By Jaylan Ford What is Infinite Campus? Infinite

By Jaylan Ford What is Infinite Campus? Infinite

By Jaylan Ford What is Infinite Campus? Infinite Campus is an online program in which teachers can upload student grades. It is also used by parents and students to check students grades. Parents can also send messages

to the students teachers. To get on Infinite Campus you need to go to your school or child's school webpage. 1. When you get to the Barren County School District homepage

click parents. 2. After clicking on parents click the button that says Campus Portal The first time you log in your User Name will be your library/student

I.D. number. Your password for the first time will be your date of birth for example if you were born on March 6,1997 your password would be 030697. After you log in it will ask you to change your password (make it something you can remember!).

3. After clicking on Campus Portal you will come to a log in page. Enter the students User Name and Password. User Name and Password are

handed out in homeroom. 4. After typing in your User Name and Password click on schedule to check your grades.

5. If you want to check grades click on the subject. For example, if you want to check the Language Arts grade you would click on

English/L.A. 6.To see your overall grade you look at the 9 week grade and follow the color codes. 7. To send a message to your child's

teacher you would click on the button that looks like an envelope. 8. When you click on the

envelope a box will appear where you can type the message. Questions???? If you have any questions with Infinite Campus contact Ms. Vicki Weaver, Barren

County Board of Education, [email protected] If your password doesnt work you can also e-mail her your name, username and she will reset it. Now you know the basics of Infinite Campus you are soon to become a true

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