Employment for people with disability High Growth Jobs,

Employment for people with disability High Growth Jobs,

Employment for people with disability High Growth Jobs, Talented Candidates Toni Wren plus facilitated Q and A with MAX Employment and ORS Group DEA National Conference, Brisbane, 7 September 2017 About Australian Network on Disability Founded in 2000, AND now serves >180 members from across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Together they employ 1.3 million Australians or approximately 11% of the workforce. Employers join AND to build their capacity to welcome people with disability as customers and employees. High Growth Jobs, Talented Candidates Overview The NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) engaged Social

Ventures Australia (SVA) and the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to build connections between talented candidates with disability and selected NSW businesses within the high employment growth industries of Knowledge, Health and Social Assistance and Food and Accommodation. SVA undertook research to determine the high growth industries and is providing technical support and undertaking the evaluation. AND worked directly with employers to engage and equip them and to broker candidates into jobs via employment and training providers, including its own Stepping Into program for undergraduates with disability. Aimed to change practice and build accessibility of employers across their business; show a demand-led model gets a better match and stronger outcomes for employers and candidates, and for DES providers to become an ongoing source of recruitment beyond the project.

Project ran July 2015-August 2017 (employer engagement commenced September 2015). AND approach: Engage, Equip and Deliver to employers Demand-led principles, starts with employer and works backwards to prepare and match job seekers to the job. Using a dual customer focus Employers Job seekers High Growth Jobs Talented Candidates Model Engage and Understand Employer needs Understand and develop their business case/drivers

Apply Access and Inclusion Index to understand gaps Understand NSW operations, workforce needs now & future Identify job roles, training needs, location, time frame Gain senior leadership commitment plus that of hiring decision-maker/s. 5 Equip employers Provide intensive, tailored support to build disability confidence internally review of recruitment, premises;

workforce adjustment policy & procedures; HR & manager training. Engage and Equip service providers Develop preemployment training based on employer needs. Agree quality standards, clarify support roles, time. Deliver & Review Operate a demand-led brokerage with select roles & sites which: Delivers pre-employment training, internships, work experience as required

Facilitates workplace adjustments Provides work ready candidates with high level employability skills Offers post placement support to employers and candidates Undertakes Access and Inclusion Review (comprehensive) High Growth Jobs,Talented Candidates Employers Eight employers (nationally they employ ~57,000 Australians) engaged and participating: Health and Social Assistance (Australian Unity, Uniting, Life Without Barriers)

Knowledge (Fujitsu, Infosys and IAG) Food and Accommodation Services (Compass Group and Accor Hotels) Employer outcomes Eight large and growing employers are now committed to hiring people with disability and are well on the way to transforming their practices to make this a reality: 6 of the 8 are re-designing their standard recruitment practices to ensure they are accessible, this includes reconfiguring online software to allow applicants to request an adjustment or alternative form of communication, redesigning online job application forms and specifically welcoming people with disability within their diversity statements and career pages on their websites. 4 of the 8 have developed a workplace adjustment policy and associated procedures and 1 has significantly updated their existing policy. Applicants, new recruits and existing employees who acquire disability will be able to access and retain employment as their adjustments are captured and implemented. Reviewing premises to identify accessibility improvements for four employers.

All employers are continuing to request more people with disability through HJGTC and one (Life Without Barriers) has set a national target that 10% of all new recruits will be people with disability by December 2018. The confidence to set the target is because of the work associated with HGJTC. 7 Equip in action Over 300 site managers and HR/Recruitment staff undertook AND Disability Confidence Training before recruitment commenced at the 8 employers 8 - Deliver in action Beyond PDs on site job analysis

with managers to deeply understand inherent requirements, their ideal candidates Short pre-employment training tailored to employer and role including on site employer briefing and walk through Recruitment process accommodates workplace adjustments but as close as possible to employer BAU 9 -

Provider engagement and outcomes Once connected to an equipped and engaged employer, employment service providers have proven to be extremely responsive to their needs, constructively participated in the co-design and delivery of pre-employment training, and provided a high standard of selection, matching, onboarding and post-placement support. However, where the demand-led brokerage model has not been followed, for example where have been gaps in disability confidence training with employers (due to unavailability of staff or changes in personnel) and explicit conversations around the need to look beyond employment gaps have not been had, interview and selection processes have been less successful. Minimum benchmark hours have sometimes not been met, due to the shift away from permanent to contract or casual, low minimum hours requirements by employers, particularly for care work and food and accommodation

services. This trend in care work is likely to increase as the NDIS and aged care reforms are implemented and providers maximise flexibility of their workforce due to uncertainties in forecasting service demands. 10 Deliver The demand-led model and associated investment to deeply understand an employers business and the job role is paying off: candidates are highly motivated by the promise of a real job; providers are able to select candidates who understand and can perform the role and have a high probability of being a good match;

short pre-employment training which is co-designed and delivered by employers helps build skills directly relevant for the role and interview and selection process; employers are adjusting their hiring practices to meet the needs of people with disability; people with disability are proving to be a great match for employers and retention is close to 80% with 42 people into roles across the 8 employers. Managers and new employers Compass Group key account manager Steven Horner: "We interviewed everyone differently. Some of the candidates didn't feel comfortable in a formal situation so I took them for a walk around the block," he said. "It is about adapting and changing the way you do

things." Compass Group has employed 11 people to work at Westpac, Taronga Zoo and Riverview College. Teremoana Tangata: "When I'm at work I don't have to hide my disability, I can be myself. 12 Beyond HGJTC A model which has been documented and evaluated learnings along the way, final evaluation September 2017 Employers as advocates for candidates with disability backed by their own positive experiences and outcomes DES providers as ongoing recruitment partners For more, contact [email protected] Facilitated Q and A with Erin Carey, MAX Employment and Rod Dever, ORS Group

What's different about the approach for providers? What worked well? Challenges? Would you do more of this if given the chance? How could it work for DES 2018? 14

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