FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP PUBLIC SCHOOLS FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL STAFF TRAINING SPRING 2017 Whats new for PARCC 2017 Testing Window Test Dates Single 30 Day Testing Window Fewer But Longer Unit Times More Uniform Unit Times

Upgrades to the PEARSON Testing Site No more seal codes Expanded Calculator Accommodation Spell Check on TestNav TESTING DATES FHS April 18th April 26th Day 1 - 4 Day 5-7 English 9

Algebra I English 10 Geometry English 11 Algebra II UNIT TIMING English Language Arts/Literacy Unit Timing * ELA/L Unit 1

Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Total Time For Field Test Schools Grade 3 90 75 90

75 - 90 5 Hr. 30 Min. to 5 Hrs. 45 Min. Grades 4-5 90 90 90 90 6 Hr. Grades 611

110 110 90 110 7 Hrs. Mathematics Unit Timing * Mathematics Unit 1 Unit 2

Unit 3 Unit 4 Total Time Grades 3-5 60 60 60 60 4 Hr.

Grades 6-8 80 80 80 NA 4 Hr. Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II 90

90 90 NA 4 Hr. 30 Min. * Does not include 25-30 minutes needed for logging on students, 15 reading directions, and closing-out students. Who must take the PARCC HIGH SCHOOL Students enrolled in English 9,10,11 Students enrolled in Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2

GENERAL EDUCATION SPECIAL EDUCATION / 504 except students who will take the APA or DLM as indicated in their IEP Exempt from passing as per IEP must still take the test ESL *students enrolled in multiple courses will only take 1 test per content *students not enrolled in a requisite Math course, do not take a PARCC Math assessment CHAIN OF COMMAND Ana Washington....District Testing Coordinator School Telephone Number. (732) 879-2400 Ext. 406 Cellphone Number.. (908) 552-8066

Dana Karas..Director of Counseling, School Test Coordinator School Telephone Number.......(732) 302-4200 Ext. 2506 Cellphone Number................. (609) 319-1400 Jessica Bordas .....School Counselor, STC School Telephone Number... (732) 302-4200 Ext. 5211 ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES (ALL STUDENTS) Answer Masking* Audio Amplifications Color Contrast (Background/font)*

Blank Paper Eliminate Answer Choices Flag Items for Review General Administration Clarified by test Administrators General Administration Directions Read Aloud and Repeated as needed (by Administrator Highlight Tool Headphones or Noise Buffers Text To Speech for Mathematics * Line Reader Tool

Magnification/Enlargement Notepad Pop-up Glossary Assessment Writing Tools Redirect Student to the *LOCALLY CONTROLLED ACCOMMODATIONS (Special Education, 504 or ELL) Assistive Technology ASL Video for the Mathematics

Assessments Screen Reader Version for Mathematics Human Signer for Test Directions Refreshable Braille Display with Screen Reader Version for ELA/Literacy Student Reads Assessment Aloud to Themselves Hard Copy Braille Edition Tactile Graphics

Large Print Edition Paper-based Edition Closed-Captioning of Multimedia for ELA/Literacy Assessments Human Signer for Test Directions Text-to-Speech for the ELA/Literacy Assessments, including items, response options, and passages* Screen Reader Version for ELA/Literacy, including items, response options, and passages ASL Video for the ELA/Literacy Assessments, including items, response options, and Passages* ACCOMMODATIONS ESL Students Extended time

Word-to-Word Dictionary (English/ Native Language) Mathematics Response Speech-to-Text Mathematics Response Human Scribe General Administration Directions Read Aloud and Repeated in Students Native Language (by test administrator) Online Translation of the Mathematics Assessment in Spanish Paper-Based Edition of the Mathematics Assessment in Spanish Large Print Edition of the Mathematics Assessments in Spanish Text-to-Speech for the Mathematics Assessments in Spanish

Human Reader RESPONSE ACCOMMODATIONS Assistive Technology Braille Note-taker Braille Writer Calculation Device and Mathematics Tools (on Calculator Sections of Mathematics Assessments) Calculation Device and Mathematics Tools (on Non-calculator Sections of Mathematics Assessments) ELA/L and/or Math Selected Response Speechto-Text/Human Scribe/Human Signer/External Assistive Technology Device ELA/Literacy Constructed Response Speech-toText* OTHER

ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Extended Time Screen Reader Version ASL Video Version Refreshable Braille Display w/ Screen Reader Version Text-to-Speech ELA/L Hard Copy Braille Version Large Print Paper Version Regular Print Paper Version Tactile Graphics Human Signer for Test Directions Student Reads Assessment Aloud to Him/Herself

HOMEBOUND, BEDSIDE & Non-Testing ODP Placements Students receiving homebound or bedside instruction MUST be tested unless they are too ill to participate. Students will use Paper & Pencil test forms. Students attending an Out-of-District Placement that is NOT an approved test site MUST: Return to home district or Home district will sent a test administrator TEMPORARY/ EMERGENCY ACCOMMODATIONS

(504) Sprained or broken arm (etc.) prior to test: prepare a temporary / emergency Section 504 Plan. Complete Emergency Accommodation Request Form Student is allowed to receive modifications & accommodations described in PARCC Accessibility Features & Accommodations Manual TEST MATERIALS Paper-Based Test Materials Test Booklets Answer Documents Mathematics Reference Sheets specified by grade level policy as

Rulers and Protractors (if applicable) Computer-Based Test Materials Student Testing Tickets School Supplied Test Materials Student Testing Tickets Blank Scratch Paper (graph, lined or unlined) Headphones Required for ALL students Word-to-word dictionaries for ESL students Pencils Door sign Leisure Reading Materials

Timing Device/ Timing Display Computers do not time the units TEST ADMINISTRATORS DO Mathematic Tools For computer-based assessments, required tools will be on the platform. Calculator Policy Permitted on Calculator Section of Math assessments ONLY NOT Permitted on Non-Calculator sections Computer Based Testing platform based calculator OR hand-held calculator if requested by student. All hand-held calculators must meet PARCC

Calculator Policy Calculators must be distributed & collected as specified in TAM Calculator Policy GRADE CALCULATOR ALGEBRA 1 ALGEBRA 2 Graphing Calculator GEOMETRY Located on the platform

TEST SECURITY Security is a district wide responsibility. Absolutely NO reproduction or transmittal by any means of test items, passages, prompts, or other secure items or materials. Security breaches may have: Financial consequences for the district Professional consequences for staff Disciplinary consequences for students Inform ALL district & school personnel of security procedures prior to test administration See Section 2.0 of the Test Coordinator Manual for details SECURITY PLAN

Mandatory Turnkey Training Locked Storage of Secure Materials Delivery Problems Technology Problems Missing Secure Materials

Reporting Breaches & Irregularities Damaged/Contaminated Materials Chain of Command Disruptive or Sick Student

Fire / Emergency Procedures Inclement Weather Before the Test All Computer Carts will be at the test site locations prior to testing. A. Test Administrators are to collect all testing materials each morning of testing from STC between 7:00am to 7:25am in the LIBRARY. B. Count materials (student roster, admission tickets) and sign the Chain of Custody Form. C. Prepare testing room: 1. Ensure all computers are powered on and full battery charge 2. Desks are organized.

3. All instructional materials are removed or covered in room. 4. Collect all Student Cell phones. 5. All book bags and food must be placed in the front of the room. During the Test 1. 2. 3. 4. Test Administrators are to take attendance Seat students Distribute Student Testing Ticket Students are to write the computer Asset Tag Number on their Student Testing Ticket located on the bottom of the computer each day.

5. Post Testing Do Not Disturb sign on door 6. Display Timing Box on board (refer to page 19 in Teacher Administrator Manual) 7. Follow Manual Directions and commence test. 8. UNLOCK THE TEST FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE PRESENT 9. Monitor student progress on the PEARSON site. 10.If any technical issues arrive during testing, please refer to 6.8.1 IN TAM or contact the STC immediately TECHNOLOGY CONSEQUENCES Any student with a phone or other personal technology device on their person will

Dean/VP is to be contacted The student will be removed from the testing location The device will be confiscated and will only be returned to the parent/guardian The student test is voided Monitoring Students Redirect students Test Administrators and Proctors may not individually remind or encourage a student to answer all questions. Test Administrators may not point or gesture to the student to complete a specific test item or encourage a student to select an answer choice. You may provide a visual cue to the

students to stay on TASK. After the Test Collect all test materials from students and track their return. LOCK THE TEST AT THE CONCLUSION OF TESTING FOR ALL STUDENTS Return materials to the library and the STC will verify all the test materials are returned and are accounted for. All laptops are to be locked up by the examiner in the room in the laptop cart. If the examiner only has a few laptops then he or she should ensure laptops are properly secured to charge overnight. ANY PROBLEMS WITH ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER

TESTING SITES NO Coats, Backpacks, or Purses NO Instructional Displays NO Buzzers, Bells or Non-Emergency Announcements or Interruptions NO Cell Phones, MP3 Players or Any Unauthorized Electronics NO Food or Beverages (except if by IEP or 504) NO Unauthorized Recreational Reading materials TESTING SITES Well Spaced With Ample Surface Area Assigned Seating Good Lighting & Ventilation Clock & Chart to Display Time Remaining

NEVER leave students unattended Supervise students at ALL times including Restroom Breaks Monitors to Keep Hallways Quiet & Testing Rooms Undisturbed Post Testing - Do Not Disturb signs on Doors of Testing Rooms (see Appendix C of TCM) TESTING SITE NO NOS 80 Navigating the TEST ADMINISTRATION MANUAL (TAM)

28 Pages Sections 1-4: General Overview Section 4: Scripts for EVERY Math PBA, ELA PBA Use ONLY SELECT pages for unit tested - approximately six pages per unit. 6 Pages - Section 5 & 6 Completion of Each Day of Testing & Accessibility Features and Accommodations Appendices Appendix B: Security Agreement Appendix C: Signs (Testing Do Not Disturb) PARCC Security Forms Security Agreement

Chain of Custody Form Form to Report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach Form to Report Contaminated, Damaged or Missing Materials Post Certification Form PARCC SECURITY AGREEMENT ALL staff involved in PARCC testing MUST sign the Security Agreement BEFORE testing documenting that all staff involved in testing have been sufficiently trained.

Includes Paras and technology support Sample Computer-Based Chain-of-Custody Form Recommended: template available at Reporting Testing Disruptions Security Breaches & Irregularities Contaminated, Missing, & Damaged Materials Test Administrator must report incident to STC immediately STC must report incident to the DTC immediately. DTC must then contact the Office of Assessments ASAP

after receiving call from STC. TA and STC must complete appropriate form documenting the incident & provide completed form to DTC. Form to Report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach (including testing disruptions due to severe weather or safety threats) Form to Report Contaminated, Damaged, or Missing Materials. Form to Report a Testing Irregularity or Security Breach Download from New Jersey Not-Tested Codes & Void Codes Not-Tested Codes Student has never logged onto TestNav 1 - Absent 2 - Medical Emergency

3 - Other (refusal) Void Codes Students logged on to TestNav 1 - Student Cheating 2 - Security Breach 3 - Other (refusal, wrong form, off-grade, off-course, accommodation not provided or accommodation provided in error) PARCC TRAINING VIDEO https://parcc.tms.pearson .com/Modules/Launch?mo duleId=47

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