HT MEDIA LIMITED Results Presentation Q3 & 9M

HT MEDIA LIMITED Results Presentation Q3 & 9M

HT MEDIA LIMITED Results Presentation Q3 & 9M FY2011 18 January 2011 Safe Harbour Certain statements in this document may be forward-looking. Such forwardlooking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties like regulatory changes, local political or economic developments, technological risks, and many other factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the relevant forward looking statements. HT Media Limited will not be in any way responsible for any action taken based on such statements and undertakes no obligation to publicly update these forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances. Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 2 Content Title Slide no Managements Message 4 Q3 FY11 Performance Overview 5 Financial Performance 6 Operational Highlights 7 Way Forward 11 About us

12 Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation Managements Message Commenting on the performance for Q3 FY2011, Mrs. Shobhana Bhartia, Chairperson and Editorial Director, HT Media, said: "We are delighted to report a strong financial and operating performance this quarter, led primarily by impressive advertisement revenue growth across all our publications. Our English and Hindi dailies, Hindustan Times and Hindustan, have both received strong recognition from advertisers across sectors. Mint too has shown creditable improvement. We are also greatly encouraged by the results of the IRS Q3 2010 survey, which continues to show strong readership growth across our publications. This is a result of our continued focus and investment in building brands and the strengthening of our presence across the country. New businesses such as radio and Internet continue to contribute and gain traction. We believe that our well-established brand equity and diversified business portfolio will enable us to enhance revenue and profitability and implement many new initiatives going forward." Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 4 Q3 FY11 Performance Overview (All comparisons with Q3 FY2010) Total revenues up 27% at Rs. 4,651 million from Rs. 3,661 million: 27% increase in advertising revenues of print segment to Rs. 3,699 million from Rs. 2,908 million driven by volume growth and improvement in price realization 2% decline in circulation revenues of print segment to Rs. 471 million from Rs. 481 million due to lower realization 80% increase in revenue from Radio & Entertainment segment to Rs. 182 million from Rs. 101 million

EBITDA increases to Rs. 947 million from Rs. 764 million; increase primarily driven by: Robust advertising revenue growth led by pricing and volumes across all geographies Enhanced contribution from Radio PAT increased to Rs. 478 million from Rs. 358 million; PAT margin stable at 10% EPS (non annualized) stood at Rs. 2.03 Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 5 Financial Performance (Rs. in millions, except EPS data) Particulars Three months ended 31.12.2010 31.12.2009 Nine months ended Shift (%) (Unaudited) (Unaudited) Net Sales / Income from operations 4,635 Other Operating Income Total Revenue 3,594 31.12.2010 31.12.2009 Shift (%)

(Unaudited) (Unaudited) 29% 12,974 183 142 13,157 10,528 25% 16 67 4,651 3,661 27% 10,386 25% Other income 64 19 234% 174 114 53% Total Income 4,715

3,680 28% 13,331 10,642 25% (Increase)/Decrease in Inventory Consumption of Raw Materials (10) (1) (27) (2) 1,659 1,136 46% 4,627 3,608 28% Employees Cost 760 621 22% 2,243 1,889

19% Advertising and Sales Promotion 360 350 3% 969 888 9% Other Expenditure Total Expenditure 999 810 23% 2,863 2,310 24% 3,768 2,916 29% 10,675 8,693 23% 24% 2,656

1,949 36% 20% 18% EBITDA 947 764 Margin (%) 20% 21% Depreciation 217 165 32% 622 526 18% 46 72 -35% 165 225 -27%

Profit before tax 684 527 30% 1,869 1,198 56% Margin (%) 15% 14% 14% 11% Interest & finance charges Exceptional Items - Tax Expense 184 160 14 15% 547 - 314

14 74% 42% 52% Profit after tax 500 353 1,322 870 Margin (%) 11% 10% 10% 8% Minority interest - (Profit) / Loss (22) 5 (42) 16 Net Income 478 358 1,280 886

Margin (%) 10% 10% 10% 8% 2.03 1.52 5.45 3.77 EPS (not annualized) 33% Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 44% 6 Operational Highlights IRS Q3 2010 reaffirms HT Medias growing presence across publications Hindustan Times readership grows to 35.2 lacs; 2% growth over IRS Q2 2010 Maintains its No. 1 position in Delhi; with a significant lead over competition in premium segments (SEC A and AB) Becomes No. 2 in Mumbai in broadsheet format, while continuing to be the fastest growing daily Readership increased by 5% to 5.9 lac readers with more than 4.3 lacs exclusive readers that are not reached by competition Hindustan further consolidates its third position with 7% readership growth; overall readership increases to 1.08 Crore Maintains its No. 1 position in Bihar with 74% readership share Consolidates its No. 1 position in Jharkhand with 58% readership share; while continuing to be the fastest growing newspaper in the state Strengthening presence in the UP & Uttaranchal markets Readership grows by ~10% to 34.1 lacs

Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 7 Operational Highlights Mint consolidates its No. 2 position in business daily segment Overall readership in Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru increased to 1.73 lacs; 25% readership share in these markets 81% of the readers are exclusive, that are not reached by competition Readership to get further impetus as Kolkata, Chennai & Ahmedabad editions start getting captured in the survey Increasing advertisement revenue enables robust growth across both English & Hindi business Significant improvement in advertising spend across sectors driving growth in ad volumes and yields 25% growth in advertisement revenues from English segment to Rs. 2,754 million from Rs. 2,208 million 35% growth in advertisement revenues from Hindi segment to Rs. 945 million from Rs. 700 million Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 8 Operational Highlights Fever 104 and entertainment business maintains revenue traction Revenue growth of 80% to Rs. 182 million from Rs. 101 million EBITDA at Rs. 39 million compared to negative EBITDA of Rs. 0.8 million last year Fever 104 maintained its No. 2 position in Delhi and No. 3 position in Bengaluru; while consolidating its presence in Mumbai Digital business register encouraging results Revenue from internet segment increases to Rs. 21 million from Rs. 11 million, job portal operating through a subsidiary, continues to gain revenue traction Over all resume database increases to 6 million; new registrations close to the run rate of industry peers HT Mobile, launched in partnership with Velti plc, continues to gain momentum with increase in mobile ad campaigns Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 9

Operational Highlights Hindustan Times & Mint ranked as No. 1 media brands in their respective category Hindustan Times has been ranked as No. 1 media brand and Mint as No. 1 business newspaper brand in Pitch Media BrandOmeter study carried out by Pitch magazine published by exchange4media group This is an independent survey conducted amongst media planners / buyers and advertisers, ranking all the media brands in the country on the basis of brand recall amongst advertisers and quality of their advertisement selling process Parameters used were professionalism, sales teams knowledge, servicing ability, media delivery, innovation and relationship New press commissioned in Gorakhpur; 8th printing location in UP New printing press got commissioned in Gorakhpur on 15 December 2010 to strengthen brand presence of Hindustan in UP Hindustan would have a print run of 1.1 lacs from this location; to be distributed in the city and surrounding areas through launch of 8 new sub-editions These editions will feature extensive localized coverage of the culturally rich and Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 10 Way Forward HT Medias business outlook continues to be strong on the back of: Improvement in macro environment leading to increasing ad spends across sectors Continuous readership growth as per IRS to drive the yields up; Ad rates hiked effective 15 January 2011 Strong balance sheet capable of supporting investments in growing businesses as well as exploring new opportunities Net cash of Rs. 2,998 million and net fixed assets of Rs. 8,329 million Increasing returns in new businesses like HT Mumbai, Radio and Mint to contribute towards revenue growth and improved profitability Continuing investments in the digital space to build new long term growth engines Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 11 About Us HT Media Limited is one of Indias foremost media companies, and home to three

leading newspapers in the country in the English, Hindi and business segments Hindustan Times (English daily), Hindustan (Hindi daily, through a subsidiary) and Mint (business daily). Hindustan Times was started in 1924 and has a more than 85-year history as one of Indias leading newspapers. The Company also has four FM radio stations - Fever 104 in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The Company has also made a foray into the Internet space through its subsidiary Firefly e-Ventures Limited and has launched a new job portal These are in addition to the existing websites and The Company has entered into 65:35 joint venture with Velti Plc, one of the worlds leading providers of mobile advertising solutions, to provide these services in India. In addition, the Company has also entered into 51:49 joint venture (JV) with German media group Hubert Burda to leverage HT Media's expertise in printing and publishing and capture opportunities in the booming high-end magazine and catalogue printing space in India and the Asia-Pacific region. HT Media also publishes two Hindi magazines Nandan and Kadambini through its subsidiary Hindustan Media Ventures Limited. Q3 & 9M FY2011 Results Presentation 12 For further information please contact: Vinay Mittal / Prateek Chandra HT Media Limited Tel: +91 11 6656 1810 / +91 124 3955 030 232 Fax: +91 11 6656 1270 213 E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] Gavin Desa / Ishan Selarka Citigate Dewe Rogerson Tel: +91 22 6645 1237 / Fax: +91 22 6645 Email: [email protected] [email protected]

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