Final Review Waving the Bloody Shirt Republicans reminding

Final Review Waving the Bloody Shirt  Republicans reminding

Final Review Waving the Bloody Shirt Republicans reminding voters of the treason of the Confederate Democrats during the Civil War 2

Credit Mobilier- fake company, attempted to avoid prosecution by bribing congress Grant- never directly connected to scandals 3

Politics in the 1890s Shaped by the most severe and extended economic depression up to that time 4

Supreme Court Interpreted the Constitution to favor corporations 5 1896 Election

Last time an attempt to win presidency with mostly agrarian votes would occur Main issue was free and unlimited coinage of silver 6

Mining Late 1850s- gold discovered in Colorado, Nevada and other states Boomtowns- ghost towns Surface gold gone quickly- corporations Facilitated RR Intensified Indian/white conflict Silver and gold enabled return to specie in 1879

7 Philippines Most controversial event associated with the SpanishAmerican War Imperialists wanted it for economic potential with China and rest of Asia.

Philippine-American war was a nationalist revolt in 1899 against American war. 8 Results of the S-A War

Resolved by the Treaty of Paris signed in Dec. 10, 1898 Cuba was freed but under US control because of the Platt Agreement

Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the United States Philippines were surrendered to the United States for a payment of $20 million

9 U.S. Involvement in Latin America Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba Left a legacy of ill will and distrust towards the U.S. 10

Progressives Felt more democracy would improve America Mainly middle class Womens Christian Temperance

Movement Leading Progressive organization for prohibition of liquor Teddy Roosevelt Elected in 1904- announced he would not

run in 1908 Used assault on trusts to prove that government, not big business ran America Enduring achievement- supporting the environment Progressive, but willing to compromise Teddy Roosevelt

Ran in 1912- believed Taft had abandoned TRs policies New Nationalism- broad program of social welfare and government regulation of business

1912 election Republican are split and Wilson wins Progressivism is the true winner Woodrow Wilson

First person born in the South elected President since the Civil War Governor of New Jerseypassionate reformer President of Princeton University Clayton Anti-Trust Act

Legalized strikes and peaceful picketing Zimmerman Telegram Attempt by Germany to have Mexico fight America

Would make it very difficult for the US to play a significant role in Europe Black Migration

Tens of thousands of blacks moved North during the warresulted in racial violence in the North 1920 Election Viewed as a solemn referendum on the Treaty of

Versailles by Wilson Prohibition Supported by the South and West

Supported by women's groups and business owners Volstead Act met most resistance in Eastern cities Assumed to be permanent Red Scare Fear of international Communism Lead to the Palmer Raids

Palmer Raids Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer Arrested 6,000 suspected Communists Albert Fall Hardings Secretary of Interior Involved in Teapot Dome Scandal- corrupt

handling of naval oil reserves Dawes Plan US Banker make loans to Germany Germany pays reparations to GB and France GB and France pay WWI loans to US US

Germany Great Britain + France Hoover and the Great Depression Offered federal assistance to businesses and banks, but

not individuals Glass-Steagall Act Created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to insure bank deposits FDR wanted to stimulate inflation with managed currency

Tennessee Valley Authority Tennessee Valley was a hundred years behind the rest of the US Improved Navigation, flood control and power from high dams Electrical Power- controversial aspect American Attitudes

1930s- most Americans wanted to retreat further into isolationism By mid-1930s- support for a constitutional amendment requiring a popular referendum to declare war By 1940- providing Great Britain with all aid short of war

Womens Roles in WW II Filled positions left by men heading to war Lead to day-care centers by the government D-Day Cross Channel invasion of Normandy, led by Eisenhower

Erwin Rommel- German in charge of defenses Servicemens Readjustment Act GI Bill Helped absorb millions of men back into the

workforces Allowed men to go to college, easily get home or business loans Marshall Plan Economic aid to Europe after WW II Offered to the Soviets and

Eastern bloc nations Thwarted Communist parties in Italy and France Suburban Growth Made easier by

Accessible home loans Highways Tax deductions for interest payments on mortgages White Flight from racial change Created an urban-suburban segregation of blacks and

whites in major metropolitan areas Joe McCarthy Claimed the state department was infiltrated by Communists Never directly challenged by Eisenhower State Department lost specialists that may

have been valuable concerning Vietnam New Look Foreign Policy Reliance on air power and nuclear weapons Deemphasized conventional army and navy Montgomery Bus Boycott Successful in keeping most African

Americans of the busses Led to the emergence of Martin Luther King Jr

Cuban Missile Crisis Soviet missiles were being placed in Cuba U.S. established a quarantine of Cuba Khrushchev backed down U.S. promised not to invade Cuba

1963 March on Washington Peaceful march- MLK Jrs I Have a Dream speech Demonstrated support for a civil rights bill to end segregation Great Society

LBJs domestic plan 4 Parts Healthcare Reform

Immigration Reform Educational Reform War on Poverty 1973 War Powers Act Passed during the Vietnam War, and Watergate. Gave a basis of how U.S. troops could enter

a war abroad. It prescribes procedures on consulting, reporting and terminating deployment of U.S. armed forces. Limited the President's ability to send US troops into combat Vietnamization Begins May

1969South Vietnamese Armys role increases U.S. Militarys role decreases We are tired of

carrying most of the load for the South Vietnamese! Gerald Ford Chosen to replace Agnew

Pardoned Nixon- very controversial Ronald Reagan Former actor- viewed as a Washington outsider Viewed big government as the foe of the common man Viewed the Soviet Union as the focus of evil in

the modern world Persian Gulf War International Coalition, led by the U.S. liberated Kuwait Saddam Hussein stayed in power Bill Clinton

Campaigned as a new liberal Distanced self from 1960s and 70s liberalism Enjoyed a tremendously prosperous economy Department of Homeland Security

to prevent terrorist attacks to reduce the countrys vulnerability to terrorism to create strategies to deal with the potential damages of a terrorist attack War in Iraq

Hussein removed from power Violent resistance to US from insurgents and foreign militants

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