Extending Moodle Across the Institution: Integration Strategies and

Extending Moodle Across the Institution: Integration Strategies and

Extending Moodle Across the Institution: Integration Strategies and Methods Academic Technology, San Francisco State University Andrew Roderick, Technology Development Manager Clifford Tham, MOODLE Developer Daniel Koepke, Software Developer Workshop Agenda

Introduction What Is Integration? Worldview Case Study Lecture Capture Integration in Practice

Open Discussion, Questions, Comments About Us San Francisco State 1,500 faculty and 30,000 students Commuter campus Moodle since 2007 Branded as iLearn; customized

Moodle 1.9.9 in Fall 2,400 courses Who Are You Your name Your institution Your role Why are you here? Favorite classic rock song?

Why Integrate? An Integrated World

Blackboard buys Elluminate, Wimba Moodlerooms releases Joule APIs now a selling point Key purchasing decision (will it integrate with my existing environment) Should I be integrating? is now What should I integrate?

Our Worldview Choose the best options for our users Build, buy, and/or download Focused is better than monolithic Experience, functionality matter most Is it nice to use? Does it do what people need it to do?

Design the Experience Understand your environment Think about the gestalt

Pick your pieces carefully Dont just choose whats available, easy Dont let technology dictate the choices Take control of your design! Do Not Want! Integration Wire together the pieces we have

Loose coupling Choose what to expose, what to hide Faades hide seams between systems Not all or nothing: might make it seamless for students, but show the software to faculty Integration with the LMS

Bring content and functionality into the learning context Courses Activities Not just about delivery of static content Expose contents functionality Expose content to LMSs functionality

How About A Case Study? Case Study CourseStream How it works Faculty presents lecture Lecture is processed into multiple formats (rich media (flash), video only, audio only) Faculty distributes content

Case Study CourseStream Workflow w/o Integration Faculty login to Echo360 system Copy links Distribute via email, web page Other options include rss, publisher plugins

Case Study CourseStream Integrate into LMS (Moodle) Users already using Simplify faculty workflow Hide multiple systems faculty dont need to know about Automate distribution Case Study CourseStream

Echo360s Moodle Publisher Plugin Publishes to Moodle Calendar Out of course context Out of facultys control Calendar may not be heavily used component Case Study CourseStream Integrate into Moodle

Put it further into context of the learning experience Give control back to faculty Allow faculty to integrate into teaching Focus on teaching and course design instead of technical details Case Study CourseStream SF States Echo360 / Moodle Integration

Resource Block Management Component Administrative Component Case Study CourseStream Use Case Place in topic w/ other resources Place all in one topic

Block, populating auto Block, by topic Reuse Case Study CourseStream Removed facultys necessity to acknowledge the existence of echo360 server Simplified Workflow

Still allowed faculty flexibility Faculty can focus on course design Design of Integration Resource Method of distributing content (PDFs, MP3, DOCs, Web Page, Text Page) Blocks Method of

delivery content, activities secondary to course materials Management Interface Method of distributing content (PDFs, MP3, DOCs, Web Page, Text Page) Resource

Seamlessly integrate lectures into course design using the Echo360 Resource Resource Integrate lectures into course design By topic/theme By chronology

By course materials Quizzes, Lectures, Assignments, etc Block Group several lecture captures together and present as one unit with the Echo360 block

Creating / Editing a Block Select format to distribute to students Choose the order in which lectures appear for students

Block Group Reuse / Repurpose Contextualize Managing Your Lectures View all the captured lectures available to your

Moodle course Managing Your Lectures View list of lectures available for use Rename lecture captures

View and manage the captures available for your Moodle course Preview lecture format without placing in course View lecture capture metadata

Managing Your Lectures Preview lecture without placing in course Lists lectures that are available for use

Rename captures View capture metadata Integration is like Watercolor Integration in Practice

What to integrate? How to integrate? Application readiness Moodle readiness What to Integrate? Prioritize real, known needs

Improve the things people already do Software people already use Why does it make sense In the LMS context? In your environment? To your users? What to integrate? Getting

Input. Needs assessments/task analysis Governance Usage/Impact

Applicability to teaching and learning tasks How to Integrate? Link to or embed Content, functionality, interactivity Many integrations will mix-and-match Faade for display, common functionality

Jump into application for more Where does it belong in Moodle? Resources, blocks, activities, etc. Application Readiness What does the application provide?

Application Programmers Interface (API) Syndication (Atom/RSS) IFRAME Link Authentication/authorization

Moodle Readiness Moodle provides most extensibility with Blocks Resources You may need to change core code to handle more advanced cases Moodle 2.0 changes things up

Repository API, more Taming Moodle Option 1 Limit changes to modules, blocks Avoid changes to core code, work around obstacles Option 2 Make wholesale changes to Moodle Re-architect many underlying structures

Best Option Minimize changes to core code, but change what is necessary for your campus Balance between changes to core code and foregoing usability, maintainability What to Turn Off in Moodle Integration examples

Available API or Custom (roll your own) SIS, Authentication, other institutional data Syndication Repository Application How Much Is Too Much? Issues to consider:

Interface Multiple integrations doing the same thing (ex: repository + library) Technical (scalability, performance) Security

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