EOY Evaluations and Reports BloomBoard Training Preparing Learner

EOY Evaluations and Reports BloomBoard Training Preparing Learner

EOY Evaluations and Reports BloomBoard Training Preparing Learner Accounts for EOY Evaluations Processes Vary Please remember that different states and districts have different EOY evaluation processes. These slides and the

information presented in the webinar reflect a range of processes. Your view and selections available to you will likely vary from the information shown in training, but the basic actions of selecting, assigning and modifying will be consistent across organizations. 2 Presentation Sequence

Navigate to user management tools OALs choose whether to assign Assign learners to

Classifications classifications or evaluators and then modify assignments first. Assign learners to Evaluators and then modify assignments There is no prescribed

sequence. 3 Navigate to Bulk User Tools 4 Assign Learners Classifications Apply rubric filter to refine user list, if

desired 5 Assign Learners Classifications Select users 6

Assign Learners Classifications Assign users to classification 7 Assign Learners Classifications What is the No end of year evaluation needed classification?

Some states and districts have an alternating year evaluation cycle for certain school personnel. If your organization evaluates personnel every other year, you will see a classification named No end of year evaluation needed and should assign it to users who are not being evaluated this year. Note: Only Org Admins in alternating year evaluation cycle districts see the No end of year evaluation needed classification.

8 Change Learners Classification(s) Scroll down to modify user assignments change a userand classification. 9

Change Learners Classification(s) Select the users whose classifications need to be modified. 10 Change Classifications - Locked

Warning: EOY evaluation work/data is deleted 11 Assigning Evaluators FIRST: Learners MUST have a learner-observer relationship with the EOY

Evaluator. 12 Assigning Evaluators Evaluator assignment scenarios Learners with multiple observers - select the appropriate evaluator from a menu or assign via upload. If the correct evaluator is not in the menu, you must create a learner-observer relationship.

Learners with no observer - establish a learnerobserver relationship first and then choose from the menu or assign via upload. Learners with one observer (evaluator) select from menu or use auto-assign. 13 Assign Evaluators to Learners Open EOY evaluator assignments

14 Assign Evaluators to Learners Individually assign evaluators First create a learner-observer relationship with intended evaluator

15 Assign Evaluators to Learners Create a .csv (.xlsx or .xls) for upload 16

Assign Evaluators to Learners Upload the .csv (.xlsx or .xls) 17 Assign Evaluators to Learners .CSV (.xlsx or .xls) uploads error report

Email for evaluator has not been entered. (*) Invalid Email Address. (*) Did not find active users with this email. Not able to create record. Error: No Coach Trainee relationships exist to add. You can fix errors directly on the spreadsheet and upload again! 18

Assign Evaluators to Learners Auto-assign solo observers All learners with a solo observer are assigned 19 Modifying Evaluator Assignments

Modify existing evaluator assignments learner s evaluato r 20

Modifying Evaluator Assignments Modify locked evaluator assignments 21 Support for BloomBoard BloomBoard Support Questions? Technical concerns?

Email: [email protected] Online: http://support.bloomboard.com Phone: 888-418-1595 (8am-8pm EST)


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