Rep Training Click toCourse edit Master title style

Rep Training Click toCourse edit Master title style

Rep Training Click toCourse edit Master title style Representing Your Academic Interests Welcome Georgia Vice President Education [email protected]

Your School Rep and College Officer Bethany Allen Student Voice Manager

Liz Smy Representation & Governance Coordinator [email protected] 2 Your Team

3 School Staff & Structures Programme Leaders Student Engagement Leads School Directors of Teaching & Learning Rep Successes How do you think you can make change?

4 Subject Committee Meetings School Reps: setting the agenda and Co-Chairing Equal voice and leading All opinions, based on evidence from students Coursemate! Making change and completing the feedback loop

to your students 5 Dont forget Positive feedback too Apologies is you cannot attend Informal ways of raising feedback 6

Coursemate Helps you gather and record feedback Keeps students in the loop with progress made Helps make positive changes 7 Rep Objectives School Reps: Plans & focuses for the

year Course Reps: How do I fit in to this? What do you want to achieve? VP Educations plans 8 University & HE Issues

S S N ASM 9 Communication Forming Student Opinion

Students on your Course These could be:

International Mature Return to Study Disabled Students EU Students And much more in between

When you are making a decision or offering an opinion which you know is in the best interest off all students on your course Explain to your peers why you made specific a decision or gave a specific opinion, and support them in seeing it was the best option Gathering Student Opinion

When you arent certain all your students will have the same opinion on a topic/issue If you have been asked to find out the broad student opinion on something specific Use your student networks, lecture shouts, social media, focus groups, surveys, etc. Gathering the student voice to use as evidence will make what you say stronger and more credible

Tell Students What You Have Done To Represent Their Academic Interests 10 Social Media 11 Data Protection GDPR module

Confidentiality If In Doubt Ask! 12 Being Part Of Your SU Academic Representation run as a partnership between the SU & Uni

You are the Students Union Reps do a lot of great work Promoting the SU and University Being part of the aims of both 13 Making You More Employable! As a Rep, you will develop a range of really beneficial skills How can you use them as a student, or as an employee?

How can you show you have the relevant skills, in applications and interviews? [email protected] 14 Keeping Track Of Your Skills Skills Log

Star rating for your skills 15 16 17 18 19

Your SU Advice team! Sophie, Advice Centre Manager Charlotte, Assistant Advice Centre Manager 20

Who We Are Our Values Independent Confidential Impartial Professional

Approachable Empowering 21 How can we help ULSU members?

Academic Finance Accommodation Welfare Advice, support, guidance, representation, referrals & signposting

22 How can we support you in your role? We will signpost to Course Rep and other Student Voice options 23 When to refer to our service

Academic Complaints, Representation at Formal Meetings, Extenuating Circumstances, Attendance, Academic Offences, Conduct and Disciplinary, Grade Reviews and Appeals Finance Financial Hardship, Other Funding Options, SFE

Housing Contract rights, Breaking contract, Housemate Issues Welfare Concerns for welfare/Safeguarding 24 Academic

You should signpost or refer to our service when: A case relates to the University General Regulations (formal representation) A case relates to individual representation rather than group representation A student is experiencing academic issues that are not related to an informal course complaint 25

Welfare - Safeguarding A risk to oneself or another The SU has a Safeguarding Policy which covers all ULSU members Reporting a concern Safeguarding Officer is Sophie 26 Tip of the iceberg Im struggling to complete my

assignment on time Because Personal difficulties Housemate Issues Worried about finances 27 Weekday drop-in, 12-2pm Opposite the library

Call, e-mail, pop in to book appointment 28

Contact us: [email protected] 01522 837 000 12-2pm drop-in 29 Hoodies available at SU reception NOW! 11

This session counts as a Chosen Activity for the Lincoln Award, we can sign this off for you 30 Any Questions? 31

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