GNWT INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN INDUSTRY DAY 17 January 2019 2019/20 Infrastructure Acquisition Plan The GNWTs 2019/20 proposed Infrastructure Plan totals $343M. The proposed plan continues to leverage significant federal infrastructure dollars. Addressing the GNWTs energy priorities and responding to our infrastructure challenges continue to be a focus of this government. 2 Infrastructure Acquisition Plan Budget Trends $M 400000 350000 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 2015/16

2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 3 FY 19/20 INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN SUMMARY LARGE CAPITAL $319M SMALL CAPITAL $16M IM/IT TOTAL $8M $343M


$18.28M $343.25M 5 LARGE CAPITAL PROJECTS SUMMARY ECE SCHOOLS Colville, Hay River, Yellowknife, Tuk HSS LONG TERM CARE HEALTH CENTRE KITCHEN & LAUNDRY Hay River, Inuvik, Yellowknife Tulita Avens, Yellowknife ITI FISH PLANT


Inuvik ATB RENEWABLE PROJECTS NTPC - UPGRADES Inuvik, Sachs Harbour Various BIOMASS LED LIGHTING & CONTROLS Hay River, Aklavik Various 37 Projects (eg. 5 Roof Replacements) All Regions CARF ($3.8M) DEF. MTCE ($5M) 7

SMALL CAPITAL PROJECTS SUMMARY $16M split between seven departments for projects across all regions Projects which are estimated to cost between $50,000 & $600,000. 8 GNWT Infrastructure Planning and Acquisition For copies of the FY 2019/20 capital plan, reference the following GNWT website: Thank you 9 INFRASTRUCTURE - Transportation 2019/20 Large Capital Project Plan Transportation SUMMARY Bridges Culverts Highways (access

road) Highways O&M AIRPORTS New bridge construction - Four Replacement - Six New Construction Rehabilitation - Eight Rehabilitation - Two One Reconstruction - Five Line painting, overlay, crushing Overlay, EK-35 application Rehabilitation - Three Various various 11 Structures Location New Bridges

Work Hwy 3 KM 243.8 Frank Channel Bridge Pre-engineering, Environmental and Design MVWR KM 691.4 Hodgson Creek Bridge Pre-engineering, Environmental and Design MVWR KM 1054.4 Oscar Creek Bridge Pre-engineering, design new foundation and access. MVWR KM 941.2 Great Bear River Bridge New Bridge

Location Bridge Rehabilitation HWY 1 KM 324.8 Trout River Bridge HWY 1 KM 411.2 Jean Marie River Bridge MVWR KM 784.1 Blackwater River Bridge HWY 7 various Five bridges Work Construction- repair concrete piers/abutments, strengthen steel, rehabilitate concrete bridge deck, etc Construction - repair concrete piers/abutments, strengthen steel truss and add floor beams, rehabilitate concrete bridge deck , etc Bridge rehabilitation- re-set/install guardrail, erosion repairs,

fill void below pile cap, add fill for approach settlements, and repair concrete deck edge beams Routine bridge rehabilitation and scour protection 12 Location Structures Culvert Replacement Work HWY 8 KM14.3 & 14.4 James Creek Replace 3 - 4.26m dia x 26m culverts HWY 8 KM 147 HWY 8 HWY 8 KM 195.3 HWY 8

Culvert replacement. 14m deep fill. Horizontally push new pipe adjacent to failing culvert. Replace 2 - 2.1m dia x 55m culverts HWY 8 244.7 Cabin Creek Replace 3.95m dia x 35m culvert HWY 8 KM 266.1 HWY 8 Culvert replacement. Horizontally push new pipe around failing culvert. Fort Good Hope Airport Road Replace 1.5m dia culvert Location Culvert Rehabilitation Work

HWY 1 KM 260.9 Axe Handle Creek Culvert Culvert rehab and fish passage restoration - engineering & design HWY 1 KM 277.5 Bouvier Creek Culverts (2) Culvert rehab and fish passage restoration - engineering & design 13 Surface Design and Construction HIGHWAY WORK Highway 1 Reconstruction Tendered and awarded Highway 3

Rehabilitation and resurfacing, drainage improvements and installation of culverts Highway 4 Reconstruction - (Tendered) Highway 7 Reconstruction Embankment and drainage improvements Highway 8 Reconstruction - Embankment widening, CSP culvert replacement Rae Access Road Embankment and drainage improvements Liard Access Road Embankment and drainage improvements Jean Marie River Access Road

Resurfacing MVWR Mount Gaudet Access Road Construction construction anticipated to commence in 2021 14 Surface Design and Construction Location O&M Work Chipseal Overlay for highways 200 kms KM 0 - 70 Highway 1 KM 124 - 164

Highway 3 Overlay Overlay KM 211 - 266 Highway 5 Overlay KM 66 - 90 Highway 6 Overlay KM 0 -12 Hay River Reserve Road Overlay Crushing at various pits

15 Surface Design and Construction Location 48th St and 49th Ave to Nova Hotel intersection Various O&M Work Calcium Various Gravel Road Sections Chloride Application Line Painting NWT Highways Yellowknife Pedestrian path paving Access Road Airports Runway overlay, EK 35 Application, material production

16 INFRASTRUCTURE Strategic Projects New Corridor Projects Infrastructure Strategic Projects Tlicho All Season Road (TASR) Mackenzie Valley Highway (MVH) Slave Geological Province Corridor (SGP) Talston Hydro Feasibility Study 18 Aim: To brief contractors on the to discuss the 2019/20 capital programme SERIAL TIME TOPIC OPI 1

0830 - 0835 Safety brief Stewart Gibson 2 8:35 - 9:00 Welcome, introductions, overview Kevin McLeod 3 9:00 - 9:20 Infrastructure Acquisition Plan 2019/20 Kevin McLeod 4 9:20 - 9:35 Transportation Infrastructure Acquisition Plan 2019/20

Binay Yadav 5 9:35 - 9:50 Coffee Sewart Gibson 6 9:50 - 10:10 NWT Housing Corp Scott Reid 7 10:10 - 10:30 MACA Questions/wrap-up Olivia Lee

8 10:30 - 11:30 Kevin McLeod 19 Questions? Binay Yadav Director Transportation Department of Infrastructure Contact: P 867 767-9086 ex 31105 F 867 873-0288 E [email protected] 20 GNWT Infrastructure Plan Summary/ Conclusion Questions

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