Lesson 1 Phi Sigma Rho Pride Objectives To

Lesson 1 Phi Sigma Rho Pride Objectives To

Lesson 1 Phi Sigma Rho Pride Objectives To demonstrate the history and spirit of Phi Sigma Rho, to generate excitement among new members, and to share expectations for new members as individuals Membership Education Reasons for membership education To develop an appreciation for Phi Sigma Rho by learning its history, heritage, ideals, programs, and traditions To prepare each woman for initiation and her obligations as a sister

To learn about the social Greek System and explore its values and benefits To provide a candidate for membership the opportunity to better understand the sisters of the chapter by experiencing sorority activities, developing friendships and feeling the bonds of sisterhood before obligating herself to a lifelong commitment To further evaluate each womans merits before initiation and to give the candidate for membership time to evaluate the chapter and assess her own desire for initiation Status Candidate

A woman who accepts a formal invitation from the chapter and begins to learn about Phi Sigma Rho May also be described as associate or new member Active An initiated undergraduate member Affiliate A member of Phi Sigma Rho who transfers to another university where there is an active chapter can affiliate with that chapter as long as she was in good standing when she left her former chapter

Alumna A member of Phi Sigma Rho who is no longer attending the college of the chapter which initiated her History Founders are Rashmi Khanna (ChemE) and Abby McDonald (EE) Abby McDonald participated in formal rush prior to founding Phi Sigma Rho Purdue, September 24, 1984 The purpose of founding Phi Sigma Rho was to offer women engineers a

new alternative to the existing sororities an alternative that would provide the atmosphere of a social sorority, yet consider the demands placed upon engineering students. History Ten charter class members

Rashmi (Khanna) Drummond Abby (McDonald) Schwartz Gail Bonney Anita Chatterjea Ann Cullinan

Christine (Mooney) Jackson Pam Kabbes Tina Kershner Michelle Self Kathy Vargo Creed Created by the Gamma class at Purdue Recited during inductions and before every meeting Focuses on our values: Friendship Scholarship

Encouragement Insignia Colors - Wine Red and Silver Jewel Pearl Flower Orchid Mascot Sigmand Penguin Animal Penguin Nickname Phi Rho Insignia Motto - Together we build the future

Logo - Insignia Coat of Arms Silver shield containing a pearl and the year of installation at the base Center contains a silver star over a gold key enclosed within a wine red circle from which a gold sun is rising Top contains alternating sections of

wine red and silver above which is a gold pyramid Public motto is above the shield in Greek Name of Phi Sigma Rho is below the shield Insignia Badge Consists of a pyramid, with a star over a key on the front and ten squares on the one visible side

Enclosed within a wine red circle containing the Greek letters from which a sun is rising May be cast in silver or gold Only initiated members may wear or use the badge, or any other insignia or item bearing the Pyramid, the Star, the Coat of Arms, or Greek letters Pearl Pin

Worn every first Monday (Wednesday) of every month during member education period Appropriate attire is formal/business casual wear Placed on the left, over the heart Worn by candidates - initiated members wear the badge and Greek letters Symbolizes commitment to the sisterhood Appropriate Inappropriate

Qualities of Sisterhood Each woman admitted to membership in Phi Sigma Rho is believed to be: A woman of good character With friendly personality and encouraging disposition A student of scholarship With the ingenuity, ambition, inner strength and endurance to meet lifes challenges An individual possessed of optimism and respect for diversity Having a deep sense of personal responsibility, integrity and loyalty

Spirit of Phi Sigma Rho The spirit of Phi Sigma Rho is To look for a brighter side and look forward to tomorrow To be flexible in our attitudes and to become well rounded individuals To pull our own weight and help each other unselfishly

To firmly adhere to our own values and believe them with all our heart To stand by each one of our sisters during bad times as well as good Is what it means to be a Sister of Phi Sigma Rho Spirit of Phi Sigma Rho The spirit of Phi Sigma Rho is To have the ability to view new perspectives, and focus them into being To seek goals and be willing to take a risk To have inner strength to overcome the obstacles that we face, and remain firm in our beliefs To have the endurance to carry on, and leave something behind for

the future Is what enables the Sisterhood of Phi Sigma Rho to pass the test of time Mission Phi Sigma Rho is a social sorority for women in technical studies serving our sisters and the community by promoting: High standards of personal integrity, respect, and character, Lifelong bonds of sisterhood, and Academic and professional excellence with a social balance Through shared experiences, common bonds, and recognition of service and achievement.

Vision Be the foremost sorority for women in technical studies. Objectives To foster and provide the broadening experience of sorority living with its social and moral challenges and responsibilities for the individual and the chapter To develop the highest standard of personal integrity and character To promote academic excellence and support personal achievement, while providing a social balance

To aid the individual in the transition from academic to the professional community To maintain sorority involvement with the alma mater and the community through responsible participation To maintain the bond of sisterhood with alumnae members through communication, consultation, and participation in Sorority functions Expectations Learn about the history of Phi Sigma Rho, the social Greek system, the national organization of Phi Sigma Rho, and responsibilities of an active member of a chapter Complete knowledge assessment each week covering material

from previous meetings All information is found within the member manual and Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies Expectations Membership Education Book Point system and requirements Calendar of events Secrecy is required Next Week Knowledge Assessment

Creed See page 11 of the Member Manual Phi Sigma Rho history and symbols

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