Health Education 8th Grade Course Syllabus | 2019-2020

Health Education 8th Grade Course Syllabus | 2019-2020

Health Education 8th Grade Course Syllabus | 2019-2020 Course and Contact Information Location Room: 103 Instructor: Mr. Vendrick My Email: [email protected] Phone #: (302) 378-5001 ext. 1030 Mental Health Character Education Goal Setting Decision Making Depression Suicide Prevention Mental Illnesses Human Reproduction (ARC) (A letter/e-mail will be sent one week before we start this unit.) Injury Prevention Assignments and grading Summative Assessments (tests, wrap ups, projects) 60% 40% Welcome Greetings! Welcome to Health Education class with Mr. Vendrick. Health Education provides learning experiences to promote health literacy. Health literacy will enable students to improve and advance individual, family, and community health. In this course, our focus will be on the following units: Formative Assessments (Class work, exit slips, discussion posts & homework) H.A.C. Language Number= your grade for the assignment Blank space or line in the box= not completed or submitted (Needs to be completed A.S.A.P.) Process Points= Points earned due preparedness/behavior Classroom Rules Be kind.

Be commit Required Materials Folder Pencil/Pen iPad (once they are handed out) We will use the following Apps for iPads: Schoology Google Apps (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides) Quizlet Calendar (to put in homework) Class Policies 8th Grade Course Syllabus | 20192020 Late/make-up work policy Technology The expectation is that you submit all assignments on time. I accept late assignments, however, points will be deducted each day I dont receive your assignment. If you look at an assignment on HAC and the space is blank, you need to complete the assignment ASAP. We will be utilizing various resources to access the Internet to research, review material, and submit assignments. You must hold yourselves to high expectations when you use these resources. Your time must be spent well. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to receive your make up work. Theres a bin in the back of my room where I place extra handouts/assignments. You can always contact me via Process Points Schoology to see what you missed. Every two weeks, Ill add Process Points to HAC. These points correlate to your preparedness/behavior in class. You earn 5 points a day (2 for being prepared, 3 for behavior.) Ill tally your points for those two weeks and add them to HAC. These points will not affect your grade but its purpose is to communicate to your parents/guardians how your preparedness/behavior is impacting your grade in Health class. When you post your response to a question on schoology, you must

make sure that its appropriate. Anything thats posted that I feel is inappropriate and in violation of the student code of conduct will be documented. If your use of technology disrupts the education Other process,policies it will be documented. You may have bottled water in the classroom. Please raise your hand to speak. If you need to leave class, grab a pass from my desk and fill it out. No passes will be given the first 10 minutes of class. Come prepared to class with your materials and a positive attitude. Arrive on time. If you are late, youll need to have a pass. Be respectful to everyone. Clean up after yourself. Be Kind. Be Committed. Be Safe. 8th Grade Course Syllabus | 2019-2020 EMMS Keep Crusader Strong!!! Be: Education Means More Success Kind Committed Safe Parents/Guardians: Please review this information with your child and sign below to confirm you have received and reviewed this important information regarding your childs health education class. If you have any questions related to the information provided in this syllabus please feel free to contact me. Please keep this syllabus for your own records, however, have your child return the bottom portion to me. Name of child: _______________________________ Grade: ____________ I (Parents/Guardians) of the above student have read and reviewed with my child this syllabus for Health Education. Parents/Guardians Signature ________________________ Date :_____________

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