Welcome to Breakfast of Champions September 28, 2017

Welcome to Breakfast of Champions September 28, 2017

Welcome to Breakfast of Champions September 28, 2017 Coach Cagle CALLIE COX

Callie has been an outstanding student from Day 1. She has came by numerous times for extra help. While Callie maintains an excellent average in my class, her excellent work ethic, her radiant personality, and her willingness to serve her peers are the reasons she is my Breakfast of Champion. I

am truly blessed to say that I have the privilege of teaching Callie on a daily basis! Ms. Beth Cauthen JACKSON CORN

Jackson is a champion because he is the type of student that makes teaching worthwhile. He is conscientious, eager to learn, steady and responsible. I can simply read his facial expressions to know if my geometry explanations are on target for the entire class. He works diligently and assists

others. Jackson fits my definition of a young gentleman, and his great manners and social graces will take him far in his life. Congratulations on being a champion in my class every day! Ms. Allison Chapman

LAUREN WENZELL Lauren has such a great, fun and loving personality. She always works very hard in my classroom and stands out among the other students. She is always prepared and on time to class and is a pleasure to be around. She greets me

every day bringing a positive attitude into the classroom along with participating in activities and helping out during class. I have picked Lauren because although I enjoy teaching her, she has many positive attributes that will always be memorable from years to come.

Ms. Jenny Collier LINDSEY WILKES Lindsey is a champion because even when faced with adversity she does not let it bring her down. She always has a winning, positive, and upbeat

attitude. She completes all of her assignments and never complains. It is a pleasure to teach her. I am so proud of her. Mr. Brooks Gayton

JACOB BUSEK I have been fortunate to have Jacob in math class for the past three years, and seen Jacob grow from struggling and having frustrations and anxiety about math in his first year, to having some success and growing in confidence during his second year, to now being one of the best students I have in his Junior Year. Jacob

is now a model student. He takes notes well, asks questions when he doesn't understand, does all of his classwork/homework, and performs well on his tests. When necessary, Jacob comes to FAB sessions to get help and has really blossomed as a successful Math student. I am very proud of your progress, Jacob, and you should be too!

Mr. Jeremy Knight NYOMI CONEY Nyomi has showed great improvement since the first several weeks of school. She has worked extra

hard, coming to study hall, FAB Wed, and early mornings in order to do well and improve her grade. She is always well mannered and respectful. She is a pleasure to have in my classroom. Ms. Jane Linahan

GARRISON HARDY Garrison is a great all-around young man. Not only does he consistently make outstanding grades, but he is a bundle of enthusiasm in my class contributes to make class more interesting. This is the second year I have

taught him and he still always asks me how I am doing and speaks to me any time I see him in a non-classroom setting. He exemplifies what a math student should be through his classroom behavior and his great work ethic. He is a true joy to teach and he makes my days brighter!!

Ms. Lindy McAphee COURTNEY WILLIAMS Courtney is a very hard worker and always puts in her full effort. Before each test, she has made her own review sheet and extra practice problems to be

sure she completely understands the material. She is a great example to other students that you really can study for math! She has gotten a 100 on two of the three tests we have taken, which is quite a feat in Pre-Calculus. Her sweet spirit, good attitude, and exceptional work ethic are so refreshing. She is a joy

to teach, and I am so proud of her! Ms. Jamie Pettis ALYSON PUGLIESE This is the second year I have gotten the pleasure

of teaching you, Alyson. There are so many great things to say about you! You have been such a great student by always striving to do your best, participating in class, and helping others. You are also very kind and sweet to everyone you come into contact with. I have enjoyed watching you

grow and mature as a student, and I am excited to see you continue to pursue excellence. Ms. Mary Stewart SAMANTHA EVANS

Samantha is a class leader in her math class. She tries really hard and completes her work. She also helps other students in her class. Ms. Mindy Surrett

ANSLEY ROPER Over the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of watching Ansley mature into a beautiful, intelligent young woman. She faces adversity with a smile and handles stress with ease. She gently guides her peers

when they are incorrect without ever losing patience. I'm so glad I teach her in the morning as she brightens my day from then on. Congratulations Champions!

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