Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism

Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism

Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism Constructing Excellence HE/FE Theme Group meeting 19/07/16 Robin Nicholson CBE RIBA Hon FIStructE Hon FCIBSE A Senior Partner, Cullinan Studio and Convenor of the Edge Government and Industry have tried and tried and tried to reform our industry. 1998 1994 2009 The Edge is a voluntary multi-disciplinary, self-selecting think-tank: Set up 1996 with support of the Arup Foundation to bring ICE and RIBA members closer together Associate Member CIC 2013 (applied to be Hon Affiliate) Meets monthly in one of our offices in London o To consider present and future challenges o To promote inter-disciplinarity

74 by-invitation debates, mainly in London, see www.edgedebate.com The Edge is my professional institution Jane Wernick Supported by : Arup Foundation, The Building Centre, CIBSE, CIC, CIOB, ICE, IStructE, RIBA, RICS and UCL Energy Institute Members include: Practitioners: George Adams, Richard Boyd, Jane Brigginshaw, Peter Clegg, Paddy Conaghan, Frank Duffy, Max Fordham, Simon Foxell, Jim Green, Colin Haylock, Stephen Hill, Mike Hitchens, Sue James, Dorte Rich Jrgensen, Chris Jofeh, Janet Kidner, David Lindsey, Ciaran Malik, Charlie Murray, Mike Murray, Robin Nicholson, Michael Pawlyn, Adam Poole, Sunand Prasad, Lars Ostenfeld Riemann, Oliver Smith, Simon Smith, Lynne Sullivan, Helen Taylor, Chris Twinn, Lorna Walker, Elanor Warwick, Jane Wernick, Mark Whitby, Ollie Wildman, Albert Williamson Taylor, Seb Wood Researchers/academics: Bill Bordass, Andy Ford, Bill Gething, Peter Guthrie, Paul Jowitt, Doug King, Richard Lorch, Tadj Oreszczyn, Richard Simmons Collaborators: Roberto Amendolia, Guy Battle, Francesca Berriman, Chris Beauman, Richard Brindley, Caroline Cole, Garry Felgate, Rachel Fisher, Dave Hampton, Andrew Scoones, Eddie Tuttle

2011 2013 saw 2 Edge Debates followed by Special Issue of BRI on the New Professionalism In Oct 2013 the Edge invited Paul Morrell OBE to chair the Edge Commission. His distinguished career includes having been: Senior Partner Davis Langdon CABE Commisioner (2000-2008) and Deputy Chairman First Government Chief Construction Advisor (2009-12) Founder member of BCO Tender price 43m Outturn cost 470m Claims cost 47m Yet buildings are free if their design increases productivity by 6% Government / Construction Industry Engagement - Morrell Business Advisory Group

Key Suppliers 1a Infrastr uct Board Task Groups Trade Assocs 2b 3d Constn Team

Housin g Green Construction Board Number 10 CBI 3c MPA Board 1 Major Projects

SME Council CBI Constru ction Council 32a Other 3b ERG HBA Energy & Climate Change

32 RSC 2a HBF AMS See Septe diag Offsite Housing ZCH 3a

BIM Network Support Group 4C APPGs 4b 22d 22b 2 NSCC 20

UKCG GMB 3 24 HCA BRAC 19 22c 4 4a 21a UCATT

22e SEC Group 4d Envt Agency 18 5 5a Others 17 Asbestos Liaison

26 Pa 22f Steerin g Group Strategic Forum for Constructio n Observer Status 22

CCG 21 22j 22g EFA 16 31 7 22i Constg Excele 27

CPA CIC 13 Constr Alliance 22h 29 7a 16c UNITE 23 HMG

HSE TUC 28 22k Government Constructio n Board 6 16d 25 16a 28

NFB 28a CONIAC 8 Highways Agency 15 ICE 16b ACE 29a CECA 28c

FMB HBA 28a 28b 8a 14 9 Procure 21+ NDA 13b 13

NIPSEF 10 30 9a 12 Green Deal Groups 13a 11 DIO IUK 10a

12a IUK Advisory Council 12b = links to industry = Hyperlink to membership etc = links within Government = links to Government =Government Body =Government /Industry Body =Industry Body =NDPB/Other

Edge invited the Institutions with which we have worked to give evidence in a series of debates and for attendees to submit written evidence. March to May 2014 Session 1 The Environment with CIOB, CIBSE, RAE with keynote by Keith Clarke, Atkins Global Session 2 The Economy with RIBA, IStructE, RICS with keynote by Ian Brinkley of The Work Fdn. Session 3 Society with RTPI, ICE, LI with keynote by Matthew Taylor, RSA Session 4 Future value with Bordass, Franck, Froud, Malik, Prasad and Graham Watts (CIC) Paul Morrell wondered whether we are at a special moment? Globalisation of trade (and membership of institutions) The growth of the investor-owned, multi-national, multidisciplinary practice (eg Aecom) Ageing professions some are estimated to lose 25% UK members by 2020 (and Generation Y is less tribal?) We can collaborate on projects (eg BIM and manifesto) but It is easier for Government to get an answer from KPMG Other issues included: Widespread confusion around Ethics and the Public Interest Education (and CPD) is, in the main, siloed

Climate change is not being taken seriously enough The Performance Gap is usually ignored Dissemination of new knowledge into practice is far too slow We explained the headlines to CEO or President of 17 institutions: ACE + APM + BIFM + cabe + CIAT + CIBSE + CIC + CIHT + CIOB + CIPHE + ICE + IStructE + LI + RIBA + RICS + RSA + RTPI Launch at Arup on 18th May 2015 Tony Burton identifies 3 areas for CIC to follow up Ethics Education Performance Gap and the need for CIC Mark II The (Edge) reports prescription, boiled down, is that they should look to closer collaboration: a view

which would be endorsed by many of the professions, including the CIOB.. a huge to-do list for professional bodies, but it is achievable. Bristol UDG 10/15 + UWE event 1/5 Cambridge - CFCI 10/15, IDBE 12/15 Cardiff events at WSA and then Arup 11/15 + 25/2 Ecobuild Closing the performance gap 9/3 Edinburgh Edinburgh College of Art- 1/3 London CIC Council 3/15 and then 3/16 Manchester CE NW planned for 12th Oct 2016 Newcastle CIC NE with 2 Universities 2/16 Oxford Constructing Excellence at Oxford Brookes - 4/16 Reading The Edge Debate at Reading University 2/16 One-Year-On dinner at the Building Centre 18 May 2016 Paul identified six opportunities for collaboration:

Industry Reform for benefit of clients and suppliers a vision of a more efficient, integrated industry with feedback loops Common Code of Conduct with (CPD) support for members, preferably on a shared inter-disciplinary basis Research collaborative processing of new knowledge for rapid dissemination through the Institutional Journals Presidential collaboration on major issues such as Climate Change and the Performance Gap Education review the siloed nature of the education system and support change on a cross-disciplinary basis RICS, RIBA, ICE and CIOB are now working together as signatories to the International Ethics Standards (IES) Coalition covering 48 countries How to get into to the offices and onto the construction sites? Edge convened Research Dissemination Project team at the Building Centre on 2nd Dec 2015 with APM, BIFM, CIBSE, CIOB, ICE, IStructE, (RICS), RIBA, RTPI. Edge to coordinate market research and review of alternative formats.


SIZE OF AUDIENCE AWARENESS BASIC INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED EXPERT [email protected] RESEARCH RED-TOP (A NEW FORM OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT KNOWLEDGE) KNOWLEDGE COMPRESSION Typically 50:1 (6 research papers to 1 page article) [email protected] Our buildings are changing the climate so why dont our Institutions stand together on Climate Change?

8th Dec 2015 Guardian Ecobuild on 9th March 16.30 Closing the Performance Gap: a plan for action to be chaired by Paul Morrell with the Edge Commission. Closing the Performance Gap Round Table 5th July at RAE CIAT, CIBSE, CIOB, CITB, Design Council, LABC, UKGBC, APM, CE, RAE (ICE, RIBA, RICS) tasked Edge with making the business case for a What Works Network (Cabinet Office). Government/DECC is interested in the NABERS. What if we have performance-based contracts? University of the West of England .

RICS and CIC keen on changing education but are the Universities getting ahead of the Institutions as more and more universities are opening courses with overlapping disciplines? Edge/C4C meets Constructing Excellence: Oxfordshire CE Group formed to explore the Performance Gap on 28th April with client, designers, constructors and building performance researcher. Group to report progress at Reading on 15th Sept. How can we work together on education?

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