Active Killer on Your Campus Are you Prepared

Active Killer on Your Campus Are you Prepared

Active Killer on Your Campus Are you Prepared for when the Unthinkable Happens?... Response Options What is an Active Killer? An Active Killer is a person (s) who is causing or threatening to cause death and/or serious bodily injury. This isnt exclusive to somebody

with a firearm. This could be accomplished with a knife, or a bat, or with personal body weapons. It is for this reason that we refer to such a person (s) as an Active Killer. Other terms you may hear-Active Shooter, Violent Intruder. What Would You Do If There was a Fire?

There was an Earthquake? There was an Active Shooter/Violent Intruder? Who told you what to do? Who set your policy? Practical Exercise #1 Are you Prepared?

Debrief.. Columbine High School April 20, 1999 Lessons Learned: Police response must change. First responders outgunned and/or lacked training to respond to such an incident. Traditional lockdown policy failed. School shootings are rarely impulsive acts. Events are pre-planned.

Pre-incident indicators existed, but were not reported. Incidents occur in a target rich environment where retribution is the goal. Multi-jurisdictional response issues were present. Facility issues present Columbine 911..add link Preparing Faculty, Staff and Students Traditional response to a violent incident on a school campus is LOCKDOWN.

One tool in the toolbox best practice? Would you stop, drop and roll in the middle of an earthquake? Active Killer/Violent Intruder Event Myths

He/she fits the profile of an Active Shooter It will not happen here Police will respond in time to prevent carnage. Faculty and Students can do nothing against an armed intruder? Police will respond in time to prevent carnage Columbine Library

7.5 minutes with SRO on campus Norris Hall, VA Tech 8 minutes - Double Homicide being investigated 800 yards away Northern Illinois University 5 minutes-five killed and 21 injured before police

arrived. It Can Happen Anywhere Oikos University, Oakland, CA- April 2012 Disgruntled student 7 Dead and 3 injured .45 cal semi-auto handgun and four fully loaded magazines

Jacobs Career College Columbus, Ohio March 2012 A man armed with three knives went on a stabbing rampage and injured four people before he was shot multiple times by police. A spokesman for Miami-Jacobs Career College stated, "we can't imagine anything like this ever happening here. It is just horrendous. It Can Happen Anywhere University of Alabama, Huntsville-2011: Biology professor denied tenure, shoots and kills three

professors and wounds three more at a faculty meeting. Northern Illinois University February 2008 Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people killing five and injuring twenty-one, before committing suicide. Florida Atlantic University March 2012: Female student goes berserk in class makes death threats, strikes a male student and provokes very little response from

those in the room. What if she had been armed? Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech University April 16, 2007 suspect kills two students in the resident halls early morning before going to Norris Hall, across campus later the same day, and shooting more students before taking his own life. 33 dead, 23 injured.

VA Tech overview Facility Challenges VT Hollow Core Doors Classroom Entry Points Un-securable Alerting Systems Exterior Door Handles Chained Shut No Doors Between Classrooms to Allow

Movement. Prevention or Movement? Preventing entry of a determined attacker is unlikely. Movement and escape are paramount! Virginia Tech. Norris Hall Infrastructure can provide for simple options that can increase survival.

MOVEMENT=DISTANCE=TIME! EXIT EXIT EXIT EXIT Train Your Brain! Rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

You will resort to skills and a plan of action that have been practiced. Think like a survivor, manage your stress and throw the attacker(s) off their game. Avoid Denial!

Virginia Tech- students rationalized sounds of gunfire as construction noises. Columbine HS-students initially thought gunfire was student prank using firecrackers. Beslan Russia-students thought balloons were popping for first day of school celebration. Denial/Rationalization=Paralysis

Waiting for verification of gunfire wastes time better used to escape. You can do nothing against an armed intruder Yes, You Can! There are never any guarantees but here is a simple plan to give you a fighting chance A.L.I.C.E ALERT

A lack of information is dangerous, so provide clear, accurate information to authorities as quickly and safely as possible. Identify: Self, location, suspect info, weapon, direction of travel, medical needs, call back number.

Dont hang up unless directed by dispatch, or safety is a concern. Code Red announcement vs. Shooter in the Library! Change This To This Creates Zones of Varying Degrees of Danger Lockdown

Excellent starting point, but consider your location to that of the incident. Locked doors provide a time barrier. The idea is to create a stronghold that nobody can breach BE A HARD TARGET! Lockdown does not serve as a complete stand-alone

defense strategy. You must have other options available. Once Lockdown is in effect no one should be allowed into a secure room under any circumstances. Only open your locked door for uniformed police personnel. Useful Tools During Lockdown

Wedges, ropes, carabineer to secure door Medical Supplies to treat gunshot wounds Communication device Food, water Flashlight, dust mask for explosives Razor knife, hammer to cut through drywall for alternate escape route. Glass-breaking window punch Rope ladder

When Lockdown Fails Red Lake Sr. High School, Minnesota Shooter purposely triggered lockdown by killing unarmed security guard. 1 teacher 5 students killed in locked down room. Virginia Tech-Students attempted unsuccessful lockdown of classrooms. Only one of the three was able to deny entry to shooter.

Chardon High School, OH-took place in cafeteria. How well did lockdown work here? We must train for other exigencies beyond lockdown Inform Provide real-time information updates as this is crucial to increasing your survival chances. Video surveillance

and public address systems are very useful. The ability to provide real-time updates allows for good decision making. If all intruder movements and actions are broadcast this will give the good guys an advantage and could distract the bad guy, or even mentally defeat him/her. Counter You can do something against an armed intruder!!

Police miss 80% of their shots in dynamic events. The bad guy is not usually a highly skilled shooter. Fight or Flight! Train your brain. Be a hard target vs. a soft target: Distance=Time Movement=Distance Distractions=Hard Target

Skills beyond lockdown that you should know: Survival Tactics Barricading, Cover and Concealment Evade/Escape

SWARM Removing and Securing the Weapon Contact with Law Enforcement Practical Exercise #2 You are Stronger than you Think! Debrief... Counter

If you are unable to escape and are in a secure-for-now location what will you do if the intruder is able to enter? Make a stand!! Shooting is a skill and a static, passive target (soft target) is easily engaged. Be a ping-pong ball! Create distractions by throwing objects.

Reach out and touch someone, grab someone, or dog pile on!! Be prepared to use anything as a weapon, but be mindful that the Police are in tow! Consider there may be other suspects.

If the suspect is not shooting or reloading or they are hesitating in any way RUN FORREST RUN!! Evacuate The goal of evacuation during an Active Killer situation is to minimize the number of potential victims in the crisis zone. Those who are able should leave the area based on the

information they are provided, their training and the ability to do so as safely as possible. Know your surroundings and pre-determine various community rallying points. This could be a local park, a neighbors house, a church, etc. Avoid using pre-existing staging areas, or emergency paths of travel as these may be compromised.

There is no guarantee the police will reach you before the suspect does, so put distance between yourself and the bad guy. Cover vs. Concealment

When evacuating and shots being fired you may need to use cover. Cover stops most bullets/explosives-concrete walls, car engines, filled bookshelves, steel doors, backpack filled with school books. Concealment hides your presence only. So run towards nearest piece of hard cover if you can! If shooter has a weapon malfunction or is reloading, this is the time to run or attack. First Aid Basics

Is Training Offered on Campus? First Aid Kits in Classrooms? Bleed outs Control Bleeding Conventional Unconventional Police Response 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. Follow Directions Police may not know who you are. Do not run towards police for safety. They may be drawing gunfire. Police will direct you to raise hands or give other instructions.

Multi-agency personnel will be there. Information is fluid, rapid and at times confusing. There will be chaos! Police Priorities Neutralization of the suspect (s) as quickly as possible Mitigate injuries and loss of life

Containment Rescue and Recovery Practical Exercise #3 With ALICE in your Toolbox are you more prepared? Debrief A.L.I.C.E. "In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Theodore Roosevelt

Thank You and Stay Safe!! Mark Johnson Jeremy Kent Contact Info: ULM Police 318.342.5350

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