UBC Dietetics Major Preceptor Orientation Thursday Sept 8,

UBC Dietetics Major Preceptor Orientation Thursday Sept 8,

UBC Dietetics Major Preceptor Orientation Thursday Sept 8, 2:00-3:00pm AND Tuesday Oct 4 12:00-1:00pm (repeat session) Call into the UBC teleconference line: From the Vancouver area, call 604-899-2339 From outside Vancouver, call toll-free 1-877-385-4099 After calling the number, enter the password, 8774290#

Session Overview What is a preceptor? UBC Dietetics Program Website Internship documents Preceptor support resources Preparing for and facilitating a placement Q&A

What is a Preceptor? A Preceptor: Plans placement-specific schedule and learning activities to support achievement of entry-to-practice competencies Supervises intern during a placement Facilitates intern learning in the practice setting Provides performance feedback throughout placement and formally evaluates intern performance at end of placement

Informs core site internship coordinator of intern progress What makes a successful preceptor? http://dietetics.landfood.ubc.ca/preceptors/preceptor-resources/what-makes-a-good-preceptor/ Index of Dietetics Internship Documents If you are not already familiar with the structure of the UBC Dietetics Program, review the UBC Program/Internship Overview documents

Find the UBC Dietetics Internship modules and forms for the module(s) applicable to your placement UBC Policies and Procedures review as needed Other preceptor specific documents education and resources Modules and Forms Whats new? Minor changes made to modules and forms based on user feedback Restricted Activity B section removed from NC II form

Proposal submitted to CDBC to allow all interns to apply for RA-B Education Module New approach: one professional education session (non-module activity) Modules and forms key features Six distinct sections: 1)Intern Placement Planning and Learning Activities Checklist 2)Preceptor Evaluation Checklist

3)Performance Assessment Guide 4)Performance Evaluation 5)Intern Goal Setting Sheet 6)Internship Coordinator Checklist Modules and forms key features Performance Assessment Guide Consider performance overall but focus on where they are at by the end of the placement

Choose rating that BEST represents performance 2 and 3 ratings in all competencies are required to pass placement Using Criteria for Evaluation Competency being assessed How well did the intern

demonstrate these performance indicators? Im still not very confident using the forms to evaluate interns Watch this short video with key tips and example evaluation scenarios:

http://dietetics.landfood.ubc.ca/preceptors/preceptor-orientation/ Preceptor Orientation Preceptor Orientation Checklist - self-guided orientation Can help you to refresh when preparing for an intern's placement Orientation presentations posted here Preceptor Resources

Videos created by the UBC Dietetics Program 1. Practice Perspectives: What makes a successful preceptor? 2. Setting the Stage for Success 3. Using Questions as a Teaching Strategy 4. Additional Tips for Preceptors Preceptor Resources Practical handouts Current posted handouts:

1. Setting the Stage for Success 2. Promoting Critical Thinking 3. Providing Effective Feedback 4. Intern Performance Issues Flowchart Additional topics under development check back from time to time! Also on the website Preceptor Education Events

Information about upcoming events Video recordings of sessions from past events Join the preceptor interest group listserv Find out how to become a UBC Clinical Instructor Internship coordinators page links to internship calendars Preparing for a Placement Find the UBC Dietetics Internship modules and forms for the module(s)

applicable to your placement this is your (and your interns) guide to the placement Plan ahead in your schedule try to minimize non-essential meetings and activities to allow time to discuss and debrief with intern Provide your intern with any resources or tools that would be helpful to review ahead of time Preparing for a Placement A few key tips:

Designated weekly non-placement half-day (every Thursday) Protected time for research, professional presentation, education sessions, self-directed learning Discuss early in placement and arrange to work placement activities around this Supervision expectations If a preceptor is off-site during any part of a placement, a conversation about an alternate supervisor (if necessary) and appropriate activities to engage in should occur

Be in the know Role Delineation document Internship and Coordinator calendars Once your intern arrives Review module form together Focus on Intern Placement Planning and Learning Activities Checklist

Identify activities to be completed Within the first 3 days of placement Throughout placement 2-3 days prior to end of placement (and preceptor evaluation checklist) Establish a plan for a successful placement Discuss placement setting hours of work, routines, dress code, appropriateness of electronic device use, methods of communication, etc.

Discuss schedule/plan to ensure required learning activities can be achieved including any deferred from past placement(s) Discuss and finalize intern goals for the placement Throughout placement Module-specific learning activities - provide opportunities to demonstrate performance indicators outlined in the Performance Evaluation section of the module form When designing the placement experience:

Performance Indicators are the what Learning Activities are the how Some other food for thought Be clear about expectations from the beginning refer to the Module Expectations in the Introduction section of the module (page 1) Observation goes both ways they can learn from observing you, and you can help guide them by providing feedback based on observation Provide regular feedback

Interns are there to learn from you your knowledge and experience cant be learned from a textbook! Who to contact? For FH, IH, PHC & non-health authority sites: UBC Dietetics Practice Educator Kara Vogt [email protected]

604-827-0762 For PHSA, Island Health, VCH & NH: UBC Dietetics Education Coordinator Heather Tufts [email protected] 604-827-5762 Your core site internship coordinator (CSIC)

Can help you with: Questions about the internship Your ideas/suggestions for the program in general

Your ideas/suggestions for preceptor or intern supports Consultation on teaching and learning: Strategies to support a struggling intern Advice on intern teaching strategies Resources for preceptors * Can also encourage your intern to contact us directly for learning support and/or resources

Intern scheduling questions/issues Intern performance issues (e.g. concern intern will not pass) Local preceptor resources Also consider: networking with other preceptors (dietitians and interprofessional colleagues) Want more preceptor development opportunities? Attend sessions offered by the UBC Dietetics Program:

Annual preceptor education and networking event (Sept 29, 2016) FEED teleconferences (next session Feb 2017, for PPH preceptors) UBC Dietetics Program site visits in your area Identify preceptor workshops and resources in your organization Subscribe to Centre for Health Education Scholarship (CHES) newsletters great resources and workshops Questions?

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