By Tiffany Albertson -magnetic levitation. Maglev trains A

By Tiffany Albertson -magnetic levitation. Maglev trains  A

By Tiffany Albertson -magnetic levitation. Maglev trains A few countries are using powerful electromagnets to develop highspeed trains, called maglev trains. Traveling at speeds of up to 310 mph (500 kph), maglev

trains could begin connecting distant cities in a few years. How it works. A maglev train floats about 10mm above the guide way on a magnetic field. It is propelled by the guide way itself rather than

an onboard engine by changing magnetic fields. How it works cont Once the train is The Electropulled into the magnets run the next section the length of the magnetism guide way. switches so that

the train is pulled on again. Advantages? Well it sounds high-tech, a floating train, they do offer certain benefits over conventional steel rail on steel wheel railways. The primary

advantage is maintenance. Advantages? Cont Because the train floats along there is no contact with the ground and therefore no need for any moving parts. As a result there are no components

that would wear out. Advantages? Cont In theory, this The second means, trains advantage is and track would that because need no maglev trains maintenance at float, there is all. no

friction. Note that there is still air resistance. Advantages? Cont A third advantage is less noise. Because there are no wheels running along there is no wheel noise. However noise

due to air disturbance still occurs while the train is in motion. Advantages? Cont The final advantage is speed. As a result of the three previous listed it is more viable for maglev trains to travel extremely fast

i.e. 500km/h or 300mph. Although this is possible with conventional rail it is not economically viable. Advantages? Cont Ah-ha tricked ya! E.g. after stations There is one more and going uphill, advantage. Which would mean

a maglev could get Another up to 300kmh advantage is that (186mph) in only the guide way can 5km where be made a lot currently takes thicker in places. 18km. Advantages? Cont O.k I mean it now Also greater this was the last

gradients would one. be applicable. The end

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