Customer Experience Excellence 3rd April 2014 What is

Customer Experience Excellence 3rd April 2014 What is

Customer Experience Excellence 3rd April 2014 What is Customer Experience? "The customer's perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier's employees, channels, systems, or products. Gartner 2014 2 UCLH Context Unclear vision, disjointed, multiple definitions

3rd year of Making A Difference Together Campaign Learning from Best in Class organisations characterised by excellence in customer experience Transformation Programme ICT vision - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 3 Where are we now MADT has delivered a lot

Values development and beginning to embed Frontline focus Staff environment lockers Pain raid and pilot Welcome pack But a 10-year programme so much more to do.

4 First contact How we appear to patients letter, phone call, on arrival Inaccessible and disjointed consolidation of contact centres Internal customer interface poor Lack of information to enable staff both front of house and back-office functions

Common complaint from patients attitude and behaviour of staff 5 Feedback Already learning from national surveys Real-time feedback collection but unclear use of feedback to drive improvements

Friends and Family Test is our approach sustainable A number of drivers for learning better Francis, Berwick, Clwyd Internal audits and reviews PALS and bereavement review Learning from complaints

Patient experience audit 6 The transformation challenge how do we remove all waste, duplication and error from our processes to ensure we remain one of the very safest hospitals in the NHS? ensure sustainability so that our clinical teams are able to deliver improvement both today and tomorrow? lead the way in technology as an enabler for clinical change?

make sure we have the skills and capacity to do this work as well as possible, from the Board itself to the frontline? truly devolve decision-making to as close to the frontline as possible? reward staff who take risks to radically improve services? create healthy surpluses so that we can build world class care facilities and continue to innovate over the next decade? make this an exciting proposition for staff?

7 Technology Technology solution to enable both external and internal customer experience excellence Significant investment needed Implementation will fail without process and people changes to support

8 Workforce Front of house staff important But unclear expectations for all staff Need to ensure customer experience is everyones business Learn from MHI/Disney approach

9 Learning from the best - Global 10 Best In Class Lessons Feedback: Listen to patients and staff (and to staff) more frequently, through more channels, react faster Focus on fixing or reinventing processes (transformation programme) Altering behaviours hardest to achieve but biggest impact set customer service standards

If you did nothing but steal ideas and implement them for the next 5 years you would be number one in the world 90% patients will have smartphone in 3yrs regardless of income 11 Discussion What should we do now? Any great examples? 12

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