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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 14

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 14 Jan State two advantages of using an electron microscope to view cells, rather than a light microscope. [2 marks] 15 Jan Camping gas is used by campers and hikers. It is a mixture of propane and butane. Explain, in terms of the arrangement of fuel particles, why camping gas is stored in cylinders as a liquid rather than as a gas. [2 marks] 16 Jan A snail travels 300cm in 4 minutes. Calculate the speed of the snail in m/s. [3 marks] 17 Jan Describe the function of chloroplasts in a leaf palisade cell. [2 marks] 18 Jan Explain why mixtures melt over a range of temperatures but pure substances have precise melting points. [2 marks] 19 Jan A cheetah accelerates from rest to 30m/s in 3 seconds. Calculate the acceleration of the cheetah. [2 marks] 20th Jan Explain how cells that line the oviduct are adapted to their function of moving the egg. [2 marks] 21st Jan Explain the difference between a risk and a hazard. [2 marks] 22nd Jan Explain why the area under part of a velocity/time graph gives you the distance covered. [3 marks] 23rd Jan State two sub-cellular parts that bacterial cells may have but animal cells never have. [2 marks] 24th Jan Two dyes have the same Rf values when tested using chromatography. Explain whether this means they are the same dye or not. [3 marks] 25th Jan The forces on a car are balanced. State and explain the size of the resultant force on the car. [2 marks] 26th Jan Explain why the role of enzymes as catalysts in digestion is important for life. [3 marks] 27th Jan A student is asked to separate two liquids. Liquid A boils at 100oC and liquid B boils at 65oC. The student sets up a fractional distillation experiment, and after a few minutes a clear liquid is collected from the condenser. Explain which of the two liquids will be collected first. [2 marks] 28th Jan A man is pushing a baby along the pavement in a pushchair. Friction is also acting on the pushchair. The pushchair is slowing down. Compare the horizontal forces on the pushchair. [2 marks] 29th Jan Describe how the active site works in an enzyme. [2 marks] 30th Jan Fresh water is treated to make it safe to drink. Soluble and insoluble substances are removed during this treatment, and chlorine is added to kill harmful microorganisms. State two reasons why samples of the treated water are tested regularly. [2 marks] 31st Jan The mass of a spanner on Earth is 0.2kg and its weight is 2N. The spanner is taken to the Moon in an astronauts tool lit. Compare the mass and weight of the spanner on the Moon and on Earth. [4 marks] 1st Feb The enzyme pepsin digests proteins. Pepsin is denatured at pH8. Explain what this means. [2 marks] 2nd Feb Compare the modern model of an atom to the atomic model proposed by John Dalton in 1805. [2 marks] 3rd Feb A car accelerates at 2m/s2. The resultant force acting on the car is 3000N. Calculate the mass of the car. [3 marks] 4th Feb Explain why a slice of potato will decrease in mass if it is placed in a concentrated sugar solution. [2 marks] 5th Feb Neon gas has a relative atomic mass of 20.2 and is made up of two atoms 22Ne and 20Ne. Explain which of these isotopes is the most abundant. [3 marks] 6th Feb A student is using a force meter to find the weight of an apple. Describe an action-reaction pair in this situation. [1 mark] 7th Feb Explain why sperm cells cannot be produced using the cell cycle. [2 marks] 8th Feb Suggest two reasons why other scientists did not accept Mendeleevs periodic table when it was first published. [2 marks] 9th Feb A car has a mass of 1800kg. It is moving with a velocity of 35m/s. Calculate the momentum of the car. [3 marks] 10th Feb Explain why percentile curves are used to measure growth in babies. [2 marks] 11th Feb Explain in terms of electrons, why magnesium and calcium are in the same group in the periodic table. [2 marks] 12th Feb Explain how thinking distance and braking distance depend on the speed of the vehicle. [4 marks] 13th Feb Explain why plant meristem cells contain many ribosomes. [2 marks] 14th Feb Bromine is in group 7 of the periodic table. Write the symbol for a bromide ion. [1 mark]. State what the symbol tells you about electrons in a bromide ion compared with a bromide atom. [1 mark] 15th Feb Explain why a crumple zone only reduces the force on vehicle passengers if they are wearing seat belts. [4 marks] 16th Feb Describe the role of meristems in plant growth. [2 marks] 17th Feb Potassium iodide and potassium iodate, which contains the ion IO3-, are both used in health supplements. Give the formulae for both compounds [1 mark]. Compare and contrast these two compounds. [2 marks] 18th Feb Identify the useful energy transfers in a television. [1 mark] 19th Feb Describe how you detect the stimulus of temperature change. [3 marks] 20th Feb Magnesium chloride is an ionic compound and has a high melting point. Explain why magnesium chloride has a high melting point. [3 marks] 21st Feb Kettle A transfers 200J of energy to boil some water. Kettle B transfers 250J to boil the same volume of water. Explain which kettle is most efficient. [3 marks] 22nd Feb Describe how the arrival of an impulse at the end of one neurone can cause an impulse in a neighbouring neurone. [3 marks]

23rd Feb Describe the bonding in a molecule of water, which contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. [3 marks] 24th Feb Energy is needed to keep homes warm in winter. Explain how the thermal conductivity of the walls in a house affects the energy needed to keep a house warm. [2 marks] th th th th th th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 25th Feb Compare and contrast meiosis and mitosis. [3 marks] 26th Feb Explain why small molecules have a lower melting point than large polymer molecules. [3 marks] 27th Feb Explain why a car moving at 20m/s is storing more kinetic energy than a cyclist moving at 2m/s. [2 marks] 28th Feb Describe the nature of the genetic code found in a gene. [2 marks] 1st Mar Explain why graphite is softer than diamond. [4 marks] 2nd Mar State two reasons why many countries are trying to reduce the amount of non-renewable fuels they use. [2 marks] 3rd Mar ADWH is a condition in which people have curly hair that looks like sheeps wool. It is caused by a dominant allele D. Calculate the ratio of children with and without the condition if one parent is heterozygous and the other is homozygous for the recessive allele. [4 marks] 4th Mar Explain how metals conduct electricity. [2 marks] 5th Mar State one advantage and one disadvantage of using renewable resources for generating electricity. [2 marks] 6th Mar Explain how the sperm cell is responsible for the determination of sex in humans. [4 marks] 7th Mar Suggest why the melting point of silicon dioxide (1610oC) is so much higher than the temperature at which carbon dioxide changes state (78.5oC), although both compounds contain covalent bonds. [3 marks] 8th Mar Compare and contrast the way particles move in a sound wave and in a wave on the surface of water. [4 marks] 9th Mar Explain how mutation can lead to variation in the phenotype. [3 marks] 10th Mar Explain why the pH of hydrochloric acid increases when pure water is added. [2 marks] 11th Mar Humans can hear sounds with a wavelength of 16m. The speed of sound in air is 330m/ s. Calculate the frequency of these sounds. [3 marks] 12th Mar A group of humans will show variation in height. Describe how this variation is caused. [2 marks] 13th Mar Explain with reference to the ions present, how the pH of the acidic chimney gases from a power station will change as they pass over calcium oxide. [3 marks] 14th Mar Lane markings on the bottom of a swimming pool are straight lines. Explain why they do not usually look straight when you look at them from above the water. [2 marks] 15th Mar Explain why scientists cannot be sure that human-like animals such as Ardi, evolved into modern humans. [2 marks] 16th Mar Magnesium hydroxide solution reacts with stomach acid, which is hydrochloric acid. Magnesium chloride is a product. Write a balanced equation for the reaction, including state symbols. [3 marks] 17th Mar State two characteristics that all electromagnetic waves have in common. [2 marks] 18th Mar Wolbachia bacteria kill male blue moon butterflies. The bacteria arrived in the Samoan Islands in the late 1990s and by 2001 only 1% of the butterflies were male. Today, 50% of the butterflies are male as expected. Explain what has happened. [3 marks] 19th Mar Give a reason why universal indicator is not a good indicator to use in a titration. [1 mark] 20th Mar State one way in which X-rays are similar to visible light , and one way in which they are different. [2 marks] 21st Mar Explain how advances in technology have changed the classification of organisms. [2 marks] 22nd Mar Zinc carbonate is an insoluble salt. Describe how you would use solutions of potassium carbonate and zinc chloride to produce a pure, dry sample of zinc carbonate. [4 marks] 23rd Mar Compare the ways in which infrared and microwaves are used in cooking. [2 marks] 24th Mar Scientists have created a goat that produces spider silk in its milk. Explain how the scientists would have done this. [2 marks] 25th Mar 5.6g of iron react with 24.0g of bromine to form iron bromide. Calculate the empirical formula of iron bromide. [3 marks] 26th Mar Describe three different ways in which electromagnetic radiation with frequencies greater than that of visible light can be used in medicine. [3 marks] 27th Mar Describe the advantages of making insulin using genetically modified bacteria rather than extracting it from animals. [2 marks] 28th Mar Calculate the number of molecules in 90g of water. [2 marks] 29th Mar Compare and contrast Rutherfords model of the atom with the plum pudding model. [4 marks] 30th Mar Describe the difference between communicable and non-communicable diseases. Use an example of each in your description. [2 marks] 31st Mar Solid lithium chloride cannot be electrolysed, but molten lithium chloride can be electrolysed. Explain these observations. [2 marks]

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