Manifest Destiny Map of United States Circa 1830

Manifest Destiny Map of United States Circa 1830

Manifest Destiny Map of United States Circa 1830 American Progress Manifest Destiny 2 1.Who is in the Painting? American Progress Manifest Destiny 3 2. What is going on in the

American Progress Manifest Destiny 4 3. Why are they doing that? American Progress Manifest Destiny 5 4. If the painting is about Manifest Destiny What is

What is Manifest Destiny? Belief that it was our divine right that US should expand its territory from coast to coast It was Obvious that the United States should expand its territory. 6 Understanding Manifest Destiny "(It is) ..our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the

development of the great experiment of liberty" -John O'Sullivan Democrat 7 Editor of 'The Morning Post' What is Manifest Destiny? 1. Belief that white Americans had a God-given right to occupy the entire North American continent. 2. Manifest Destiny was exercised in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish monarchs.

3. Pilgrim Fathers when they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. 4. Any act of colonisation and settlement at the expense of another race can be said to be an expression of Manifest Destiny. 8 Manifest Destiny in 1840s America Once the concept had been given the name 'Manifest Destiny' it became widely used, appearing in newspapers, debates, paintings and advertisements. It became the leading light for westward expansion

9 The Homestead Act 1841 Government of America passed an act that allowed people to purchase 160 acres of Plains land for a very small price Act passed in 1862 divided 2.5 million acres of Plains land into sections or homesteads of 160 acres People could now claim 160 acres of land The only requirement on their part was that they paid a small administration charge and built a house and lived on the land for at least 5 years 10

So, How has our nation grown? 11 US Territorial Expansion When? 1776 From Where? Great Britain Why? US declared independe

nce from Great Britain 12 A - 13 Original Colonies A US Territorial Expansion When? 1783 From Where? Great Britain

B - Western Lands Why? Part of results of Treaty of Paris (ended Revolution ary War) 13 A B

US Territorial Expansion When? 1803 From Where? France C - Louisiana Purchase Why? Napoleon needed $ Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans

14 He got all of this C A B US Territorial Expansion When? 1819 From Where? Spain

D - Florida Why? Andrew Jackson invaded Spain then sold it to us for $5 million 15 C A B

D Thinking Question (dont write this down!! Just think!) Why werent Americans happy with the size of their country at this point in their history? 16 US Territorial Expansion When? E - Texas 1845

From Where? Republic of Texas (Independent Country) Why? Texas independent from Mexico in 1836 Northerners feared it would become a slave state 17 Fears finally overcome in

1944 C E A B D US Territorial Expansion When? 1846 From Where? Great Britain

F - Oregon Territory Why? Claimed by four countries (G. Britain, Russia, Spain, & US) Americans demanded 54 40 or fight! 18

Britain compromised F C E A B D US Territorial Expansion When? 1848

From Where? Mexico G - Mexican Cession Why? Polk offers to buy G from Mexico & they refuse War! US wins 19

In Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, US offers $15 F C G E A B D

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