Presents . GP Power Tools Solving your pain

Presents . GP Power Tools Solving your pain

Presents . GP Power Tools Solving your pain points Build 27 Last Updated: 1/28/20 Need logs for a support issue?

One Click capture and email five logs without exiting GP or changing Dex.ini settings. System Feature Need screenshots for a support issue? One Click capture and email all open windows with

a detailed system status report. System Feature Do you use High Resolution Monitors and Dynamics GP is really, really ? small

and hard to read Fix font and DPI scaling issues easily with GP Power Tools. Fix wide scrollbars covering digits on transaction windows. System Feature Need to contact support without an

email client installed? GP Power Tools can send emails with its built-in email engine. Perfect for Terminal Server environments or Web Client. System Feature

Want to find any window quickly? Just press Ctrl-F to find any window in Dynamics GP. Double click to open the window. System Feature

Knowing who is editing transactions or performing quick calculations Just by having GP Power Tools installed, see who is editing SOP and POP transactions. Need to do a quick calculation, just press

Ctrl-Shift-C to open a Calculator. System Feature Where is that field stored? What does this SQL table do? Answer these and many more questions with the Resource

Information window. Use lookups or type in what you know to search. Works for Windows, Tables, Reports, Security objects or Scripts. Displays all matching resources. Administrator Tools Use SQL to produce security reports?

Want to use the Resource Descriptions table (SY09400) in your SQL reports, but it does not contain all security resources? GP Power Tools automatically adds the resources missed by core Dynamics GP. Administrator Tools Want an alternative to POWERUSER? The Dynamics GP Security Role

POWERUSER bypasses security to give access to all resources. Security reporting does not show resources granted to a POWERUSER. GP Power Tools creates and maintains a SUPERUSER Security Role to use instead of POWERUSER. Administrator Tools What caused that Security Error?

GP Power Tools adds resource details to the Security dialog. Security Profiler tracks details of all security events. Administrator Tools How was Security access granted? Security Information shows current status and

what changes can be made to grant or remove access. Security Information can show who will be affected by changes to Security Tasks or Roles. Administrator Tools Satisfy auditors with access reports

Show the Security Operations that Users, Roles and Tasks have access to. Export the data to load into Excel. Administrator Tools Remove access without duplication

Removing access from one window without affecting other users normally requires duplication of Security Tasks and Roles. Deny Based Security allows Operations to be denied on a User and Company basis. Administrator Tools

Need to know what users access? Security Logging captures statistics of exactly what users access in Dynamics GP. The data can be printed or exported for review in Excel. To view all access to the selected resource click Details Administrator Tools

Create Security Tasks by example Create or update Security Tasks based on data recorded from the Security Profiler or Security Log. Administrator Tools Analyze Security Data for issues Security Analyzer has 40

queries which look for known issues with security settings. Use Security Log data to compare security access against what is actually used. Administrator Tools Entered data into the wrong

company? Company Color Themes reduce data entry errors by providing a visual cue. Company ID and User ID on the title bar simplifies switching between multiple instances of GP. Administrator Tools

Do you have long company names? GP Power Tools can expand the Company Name selection drop down list. GP Power Tools also remembers the last company used. Administrator Tools

Re-order Company drop down list Re-order the list of companies by Company Name, Company ID, Company Database or use a custom defined order. Put the most used companies at the top of the list. Add the Company Database Name as a prefix or suffix to

the Company. Administrator Tools Ever had a SQL Password expire while logged in? GP Power Tools can provide warnings of impending SQL password expiry. Avoids losing access to SQL mid session.

Administrator Tools Have you lost a window off screen? Some windows in Dynamics GP remember their last position and can open off the visible desktop. GP Power Tools prevents windows opening off

screen and ensures you can always see them. Administrator Tools Would you like to remember Window Positions? Window Position Memory remembers the size and position of any window in the application for each user.

Enabled by default for common transaction and master windows. Administrator Tools Want automatic logout of users? Automatic Logout with many options and features including dual levels and smart automatic save. Optional Automatic Logout dialog

can be shown for last 60 seconds. Administrator Tools Need to Manage User Licenses? Track user log in and log out activity. Includes statistics data from Automatic Logout feature. Also tracks daily maximum

sessions on system, per user and per company basis. Administrator Tools Need to limit User Licenses? Set limits on how many sessions a user can log into at any one time. Create exemptions for users and companies.

Set maximum number of sessions allowed for each company. Administrator Tools Storing additional user information Store additional information against User Setup records. Includes Email Address and six user defined field.

Automatically populate Default Site ID on transaction windows. Administrator Tools Change Dex.ini settings automatically and remotely No need to visit every workstation to change Dex.ini settings.

Dex.ini Configuration can add, update or remove settings from the system level or user level Dex.ini files. Administrator Tools Troubleshooting Customizations Use Dictionary Control to disable customisations and addon

products without editing the Dynamics.set launch file. Products can be disabled for the current session or until reenabled. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Studio addins can be disabled after restarting. Administrator Tools

Update Launch Files automatically and remotely No need to visit every workstation to update Dynamics.set files. Launch File Configuration uses rules to apply changes to launch files. Preview updates as rule changes are made.

Administrator Tools Select Customizations on-the-fly Allow users to decide which version of a window or report they want to use as they open it. Select the resource to enable with optional user/company control. Select the versions to

offer with customizable descriptions and optional user/company control. Administrator Tools Remembering System Password GP Power Tools can remember the System Password and GP Power Tools Administrator Password so it only requested once per session.

Dynamics GP 2018 offers similar feature, which GP Power Tools can disable, if desired. Administrator Tools Control access by configuration Limit access to companies unless using specific application folders or launch files.

Ensures customizations or addon products are only used with the correct companies. Designed for multi-national companies or companies with different sets of custom code. Administrator Tools What are the parameters for that script? SDK out of date?

Lookup global and form level procedures and functions in any product dictionary. Use lookups or type in what you know to search. Click Display Parameters to show the parameter list. Administrator Tools Troubleshooting No Repro issues

Use triggers and logging to capture logs right up to the point when the problem occurs. This has been used many times to identify the cause of nonreproducible issues. Send emails, display dialogs, capture screenshots, save table contents and more. Developer Tools

Create Customizations Use Triggers and Scripts. Use any combination of Dexterity, SQL, C# and VB.Net. No extra steps for deployment or upgrades. Works with Modifier added fields. Works with web client, unlike VBA. Developer Tools

Create Self Service Scripts Create custom scripts for users to execute. Scripts can be added as menus to existing windows or fields. Ask for parameters and use custom lookups.

Developer Tools Create Custom RW Functions Put calculated or table data on reports and Word templates. Access data that cannot be retrieved any other way. Use the custom RW Functions in report writer calculated fields. Works with web client, unlike VBA.

Developer Tools Create Custom SBA Web Services Create your own Service Based Architecture (SBA) REST based Web Service Calls. Import Data, Export Data or run processes. Deployed when saved, no need to restart services.

Developer Tools Create Custom Scheduled Events Create Scheduled Events which perform actions within Dynamics GP. Schedule as Daily, Weekly or Monthly; Repeat every X minutes; or on login or logout. Events can be limited to specific

users and/or companies. Developer Tools Create Custom URL Drill Backs Create your own external URL drill backs. Perform any actions inside GP when an external URL is clicked. Deployed when saved, no need to restart Dynamics.

Developer Tools Enhanced Debugger Experience When using the script debugger, switch dictionary context without needing to change Dex.ini settings and restart. Link the Resource Information window to dictionary context so it always matches the current

window. Developer Tools Prototyping Development Speed up development by testing Dexterity, SQL, C# & VB.Net scripts directly in Dynamics GP. No need to compile, deploy or restart when changes are made. Dexterity and SQL scripts can be

converted to pass through scripts and pasted into your development dictionary or Visual Studio project. Developer Tools Debug with Dynamic Trigger Logging Use Triggers before and after any focus event, procedure or function to confirm program flow.

Excellent for use when debugging Service Based Architecture or Login issues. Developer Tools Create Logins after moving server Recreate all the users SQL logins and database users after moving to a new server.

Ensures all SQL Server security settings match Dynamics GP settings. Passwords can be set manually or created automatically and emailed to users. Database Tools Ensuring Smooth upgrades Database Validation fixes

issues, including: Tables not in the correct starting format. References to databases or dictionaries that dont exist in the Dynamics Utilities tables. Account Framework mismatches. Database Tools

Force users to change password SQL Login Maintenance can reset passwords and view or change password policy settings. Passwords can be entered or automatically generated. Emails can be sent to users to notify them of their new password.

Database Tools Copying settings between systems Use XML Export to export specified tables to an XML file with an optional SQL where clause. Use for backups of testing data, or to send data to support without using large

SQL Database backups. Database Tools More Information Value for money annual subscription. Available for Dynamics GP 2010 onwards. Free 30 day trial period for Customers. Free for Partners. Select modules with the features you need. GP Power Tools Presents . Batch Posting Service Toolkit Realtime posting for Dynamics GP batches after integration Build 10

Last Updated: 1/28/20 Batch Posting Service Toolkit Dexterity addon providing an external API which can be called to post most batch types. External calls can be made to REST based Web Services using Service Based Architecture (SBA). Calls within Dynamics GP can be made using Dexterity or Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Also provides an external API which can create, read, update and delete batches. Batch Posting Service Toolkit Supported Batch Types Financial: General Entry, Clearing Entry, Quick Entry, Budget Transactions Sales: Receivables Transaction Entry, Cash Receipts Entry, Invoicing Entry, Sales Transaction Entry Purchasing: Payables Transaction Entry, Manual Payment Entry,

Receivings Entry, Invoice Matching Entry, Purchase Returns Entry Inventory: Transaction Entry, Transfer Entry, Assembly Entry Project Accounting: Timesheet Entry, Employee Expense Entry, Equipment Log Entry, Misc. Log Entry, Inventory Transfer Entry, Billing Entry, Revenue Recognition Entry Batch Posting Service Toolkit More Information

Value for money annual subscription. Available for Dynamics GP 2010 onwards. Free 30 day trial period for Customers. Free for Partners. Batch Posting Service Toolkit Presents .

Visual Studio Integration Toolkit Enabling Visual Studio Addins to integrate with Dynamics GP Build 15 Last Updated: 1/28/20 Visual Studio Integration Toolkit Free Dexterity addon providing an API which can be

called by Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Allows Visual Studio developers to add menus and area pages to the application level navigation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Avoids need for the Visual Studio developer to create their own Dexterity dictionary. Provides access to over 220 Dexterity Helper functions. Visual Studio Integration Toolkit More Information

Free annual subscription with registration. Available for Dynamics GP 2010 onwards. Visual Studio Integration Toolkit

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