Starbucks Instant: Will it Pass the Taste Test?

Starbucks Instant: Will it Pass the Taste Test?

Starbucks Instant: Will it Pass the Taste Test? QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Ms. Moreland Ms. Smith Mr. Lesnak Needs, Features, Benefits Product Via Instant Coffee Targeted Segment *Starbucks drinkers that are on the go *Coffee lovers short on time

Need *For people who dont have time to make a coffee stop/travelers who want the quality and taste of Starbucks Features Instant/ Individual packs in 3 or 12 Benefit *Replicates the taste of Starbucks *Convenience factor-benefits those who dont have enough time to brew a cup of coffee Threats & Weaknesses Instant coffee has notation of poor quality Declining market in the US Competing brands such as Folgers and Nestle Will they be able to create enough need for Starbucks instant coffee to make a profit?

Starbucks sales have declined with introduction of McDonalds McCafe Starbucks Via: Will it be an Instant Success? YES! Starbucks has great name and brand power

Starbucks understands its customers are on the go/ convenient individual packaging in food/beverage market have done very well Ie: Starbucks lattes in jars for on the go/Individually packaged snacks Taste testing in stores-give customers a chance to try it Taste tests succeeded Via to exactly replicate fresh brewed taste $17 billion Instant coffee market Though instant coffee has declined in US, loyal sbux customers will purchase their products They should capitalize on this opportunity-each store brings in over $1 mil in revenue, so they can afford to add a new sector to their market Starbucks is looking for turnaround since overexpansion a few years ago

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