RobertsRulersof Order The Chair Preside and Maintain Order

RobertsRulersof Order The Chair  Preside and Maintain Order

RobertsRulersof Order The Chair Preside and Maintain Order Understand Bylaws & Procedures of Council Decide Questions of Order Announce all Business Recognize Members for Debate & Discussion Refrain from Discussion and Vote (unless a tie occurs) on a Motion

Remain Fair and Impartial The Agenda Normal Order of Business Determined by the Chair 2/3 vote to alter Can specify time frames

Includes time for minutes, standing committee reports, special committee reports, special orders, old business, new business, announcements and adjournment. Quorum Half + 1 (Simple Majority) Needed for all Official Business Meeting can begin without a

Quorum present, but no motions or votes may be taken, except to adjourn Chairperson responsible for recognizing Quorum or absence of Quorum Current Quorum need for Council is 17 Members The Question A motion is a Question to the body A body may only consider

one primary question at a time Usually require a second o o o o o o Minutes Committee Reports Call for Orders (Proceed to Agenda)

Raise a Question of Privilege Point of Order Withdraw a Motion The Question No other business can be considered until the Primary Motion has been disposed of (pass, defeat, refer, withdrawn, etc.) However, other motions can be made that affect the content, debate, or

direction of a Primary Motion. Moving a Question I second the motion to. The Question I move to. Moving a Question OUT OF


PRIMARY QUESTION PRIMARY QUESTION Amending the Amendment MOTION TO AMEND THE AMENDMENT o No more amendments may be offered to the

amendment. o A second is needed. o Members should only discuss amendment to the amendment. Discussion on the amendment and the original motion will follow a vote on the amendment to the amendment. o The QUESTION being asked is whether the body agrees to CHANGE the AMENDMENT that was already offered. o The vote on this QUESTION only deals with the ORIGINAL MOTION


AMEND MOTION TO AMEND THE AMENDMENT PRIMARY QUESTION The Question Members have several options available to them regarding each question that is posed to them. o

o o o o Vote on the Question Table the Question Postpone the Question Object to Consideration of Question Divide the Question Discussion Roberts Rules state that

members should only speak to a question once. A question or suggestion doesnt count as speaking. Not every motion is subject to discussion. o o o o o o

Call the Question Table the Motion Motion to Recess or Adjourn Object to Consideration Divide the Question Suspend the Rules Motions with NO Debate Object to Consideration Avoid the motion altogether. (2/3 vote) Call the Question - End

debate on the motion under consideration. (2/3 vote) Lay the Motion on the Table To postpone consideration of the question until another time. (Simple Majority) Motions with NO Debate Suspend the Rules Council Bylaws require vote of

Council to temporarily suspend Bylaws. Recess / Adjourn Each motion is not up for debate except that a Motion to Recess can be Amended. Call for Division Questions the Chairs interpretation of the Vote, requires votes to be counted. Vote All members have a duty to

vote. Members should only abstain for specific reasons. A member seeking to be excused from a vote must do so before a Roll Call vote is taken. A member can vote against their own motion, but cannot speak against their own motion. Vote

Most majorities are determined by the number of members present, so long as a quorum is present. Votes requiring a 2/3 majority would be based on number of members present under a quorum. Council Bylaws can only be suspended by majority of all Council members, present or not (24 Votes).

Vote A tie vote will defeat a motion. Chair has options under a tie: o Refrain from voting, allowing motion to be defeated. o Chair can vote nay to force a tie and defeat a motion. o Chair can vote aye, allowing motion to succeed. Questions?

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