Steyning C of E Primary School Creating a

Steyning C of E Primary School Creating a

Steyning C of E Primary School Creating a Brighter Future Address: Shooting Field Steyning West Sussex BN443RQ Telephone: 01903 813420 FAX: 01903 816452 EMAIL: [email protected] Head Teacher: WEBSITE: Assistant Head Teacher for Teaching and Learning: Jen Griffin www.steyningprimary. Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion: Sue Harrison MA, NPQH, BEd (Hons) Ben Patterson Awards Achieved: ITT Partner School Staffing Structure September 2017 Headteacher Sue Harrison SL Assistant T

Headteacher School Business Manager INCLUSION Ben Patterson Debbie Taylor LEADER OF EARLY YEARS Ann-Marie Allen LEADER OF KS1 Katy Harrison Beckie Gasson YR Sarah Collins/Clar e Shipp Y2 Rabbits Hedgehog s Owls Woodpeckers Liz Brockwell Y1 Squirrels Sophie HammonCole Y1 (NQT) SMT LEADER OF Y3 and Y4

Cara Croke Frogs Louise Vickers Y3 Foxes SL T Assistant Headteacher TEACHING & LEARNING Jen Griffin LEADER OF Y5 and Y6 Tom Newling Muntjacs Moles Peter Carter Y4 (NQT) Adders Emily Scozzi Y4 Badgers Olivia BengtsonGear Y6 Stoats Simon Knowles SPORTS and PE COACH Lizzie MessinaReeve Y6 Buzzards Clare Doyle/ Hannah Riley

Mark Sylvester Robins Greer Williams/ Laura Hutchings Y5 Butterflies Premises Manager LEADER OF ROBINS (SSC) Val Anderson INTERVENTION SUPPORT TEACHERS Stoats & Buzzards Sarah Pargeter MUSIC TEACHER Support Staff Structure September 2017 HLTA HLTA KEY STAGE 1 KEY STAGE 2 Jacqui Gould Debbie Minter TA Tracey Brooks TA Kim Shaw

TA Sue Farrant TA Melanie Ryder ROBINS TA Diane Afhim TA Lou Coleman LUNCH TIME SUPERVISO RS TA Sarah Liddiard Manager: TA Teresa MillerSarahs TA Michelle Bransbury TA Sally Murray TA Thomas Doolan TA Jayne Aldridge TA Ellie Yurtsever TA Jane Spano TA Claire

Ridley TA Amy Martin ROBINS TA Claire Funnell Katie Herbert ROBINS TA Ellie May Childrens Mentor Childrens Mentor Debbie Doolan School Counsellor Tanya Mitchell Christine Freemantle Welfare Officer Helen Pearce Secretary/ Administrat or Lucie Martin SUPERVISO RS Gail Awcock Donna Bennett Jane Judge Sarah Kennedy Kay Northcott Lucy Poole Chris Read Claire Ridley Rebecca Stevens Tuti Young

Receptionist / Administrat or Harriet Finance Robinson Administrat or Becky Stevens School Aims and Principles Creating a Brighter Future Our school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils. Steyning Primary School is a dynamic learning environment, continually striving for improvement. It is an inclusive school. For all children to be safe, healthy and happy To provide a warm, friendly, caring and purposeful environment To value all children as individuals For all children to be given the opportunity to develop mentally, physically, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually To provide a broad and balanced curriculum To value the role of parents and carers and respond to their views and concerns

To support and challenge all pupils to achieve the highest possible academic standards For all staff members to be given the opportunity to continue their professional development To provide a stimulating, colourful, tidy learning environment that celebrates childrens achievements To make school fun To develop childrens selfesteem, selfconfidence, selfrespect and selfdiscipline Our School Uniform All children are to wear school uniform. Shoes: comfortable and practical. (Not trainers, boots, high-heels or open-toed sandals). Boys: Black trousers or shorts White polo shirt or shirt Royal blue sweatshirt Girls: Black skirt, pinafore dress or tailored trousers White blouse or polo shirt Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan Blue and white checked dress as a summer option. Physical Education Please note that the correct clothing should be worn for games and P.E. T-shirt of their team colour Sweatshirt of their team colour (optional) Black shorts Plimsolls (Trainers can be worn when on the field) PE kit should be brought to school in a drawstring bag as there is limited space in the cloakrooms. Tracksuit trousers may be worn in the cold weather. All childrens clothes and kit must

be named. If any school uniform is lost providing it is named it will be returned to its owner. Unnamed uniform is kept for a while and then recycled at the beginning of each half term. School Uniform can be purchased from First4Uniform, 32 North Road, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 9AB, or you can use their website Should you wish to email them then it is [email protected] A Church of England School Steyning C of E Primary School is a Church of England controlled school. It enjoys a close relationship with the Parish Church of St. Andrew and St. Cuthman in Steyning. Reverend Mark Heather is the vicar at the church and he generously gives his time visit the school throughout the year. We also have visits from other faith leaders. One Church Warden is a member of the governing body and together with the foundation governors, they ensure that the parish links are maintained. Religious Education The agreed West Sussex syllabus is followed at Steyning Primary School, through a scheme entitled Understanding Christianity. Although its primary focus is on Christianity, it also teaches the children about the main religions in the world and provides opportunities for philosophical as well as religious issues to be discussed. All faiths are valued and respected in our school. Reverend Mark Heather Assemblies and Acts of Worship Assemblies are held daily and include the collective act of worship. Monday morning assembly is led by the Head Teacher and focuses on a message from the Bible. It is a chance for the whole school to come together to reflect on the week ahead. The Friday assembly is led by a class, followed by the presentation of awards to the children. These include those they have gained outside school, if the child wants to celebrate their achievements in this way. Reception children begin the year with assembly in their classroom, joining the rest of the school when it is deemed appropriate. Admission Arrangements Childrens admission to Steyning CofE Primary School is dealt with by West Sussex County Council and detailed information is provided on the website at Select the relevant tab: If starting school in September

You can then download this booklet which contains all the information you need. If the number of applications is within the admission limit, places are normally offered to all who apply. When there are more applications than the admission limit, places are normally allocated in order of priority stated by West Sussex County Council: Starting School Allocation: Any child with a statement of special educational needs or EHCP naming the school will automatically be admitted to that school, under section 324 of the Education Act 1996. 1. Looked after children (children in public care), children who were previously looked after who leave care under a special guardianship or residence order. See page 6 for further details. Evidence must be provided; 2. Children who need a place at the school on exceptional and compelling social, psychological or medical grounds. Evidence must be provided; 3. Children who live in the catchment area with brothers or sisters already at the school or who will be attending the linked junior school in September 2017; 4. Other children who live in the catchment area; 5. Children who live outside the catchment area with brothers or sisters already at the school or who will be attending the linked junior school in September 2017; 6. Other children who live outside the catchment area. Timings of the School Day It is very important that children are at school. If your child is ill then you must contact the school office on 01903 813420 by 09:30 at the latest. Absence for Your child must be in school by 08:45 any other reason is discouraged. Generally childrens absence for other reasons will not be authorised, unless in exceptional circumstances which have been agreed with the Head Teacher. Please note that holidays taken during term time are recorded as unauthorised. Regular lateness is incredibly disruptive to a childs learning and is therefore closely monitored. Please note that children who arrive after the register has closed at 09:30, will be marked with an unauthorised absence.

Timings (excluding Reception): Gates open at 8:35 Bell rings for start of day at 8:45 Gate closes at 8:50 N.B. Any child arriving after 8:50 will be marked as late and should report to the school office. Reception Y1 Y2 Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6 8:50 Gates Open 8:35 Gates Open 8:35 Gates Open 8:35 Gates Open 8:50 Arrive 8:45 Arrive 8:45 Arrive 8:45 Arrive 9.55-10.10 Break 9.55-10.10 Break 9.55-10.10 Break 12:20-13:20 Lunch 12:30 13.20 Lunch 12:30 13.20 Lunch 14:20 14:35 Break 14:20 14:35 Break 12:10 13.10 Lunch 15:15 End of Day

15:20 End of Day 15:20 End of Day N.B. The Early Years curriculum allows plenty of opportunity for self initiated learning, through Explore and Discover. Children are also able to choose when to have their snack. The Curriculum At Steyning CofE Primary School we believe that curiosity and creativity are central to effective learning and endeavour to provide irresistible experiences which inspire and motivate the children and encourage them to engage fully as partners in the learning process. Whilst Literacy and Numeracy form the gateways to learning in all subjects, we believe that they are brought to life by the other subjects and are therefore interlinked. With this in mind we organise curriculum content around exciting topics which give the children a context for their learning. To find out detailed information about your childs curriculum, please see their year groups curriculum booklet. These can be found on the website. (Welcome to Year X Information to Parents) Music, Sport and Modern Foreign Languages At Steyning Primary School, these subjects are taught by very dedicated specilaists. All children, from Reception to Y6 benefit from this. Throughout the year we participate in as many sporting competitions and tournaments as possible and our wide range of trophies demonstrates our success. We are also involved in many exciting musical events, such as Young Voices at the O2 in London, the Chanctonbury Music Festival and in-house productions. Every child in school learns French, ensuring that they progress in the language from Reception to Y6 and are ready to explore new languages at secondary school. Relationships and Sex Education Our curriculum aims to provide children with age-appropriate knowledge of healthy relationships and their bodies so that they can live happy lives and view themselves positively. In KS1 and lower KS2 children learn about how amazing their bodies are and how they grow and change. Alongside this, they explore what it means to be a family and how to maintain positive friendships. In upper KS2, children learn about puberty and how a

baby is made, in order that they are ready for and understand the changes their bodies will go through. They also explore issues surrounding body image and how to resist peer pressure. Underpinning all of the learning are the principles of self and mutual-respect, acceptance of diversity and love. We aim to create a trusting, sensitive and safe environment, in which children can ask and respond to questions without fear of being judged. Anti-bullying Policy It must be emphasised that the majority of children at Steyning CofE Primary School are well-behaved, thoughtful and considerate. However, as with any school, there is the occasional problem with bullying. These occurrences are always dealt swiftly, with parental improvement if necessary. For detailed information, please read our Anti-bullying Policy on the school website: Behaviour Our detailed behaviour policy can be found on the school website. It is based around nine Golden Rules which were written by everyone, together as a school community. In every class a behaviour chart is displayed (see below). Children are able to move both ways along this chart according to the choices they make throughout the day. Everyone starts a new day afresh on Ready to Learn Very occasionally, a more serious incident may occur. For detailed information about sanctions in such cases, please read our Behaviour Policy. Special Educational Needs The SEND Information Report can be found on our school website. It contains answers to all the following questions: Special Support Centre The Special Support Centre is called Robins. It is for children with Speech, Language and Communication needs and provides support for a maximum of nine children of primary school age. Each child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and places are allocated by West Sussex County Council. The children in Robins are fully integrated into the mainstream school, usually supported by staff from Robins.

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