MFR LDTA Office Overview Finance Office - 3

MFR LDTA Office Overview  Finance Office - 3

MFR LDTA Office Overview Finance Office - 3 phase transition Routing List (RL) & Profile default RL must change Main topics of this lesson include: Identify available resources Identify ODTA responsibilities Manage organizations DTS Permissions Regulations new MCO

3 Phases published in TAN Started 3 Jan 2014 and must be complete by 31 May 2014 DTS will back up phase three initial actions to mid-April Grouped by MSC (mostly) Exceptions: Med Bn followed Tank BN to CLNC ISB Companies followed HQs to Quan

5 Finance Offices - Based on work load & manpower - DIVISION > Camp Lejeune FHG > San Diego WING > Camp Pendleton & CLR-4

MLG > Parris Island MFR Staff/HQ > Quantico TraX AO/RO Training(COL) & Program & Policies Travel Policies Organizational Defense Travel Administrator Responsible for daily administration of DTS at

organizational level Primary point of contact for subordinate organizations Marine or DOD civilian; not a contractor Appointed by commander using DD Form 577 COL & Travel Policies Training Next MCO, expect additional paperwork, to be and ODTA and in the routing list (either from MFR Commander or first O-6 in your chain of command) Training Requirements Training shall be completed within 3 months

of appointment and annually Annual refresher must be USMC DTS Curriculum except AOs, who can use USMC DTS Curriculum or Travel Policies, on TraX Travelers can use DTS 101 on TraX or USMC DTS Curriculum 12 December 2012 13

Training Requirements ODTA: ODTA, Travel Regulations, AO AO: AO, Travel Regulations, COL AO refresher can be USMC DTS AO Training or Travel Policies training on TraX Routing Official: Travel Regulations & encourage COL Traveler: DTS Traveler or DTS Travel Documents (DTS 101) on TraX 12 December 2012

14 ODTAs Responsibilities Ensure organization information is up-to-date in DTA Maintenance Tool Conduct profile and routing list maintenance Routing lists shall contain more than one official at each level 12 December 2012

15 Permission Levels Level Permissions Allows User to: 0 Create travel documents and standard reports

1 View budget information; view LOAs; access the DTA maintenance tool and reports 2 Route and Review module; change default stamp when signing documents; provided to AOs and ROs

3 Edit budget information; request budget reports; view and edit EFT information for travelers permanent profile 4 Access to the Centrally Billed Account (CBA) module 5

Access the DTA maintenance tool to create, view, edit, delete organizations, routing lists, groups, and personnel 12 December 2012 16 Permission Levels Level 6

Permissions Allows User to: Headquarters, base, or site to manage DTS-related financial Organization Allows the user to maintain resources for organizations in the DTA Maintenance Tool Group 12 December 2012 Allows the user to view, create, and edit travel

documents for others; every traveler must belong to at least one group 17 Roles and Permissions Role Permission Level (s) LDTA

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Organization and Group, Approval Override, DMM, SAO, NDEA (T-Entered) ODTA 0, 1, 5; T-Entered; Organization and Group access FDTA 0, 1, 2, 3, 6; Organization and Group access

AO, RO 0, 1, 2; Organization and Group access NDEA 0, 2; NDEA (T-Entered); Group access SAO

0; Self-AO Approval RO 0, 1, 2; Organization and Group access PPR 0; Organization and Group access DMM

0, 6; DMM; Organization and Group access 12 December 2012 18 Permissions, Roles Organization and Group access allows: Access to Personally Identifiable Information Must be appointed in DTS as accountable position

As a result, personnel not properly appointed shall not have group or organization access 12 December 2012 19 DTA Maintenance Tool 12 December 2012

20 Detach, Receive Travelers All personnel check in/out ODTA Ensure detached using DTA Maintenance Tool Do not detach if document in progress (DUE US, Due Process Served or Pay Collection status, contact the DMM) When a profile is detached, the following roles stay with the person and must be de-selected to prevent the role

from automatically following the person to their next location: NDEA SAO Approval Override 12 December 2012 21 Receiving Travelers In the DTA Maintenance Tool:

Enter Travelers SSN and Receiving Organization Name, then select Search 12 December 2012 22 Detaching Travelers Click Detach next to the traveler 12 December 2012

23 Create a Routing List Select Routing Lists 12 December 2012 24 DTA - People

12 December 2012 25 Reports Reports smooth out DTS management: Prevent delays Ensure documents are timely processed Organization access required

Complete search criteria screen 12 December 2012 26 Reports DTS Report Scheduler: Creates reports on DTS travel documents Be specific for focused report Generates reports at scheduled time

Notifies requestor by email when complete Retrieve from DTS website Maintain reports for current plus previous year 12 December 2012 27 Reports DTS Report Scheduler: Click on Reports tab, Request New Report

12 December 2012 28 Reports DTS Report Scheduler: Select link for report Complete search criteria Select Submit

12 December 2012 29 Reports Run these reports through DTS Report Scheduler: Routing Status Report - weekly Unsubmitted Voucher Report - weekly Depart Status Report weekly, end of week Complete Traveler Information List - monthly

12 December 2012 30 Reports Run these reports: Complete Traveler Information List quarterly Government Charge Card Data Settings table: Cardholder

Non-Cardholder Yes No Advanced Authorization Card Holder Advance Auth, Full

Advance, or No Advance Mandatory Use of GOVCC Non-Exempt Exempt Govt Charge Card Holder 12 December 2012

31 Role of the AO Determines when travel is mission essential Authorizes travel, authorizes funds to be obligated, approves travel expenses Ensures vouchers completed within 5 days Personally and financially liable because obligates funds and certifies payments (SPP and Adv only; vouchers approved @ Finanace)

SNCO or civilian GS-7 or above 12 December 2012 33 Teleconference Statement To add Teleconference Statement: While in DTS Authorization, click on Other Authorizations tab in menu bar, top of page 12 December 2012

34 Teleconference Statement When screen opens, scroll down, find OTHER block and click on it Scroll down to bottom of page and type in box 12 December 2012 35

Questions? Wheres my document Chain of Command IDT local vouchers

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