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Monthly DAC Webcast April 11, 2019 Jennifer Stafford, Director Division of Assessment and Accountability Support 1 Agenda Welcome Online Testing at High School Assessment Questions

and Accountability Updates and Answers OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 2 Online Testing at High School Jason Howard Program Consultant Scott Wilson Pearson, Inc.

OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 3 Ordering and Shipment of Accommodations Materials Timelines Grade 10 Field Test for Reading and Mathematics Test Window Accommodated Ordering Return Materials Window Ordering Dates April 15 April 26 March 25 April 24 March 25 April 30 K-PREP: Grades 3-8, Grade 11 (Last 14 instructional days)

Shipping Original Deadline Additional Material Order Window Date #1 February 15 March 25 #2 March 1 April 8 #3 March 15 April 22 All ordering for accommodated materials at this point must be done via additional orders in PearsonAccessnext. For help on how to create an

additional order please consult the 2019 PearsonAccessnext Navigation Instructions PowerPoint. Assistance on additional orders begins on slide #29. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 4 Ordering and Shipment of Accommodations Materials Accommodated materials on schedule to arrive two weeks prior to the testing window include: K-PREP Grades 3-8, and Grade 11 On-Demand Writing. Accommodated materials not on schedule to arrive two weeks prior to the testing window include: K-PREP Grade 11

Science and Grade 10 Mathematics and Reading. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 5 Shipment of Accommodations Materials Grade 11 Science Large-Print and Text Reader kits that were backordered for Shipments 1 and 2 were shipped on April 9. All remaining Grade 11 Science and Grade 10 Reading and Mathematics accommodated materials will be delivered the week of April 22.

Materials will arrive as they are ready, not in oneWebcast: shipment. OSAA:DAAS:DAC 04112019 6 Impact on Field Test Window Field test window is extended for accommodated students as needed for all schools. KDE will work with districts to extend and/or alter the testing window for accommodated students as needed due to materials arriving later than

expected. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 7 Online Test Timing Guidance Grade 11 Science Part A 60 minutes Part B 60 minutes Grade 11 On-Demand Writing Part A (Stand Alone) 40 minutes Part B (Passage Based) 90 minutes Grade 10 Reading One Part 45 minutes

Grade 10 Mathematics Part A (Non-Calculator) and Part B (Calculator) Combined 45 minutes TestNAV 8 will not shut off on students once time is up. KDE guidance has been that if students are working diligently, allow them to work beyond the stated time limits. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 8 Seal Codes with Online Testing Unique codes that can be used by test administrators to control student access to each test part.

They are secure materials and should be treated as such. Each test section, session and part will have unique seal codes. They will also differ from school to school. However, each student in a session will use the same seal code. Seal codes are located in PearsonAccess next in the resources dropdown in the Students in Sessions window. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 9 Seal Codes For Grade 11 K-PREP there are 2 seal codes for Science, and 2 seal codes for On-Demand Writing.

For the Grade 10 Field Test there is 1 seal code for Reading, and 2 seal codes for Mathematics. Seal codes should be written on a board and/or central location for students as the test administrator wishes to open each portion of the exam. Students will enter the seal code when prompted and click start to enter each section of the exam. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 10 Test Session Recommendations Testing for students without disabilities may occur in

either a large group or small group setting. Students testing with accommodations should follow standard assessment protocol. If gathering students for a large group setting, please contact your District Technology Staff to ensure your test location can support the number of students you plan to test. Depending on the age of the equipment, Wireless Access Points (WAPs) should be expected to support no more than 25-40 users per WAP. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 11 Monitoring for Field Test and Operational Tests

OSAA will be visiting schools this spring monitoring tests at several schools for both the Field and Operational tests . Schools and districts are selected randomly by region. KDE divides the state into North, South, East, West and Central regions. An even number of visits are done per region. Monitoring visits will consist of observations and interviews. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 12 Online Testing Tips and Reminders

Remember to keep seating charts for all tests administered, including the Grade 10 Field Test. If for some reason all testing cannot be completed during the testing windows, please contact OSAA for further guidance. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 13 Quick Accommodation Reminders Paraphrasing Only directions which are not part of the test itself can be paraphrased. Once a test section officially begins no words or

content may be altered by the individual providing this accommodation. Non-Standard Response Templates Grade 11 Science Grade 11 On-Demand Writing Grade 10 Reading (Short Answer Question #7) Grade

10 Reading (Extended Response Question #14) A short-answer box is provided for reading Question 14 in the student response booklet. This is incorrect. For all paper and pencil tests, please use the extended response non-standard response template for student responses. Once the student completes the response, tape the response over the entire page in the SRB. This only affects students taking the paper and pencil accommodated kit test. Students taking the online test are not affected. Grade 10 Mathematics Technology and Accommodations Audio CD will require a CD player.

Text Reader will work on PC, Mac, OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 Ipad and Chromebooks 14 Online Testing Resources DAC/BAC Manual Grade 10 Test Administrators Manual/Script Grade 11 Test Administrators Manual/Script Online High School Assessments FAQ Pearson Seal Code Training Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms DAC K-PREP BAC K-PREP DAC Field Test BAC Field Test

Practice Tests Science On-Demand Writing Reading Mathematics TestNAV Tutorial TEXT READER SAMPLER Username: sampler Password: sampler Creating Test Sessions in PearsonAccessnext OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 15 Senate Bill 175 Legislation OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 16

Senate Bill 175 Senate Bill 175 was passed during the 2019 General Assembly. It was signed by the governor on April 9 and will become effective this summer. In accountability, it impacts transition readiness, membership on standards and assessment process review committee and redefines Targeted Support and Improvement identification. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 17 Transition Readiness at High School

Addition of College Placement Examination (SB 175, 2019 Kentucky General Assembly) FROM scoring at or above the benchmark score as determined by the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) on the college admissions examination TO scoring at or above the benchmark score as determined by the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) on the college admissions examination or college placement examination OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 18 New Reporting Requirement SB 175

Following the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years, the Commissioner shall convene a committee each year The committee shall analyze state assessment results and examine and consider the expected impacts, unintended consequences, and potential for schools to reach highest ratings Findings shall be reported to the Interim Joint Committee on Education by December 1, 2019 and by December 1, 2020 OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 19

Kentuckys Accountability System Regulation 703 KAR 5:270 20 Kentucky Board of Education Approved Amendment At their meeting April 10, the Kentucky Board of Education approved an agency amendment to 703 KAR 2:270 to align with the requirements of SB 175. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 21

703 KAR 5:270 Amendment Tentative Timeline October KBE First Read December KBE Second Read January Public Comment Period (written and oral) January 24 Proposed Public Hearing, 10 a.m. ET February KBE Statement of Consideration Spring Legislative Committees Expected to be effective for 2018-2019 reporting OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 01172019 22 Accountability EdCast

The next Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) EdCast will be Tuesday, April 16 at 9 a.m. ET. The topic will be on accountability. To view the webcast live or to view the archive later, go to YouTube and search KDE OTL. Click on the KDE logo. Next, click on the video tab. Then click the drop down arrow beside uploads and select live stream, or access the webcast from the KDE Media Portal Live Stream page at this link: at the OTL Live Stream Channel at the bottom of the page. To ask questions during the webcast, please join GoSoapBox at this link: Access code: OTL. An archive of the webcast will be posted and/or it may be accessed by going to YouTube and searching KDE OTL. Additionally, a link to the archive will be sent once the webcast is completed. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019

23 Standards and Assessment Committee Work OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 24 Upcoming Standards and Assessment Committee Work Kentucky educators are needed to help develop assessments that are of the highest quality, accurately measure the Kentucky Academic Standards, and are fair to all test takers. Applications are being accepted for critical activities such as blueprint

development, item writing, bias review, and standard setting in reading/ writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Educators may select to be considered for a single activity or for all activities. Applicants will be required to meet in Frankfort or Lexington at least one day; other activities may require multiple days. Some collaborative work may be accomplished virtually. Timeline for activities will vary for the content areas. Selected team members will receive reimbursement for travel expenses. Substitute teacher expenses will be reimbursed to the teachers school district. The online application can be found in this application document. Applications will be accepted through April 30. Selected team members will be notified via phone or email. OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 25

School Report Card OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 26 School Report Card Finance Domain Open April 1-30 for District verification/ validation and entry of school-level spending per student data Finance officers are setup by the local WAAPOC to enter and verify data in the School Report Card Financial Transparency Domain. For calculation questions, contact

Jessi Carlton by e-mail or (502) 564-3930, ext. 2468 OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 27 Annual Update of Geographic Coordinates Annual check of the geographic coordinates for all Kentucky public schools and district offices. For any new buildings or locations please complete the verification of coordinates and report to KDE on or before April 22. Instructions are available on the KDE Front Door Project webpage Questions should be emailed to

School Data Services OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 28 Questions and Answers Please send questions or comments to [email protected] Next scheduled DAC Webcast is May 9. Thank you for your participation! OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 29 Division of Assessment and

Accountability Support OSAA:DAAS:DAC Webcast: 04112019 30

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