean the same) T- (title) Create a theme chart on your paper. Skip 2 lines between each. H- (how)

E- (emotions) M- (mood) E- (enduring) See the example to the right. THINK and WRITE. Person 1: T (title)

Person 2: H (how) Person 3: E (emotions) Person 4: M (mood) ALL-Record Round Robin Based on your analysis so far, what is the theme (life lesson) of the story?

Explain your thinking. Summarize the story using the five finger strategy: (Somebody-Wanted-But-So-In the end) For example: Jenny Puchovier wanted to eat her starbursts but her friends wanted all the good ones, so she gave them away because she wanted them to like her. In the end, Jenny only had yellows ones left, which made her

sad. My Summary: Roger wanted the blue suede shoes, but he had no money to get them, so he tried to steal a womans purse. In the end, Ms. Jones taught him right from wrong and he learned his lesson.

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