Rising Sixth Grade Parent Night March 2015 Vision

Rising Sixth Grade Parent Night March 2015 Vision

Rising Sixth Grade Parent Night March 2015 Vision Statement EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE FOR ALL Mission Statement The mission of Simpson Middle School is to facilitate life-long learning through a multitude of educational experiences that enable students to become self-directed learners, perceptive thinkers, and effective oral and written communicators. By developing these skills,

students become contributors in the school and in the diverse world. Beliefs All students can learn. All students can become proficient writers. All students can become proficient in mathematical problem solving. Everyone is accountable and responsible for his or her actions. All students are guaranteed a quality curriculum. All stakeholders are partners in the educational process through effective communication.

All students can strive and excel as self-directed learners, and effectively participate as a collaborative team member. The Middle School Student All children develop differently but you may notice the following traits as your child attends Sixth Grade. Want to be together in groups and teams. Have the patience to work toward short-term goals. Form cliques and friendships with own sex and age group. Seek status through excellence in skills and knowledge of grown-up things.

Are fairly competitive in team and individual activities. Have a growing concern with their physical size and appearance. Like to make, do, and collect things. Boys and girls work and socialize in programs where they share planning responsibilities. Students enjoy being mischievous, daring, and trying things they would not have done in Elementary School or at Home. At Simpson Middle School

During the first few weeks of school, it will be our goal to help your child make the adjustments from elementary to middle school. Your student will be encountering many new experiences including class changes, lockers, gym clothes, lunch periods, and schedule rotations. Your student will have a schedule to follow and a locker combination to remember. Once school is in session, students will have 7 periods during the day.

Five will be academic, English Language Arts, Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies and each will be 53 minutes long. The other two will be a combination of two of the following: Physical Education, Art, Technology, Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. We will help them with suggestions to organize their passing period time so they will be able to go to their locker or to the restroom and still get to class on time. To minimize passing period confusion, teachers are in the hallways to help your child

with locker and/or scheduling problems. We will be there to help them with these changes. Soaring Day To help transition students into sixth grade we have a sixth grade camp. It will be held the week before school starts on Thursday, July 30th from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Students Will get their lockers and have time to practice their locker combinations Will get their schedules

Meet their teachers Tour the building Go through their schedule prior to the start of school. Middle School Concept An effective middle school program is designed around the unique developmental needs of early adolescents (11-14 year olds). Because the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs of this age group are different from either elementary or high school students, a customized educational program is necessary. The middle school is a bridge between elementary school

and high school. It is not an exaggerated elementary school nor a miniature high school, but a blend of the two. Pod Approach A pod is a group of 5-6 teachers who have the same group of students (140 - 160) every day. Together, Pods teach English language arts, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Special education teachers also works with the Pods. We are planning to have 2 pods next year. Students will be randomly assigned to one of the

two pods. Bring your Parent to School Day Simpson encourages visitations by parents during Bring Your Parent to School Day. This is an opportunity for you as a parent to experience what your child is going through as a student. This opportunity is offered in September September 15, 16, and 17, 2015. Other Opportunities for Sixth Grade Parents Soaring Day July 30, 2015 - Parent meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Open House August 18, 2015, 6:30 p.m. Sixth Grade Parent Curriculum Night October 6, 2015 6:30 p.m. An opportunity for sixth grade parents to meet and discuss the first two months of sixth grade, see where students are, and where they are headed. Coffee Chats Second Friday of every month Opportunity to come in and chat with the principal, administrators, and other parents. The Mission of the Simpson Middle School

Counseling Program To implement a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the needs of all students in the domains of academic, personal/social, and career development. Counselors will serve as student advocates, collaborate with school staff and students to identify and remove barriers to learning, and provide interventions as needed. Students are assisted in acquiring appropriate attitudes, knowledge, and communication skills through classroom guidance, advisement, and individual counseling. The professional school counselors will promote an environment that fosters academic progress, personal/social responsibility, and productivity for all students. Ms. Taijah Davis, [email protected]

Mr. Reese Barnard, [email protected] Teachers

Mr. Atchison Ms. Crain Ms. Dent Mrs. Frederick Mrs. Gammon Mr. Hernquist Mrs. Peters Mrs. Stilz Mrs. Werner Mr. Whiting Mrs. Carr Ms. Chokshi Ms. Donn Ms. Judkins Mr. Oats Mrs. Ridgeway Mrs. LeverettMr. Lynch Mrs. Murphy Mrs. Page Mr. Potthast Mr. Smart Mr. Smith Ms. Stevens Mrs. Waller Mr. Watts Ms. Windham SIMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA What does PTSA mean? Parent Teacher Student Association PTSA Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Family Involvement (staff front office, school store, duty free lunches, copying for teachers, special projects, Fall Dance, 8th Grade Dance) Health/Youth Services (Red Ribbon Week, Consequences of Crime, Vision and Hearing Screening, Special Services, Spring Cobb Hobbler Run) Education Enrichment (Soaring Day, Meet and Greet, Student Recognition, Staff Appreciation, Hospitality, Activity Nights) Communications (email lists, Eagle Weekly, calendar, website) Arts in Education (Reflections, Honoring our Heroes) Membership

SIMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA What We Do: Support our Students: Provide a school agenda for EVERY one of 900 students at a cost of $3.00 each Help fund important programs like Consequences of Crime, Health & Wellness, Honoring Our Heroes, Spring Fun Run and Red Ribbon Week. Encourage Parent & Family Involvement: Fund Student Activity Nights, Simpson Soaring Day, Fall & 8th Grade Dances Support our Teachers & Staff: Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week & Luncheons East Cobb Council, PTSA Website & Administration

Support our School and Improvements: This year paid for padding for gym walls Help fund painting murals to beautify our school and/or new front office (after renovations) And much, much more, Simpson PTSA spends over $13 per student but only receives $1.25 from each $7.00 membership after State & National PTSA fees How YOU Can Help: YOUR Membership Supports the administrative portion of Simpsons PTSA involvement YOUR Support Volunteering your time for PTSA committee or Simpson MS

YOUR Tax-Deductible Donation - 100% of Donations stay at Simpson! Be a part of YOUR PTSA! Support your child and donate today! SIMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA The 2014-2015 PTSA Board Members/Positions President Janelle Crowell Vice-Presidents Sandi Tompkins & Joy McClain Secretary Trudi Bayless Treasurer Latha Krishnan Needed- Committee Chairs for 8th Grade Dance, Community

Involvement, Red Ribbon Week, Vision Screening, Reflections SIMPSON MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA Best ways to get information PTSA Calendar & Eagle Eye Weekly Newsletters There are many ways to get involved. If interested in volunteering and to get on the newsletter distribution list please send email to [email protected] Volunteer sign in sheets and spirit store items in lobby If you cannot donate your time to Simpson,

please consider making a donation to the PTSA SIMPSON FOUNDATION State and local education budget cuts have left gaps between what our students need and what gets funded. Our purpose is to provide funding for opportunities at Simpson that would otherwise not be funded. SIMPSON FOUNDATION Our contributions to Simpson include:

Paid a technology managers salary for over three years Equipped over 30 classrooms with a Smart Board or Writing Pad Provided multiple LCD projectors and image producing Elmos Raised $10,000 for science lab equipment and supplies Sponsored a Study Skills Seminar for students and parents

Awarded teacher grants Sponsored teacher attendance at a Model Schools Seminar And much more SIMPSON FOUNDATION The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization. We pay no fees to any state or national organization. EVERY DOLLAR DONATED STAYS AT SIMPSON! SIMPSON FOUNDATION The Foundation is our opportunity to give our kids

every benefit and advantage they deserve. Please help by making a donation or volunteering to help oversee our organization. For news and information visit our website at simpsonfoundation.net Two Great Ways To Support SIMPSON PTSA

Educational Enrichment Whole Child Development Teacher & Staff Support Volunteers Parent/Community Involvement FOUNDATION

Capital Improvements Technology Investment Tech. Mgr. Salary Program Funding Teacher Grants Questions Lets Go View the School

Sixth Grade Cafeteria Music Wing Art and Technology Physical Education

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