A Healthy Lifestyle Initiative The Overall Mission: Primary

A Healthy Lifestyle Initiative The Overall Mission: Primary

A Healthy Lifestyle Initiative The Overall Mission: Primary care providers, public health professionals, and community organizations are working together to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy weight for all within their community by implementing the 12345 FitTastic framework.

Purpose: To outline the planning framework of 12345 FitTastic to help Local Public Health Agencies(LPHA) and other community partners identify and outline actions their program(s)/agency can take to integrate the Healthy Lifestyle Initiative. SO....Whats the Deal?

PROGRAM FRAMEWORK 6 strategies that can be individually adapted to align community efforts.... Strategies for Addressing Obesity at the Community Level

1. Form an effective team and make a clear plan. 2. Create a consistent message. 3. Develop a system for assessing weight status and health behaviors. 4. Deploy a customized healthy weight plan for all individuals. 5. Align resources to build the capacity of your community. 6. Influence policies that enable exercise and healthy eating.

www.collaborateforhealthyweight.o MAPPS For Change Applying the framework by developing individualized work plans... Elements of MAPPS M- Consistent message

(12345 FitTastic!) A- Consistent assessment of weight status and behaviors P- Customized health plan

for all P- Policies & environments that enable healthy eating and active living

S- Statistics and healthy lifestyle research The Message: QUICK way to remember what is important CONSISTENT message utilized by all partners Clear CALL TO ACTION Reminder that healthy weight is contingent on MULTIPLE FACTORS PROVEN COMMUNITY APPROACH that leads

to healthier behaviors MESSAGE Expert Committee Guidelines Recommendation Obtain moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes each day Limit television and other screen time

Eat a diet rich in calcium Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages Encourage consumption of diets with recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables The Assessment: Identify current behaviors:

Physical activity Screen time Low or nonfat milk/yogurt Water/Sugary beverages Fruit & Vegetables The Plan: A customized healthy lifestyle plan Participant centered education regarding behavior modification

Framework designed to reinforce healthy behaviors regardless of weight status Focused goals The Policy: Hospitals Schools & Childcare States Neighborhoods

Employee Wellness Healthy Vending Facility Policies School Wellness Regulations Medicaid reimbursement

for early intervention Child Care Regulations Safe Places to Walk and Play(i.e sidewalks and parks) The Statistics: Collect, track, and trend data on behaviors to: Evaluate outcomes in context of goals

Re-evaluate AIM statement Engage in process improvement OK, But Why? The Statistics Behind the Framework... Behviors and Weight Status at an Early Age are Predictive...

The Impact is Pervasive Graphic courtesy of www.childobesity180.org In Just 15 Years... We will go from this... F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens Americas Future 2013

In Just 15 Years... To this... F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens Americas Future 2013 GREAT! ...But How? Strategies for Success... Start Small/Keep it

Simple START HERE!: Ask yourselves what you are trying to accomplish How will you know that a change is an improvement? What changes can we make that will result in improvement?

Get Creative! No two MAPPS work plans will look the same! The 12345 FitTastic framework is designed to be adaptable Consider what makes the most sense for your community and design your work plan with that in mind

Identify Options/Build Engagement 1) Identify community partners in your area! 2) Integrate framework into your program 3) Introduce framework to other community programs Community Coalition

4) Align your efforts with existing initiatives 5) Communicate/share experiences/success! Partners Levels of Engagement Engage in the level that best matches your needs, resources, and capabilities!

Initial: Promote messages; explore other information to add elements of MAPPS within your agency/program efforts. Report reach of your efforts Intermediate Take active role to promote within your agency/program, policies, environment and/or health services. Engage staff and individuals to create MAPPS for change within your program or agency. Track and report progress. Comprehensive Comprehensively implement elements of MAPPS throughout your agency/program. Identify ways to coordinate efforts with other community partners to expand reach.

Engage staff and community served to identify and implement policy/environmental changes to support healthy behaviors. Track and report progress. Found Your Fit? GREAT! Now comes the fun part! Get together with that awesome team of yours and brainstorm about each element of the MAPPS. Determine how and at what level your team plans to implement it. Once youre done..... SUBMIT HERE!(

http://fittastic.org/partners/private/mapps-report ). Cool, right?! Need a Little Help? Weve Got You Covered! Fittastic.org

Community Message Campaign Materials Fit-Tastic on Pinterest Register online for access to childrens materials Join the Movement! Contact Information Child Care Health Consultant/Your local health department http://.fittastic.org

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