IEDSS Monthly April 2019 IEDSS Rollout Go Live

IEDSS Monthly April 2019 IEDSS Rollout Go Live

IEDSS Monthly April 2019 IEDSS Rollout Go Live is April 29 , 2019. We are so ready. th o April training scheduled across multiple sites o Knowledge Exchange (KX) conference calls held weekly to provide insight and support to IEDSS trainers

o Pilot Site Support expected to deploy in April o Pilot pulse change readiness survey results have been shared with State Leadership o Site Assessment survey results were shared with State leadership o Training delivery planning underway for Wave 1 Questions? Please email [email protected] or reach out to your management team for The popularity of IEDSS continues to grow, the benefits of the new system continue to be discussed, and the IEDSS Training team

is so appreciative of the messages, the Thank You cards, and the great feedback from the staff in all the Pilot Regions. GO Team IEDSS for another successful training week!! SPOTLIGHT ON PULSE SURVEY SPOTLIGHT ON PILOT TRAINING I loved it, we know policy isnt changing

and the system is more efficient. Its just a matter of getting the hang of itTara, Trainer Site Support Deep Dive Site support will be deployed 4 weeks preGo Live and 8 weeks post- Go Live. * Incident: According to ITIL,

an incident is an unplanned interruption to a service, or the failure of a component of a service that hasnt yet impacted service. * * Problem: According to ITIL, a problem is a cause of one or

more incidents. Yum! Wondering About Site Support? Go Live Field / Site Support Objectives By providing localized field support and a centralized command center, issues can be managed efficiently at the elbow and centrally, as appropriate. Yum! Site Support Zone

Zone 1 Overview Zone 4 Site Support serves as first line of support for IEDSS end-users for approximately one week pre-go-live and six weeks post-go live to provide immediate assistance during implementation. Pilot Site Support will include 5 zones managed by 5 Zone Managers & Deputy Managers . Zones are defined based on geography, site headcount, span of control, & complexity of case load. Zone 2

Zone 5 Zone 3 Yum! Wondering About Command Center? Pre-Launch of Operational Command Center Workers troubleshoot issues with onsite support and escalate appropriately, if not resolved. Yum!

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