Driving Economic Growth through Workforce Partnerships ISO 9001

Driving Economic Growth through Workforce Partnerships ISO 9001

Driving Economic Growth through Workforce Partnerships ISO 9001 Certification Consortium and Training Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, President Lesli Beavers, Director of Workforce and Business Solutions Clark State Community College Regional Demographics Springfield, Ohio Main Campus Clark County, OH Champaign County, OH Logan County, OH Greene County, OH

Five locations within service district Springfield, OH Main Campus Springfield, OH Downtown location Bellefontaine, OH Beavercreek, OH Xenia, OH Key Industries in service district Manufacturing in Ohio Responsible for almost 17% of Ohios GDP

Provides 700,000 jobs for Ohio workers Annual Payroll of $40 billon (the highest of any Ohio industry sector) Ohios manufacturing sector GDP was $106 billion in 2016, ranking it third in the nation after California and Texas. *June 2018, The Ohio Manufacturers Association Manufacturing density in Ohio (2016) *June 2018, The Ohio Manufacturers Association

ISO 9001 Certification What is it? Quality Management System International Organization for Standardization Over 1 million organizations certified across the world Why is it important? Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Critical to small and medium size businesses for long term sustainability ISO 9001 Certification Economic and Workforce Implications OEMs in or near Clark States Service District

Honda of America Boeing GE Lockheed Martin Other Organizations That Require Certification United States Air Force/Department of Defense Wright Patterson Air Force Base Barriers to Certification Cost Lengthy Timeline ISO 9001:2008 update to ISO 9001:2015

Partnerships and Collaboration Greene County Department of Development The Chamber of Greater Springfield Aerospace Professional Development Center

Tech Hub Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing FASTLANE (Regional Manufacturing Extension Partnership) Dayton Region Manufacturers Association IQC, The ISO Professionals, LLC Clark States Training Solution Consortium Model Flipped Model Instructor Expertise Accessibility o Full Implementation 12 weeks $9,000

o Update to new standard (ISO 9001:2015) 6 weeks $5,000 o Online Access Funding Assistance o National Emergency Grant o Incumbent Worker Training/WIOA Companies were funded up to 90% Combined, the funding sources contributed nearly $500,000 Impact - Businesses Served Staub Manufacturing Solutions

Five year impact is estimated at over $20 million Expansion growth, purchasing an additional 14,500 square foot facility SelectTech Hiring growth New contracts with the United States Air Force Quickly outgrowing physical space Wurth Electronics New contract sizable to 30% of their entire volume Significant layoff aversion Tangible Solutions Moved from garage to a 6,000 square foot facility Job creation

Testimonials Training raised our BIQS (GM contracts) from 28% to 75%. Likely saved all our jobs Jeff Locker, Tenneco The ISO certification is a very good thing for our business, and yes, its helped us already. Krystin Fakalata, MacaLogic I now have 5 certified internal auditors to take the burden off me being the only one that can audit. We are a much stronger company. Rick Meredith, USAeroteam As a small company, hiring an expert in quality just wasnt an optionNow,

our employees are completely and professionally training in ISO9001 and it is making a real impact in our company. We wish to thank Clark State for providing the training. Beth Graves, Prime Controls Economic Impact 50 businesses certified o 76 individuals trained and ISO Internal Auditing certified o 32 business utilized NEG or IWT/WIOA assistance 40% minority owned 20% Veteran owned

10% female owned 1,500 jobs $302 Million Overall Economic Impact Initiative Growth and Current Status Continue to grow partnerships and collaborations Logan County Chamber of Commerce Expanded capabilities Specialized standards Online, individualized modules National level implementation

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