Class of 2017 Parent & Student Information Night

Class of 2017 Parent & Student Information Night

Class of 2017 Parent & Student Information Night High School Graduation Rule from GA Department of Education for students entering 9th grade in 2008 - 2009 or later: 23 total units required for all students: 4 units of English Language Arts required for all students 4 units of Mathematics required for all students 4 units of Science required for all students (the 4th science unit may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements) 3 units of Social Studies required for all students, all courses are specifically identified 1 unit of Health and Physical Education required for all students; 3 units of JROTC may be used to meet the requirement A total of 3 units required from: CTAE and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts for all

students (students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take two units of the same foreign language). 4 additional elective units for all students. Subject Unit-Required English/LA Math FOUR YEAR PLAN GRID 9th Grade

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade 4 9th Grade Lit/Comp 10th Grade Lit/Comp American Lit/Comp or AP

LanguageH British Lit/Comp or AP LiteratureH 4 Coord. Algebra or Accel. Coord. Alg/Geo A or Accel. Geo B/Adv. Algebra Analytic Geometry, or Accel. Geo B/Adv. Algebra, or

AP StatisticsH Advanced AlgebraH or Accel. Pre-CalculusH Biology ChemistryH, or Env. Science, or Earth Systems PhysicsH or Physical Science

World History or AP World History U.S. History or AP US HistoryH Pre-CalculusH or AP CalculusH or AP StatisticsH AMDM/STATS AP ScienceH, Env. Science, Earth Systems, ChemistryH, Human

AnatomyH, Science 4 Social Studies 3 Health/PE 1

CTAE/Foreign Language/Fine Arts 3 Courses including at least 2 years of Foreign Lang*, and/or Fine Arts, and/or CTAE Advanced Foreign Language classes count for HOPE rigor criteria (i.e. Spanish II and beyond, French II and beyond, German II and beyond) Electives 4 Classes of choice including possibilities for additional academic courses**

Total Units 23 Am Gov. (1 sem) or AP GovH (year) and Econ (1 sem) Health and Personal Fitness 7 7

7 7 *Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take a minimum of two units of the same Foreign Language **Additional academic courses may include: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, etc. Courses meeting the HOPE Rigor requirement are denoted with an H August- September -Meet with your Counselor for graduation purposes. -Visit colleges that interest you the most. -Study and Register for the ACT and/or

SAT. -Meet with college representatives visiting your school. - Begin gathering info for FAFSA!! Senior timeline March- April October-November -Continue gathering the info needed for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at -Submit your completed FAFSA as soon after

October 1 as possible. -Watch the mail for acceptance letters and financial aid award letters. -Choose a school and send in a deposit by the deadline. Notify other schools that you will not be attending them. - Use 2015 Tax Return October-November -Study/ Take the SAT or ACT exams if necessary. -Work on admissions applications essays.

-Visit your top school choices. -Continue to seek and apply for scholarship awards. -Complete your college applications. December-January May -Request Mid-year transcripts --Continue working on college applications -and applying for scholarships -Take AP examination

Celebrate your high school graduation - For more info, go to Which college/technical school is right for me? Considerations Size of student body Location Academic programs Campus life Diversity

Retention/graduation rates Public vs. Private Cost (Cost of attendance, not just tuition) Safety 4-YEAR, 2-YEAR, TECHNICAL COLLEGE? Degree or diploma/certificate program? Initial cost savings? Cost of attendance vs. affordability Credits transfer? 30 hours on average to transfer Core class requirement? Usually the same Environment? Learning focus Become HOPE eligible? Not a one time deal

Which college/technical school is right for me? Put together a list of colleges youre interested in attending Visit local college campuses. Take a tour, talk with students and admissions reps about the school. Continue to make good grades! - HOPE Scholarship Program Visit for current information Become familiar with admissions requirements How to apply to colleges/universities

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Choose 3-5 schools and visit their websites Check admissions requirements Apply online, if possible (Common Application) Have a transcript, a copy of SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities and community service hours

Have someone proofread application before submitting Request recommendations only if school requires them Submit application, send transcripts and test scores Print copy for your records Application/Admission Types Regular Early Action Early Decision Priority Rolling College Visits As a senior you receive 2 official college visitation days per year. In order for the 2

visits to count as an excused field trip, you must do the following: 1. Make an appointment with the College Admission Office 2. Obtain a College Visitation form from Attendance/SCHS website 3. Have the form signed by your teachers and parents before the visit 4. Have the form signed by a college official 5. Return the signed form to the Attendance office. **Not follow the instructions on the form can result in an unexcused absence and will count against your exam exemptions.** College Representatives at SCHS Small group sessions are held in Guidance on the appointed day (See senior class information page on SCHS website) Students must sign up in order to attend these small group sessions. A sign-in log will be available in the Student Information Center located in the back of Guidance. Passes will

be placed in your first period teacher's box, to be distributed the morning of the visit. Kennesaw State - Wednesday, Sept 7, 2016 at 10:30 am University of Alabama - Tuesday, Sept 13, 2016 at 1 pm Gordon State College - Wednesday, Sept 21, 2016 during all lunch periods (sign up not required) University of West Georgia - Thursday, Sept 22, 2016 at 10:30 am Mercer University - Thursday, Sept 22, 2016 at 1 pm Clayton State University - Monday, Oct 3, 2016 at 10:30 am University of Georgia Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016 at 3 pm Oglethorpe University Thursday, Oct 6, 2016 at 10:30 am Columbus State University - Friday, Oct 28, 2016 at 10:30 am Official Transcript requests Transcripts to most Georgia colleges can be requested online at at NO cost.

For all other transcripts: Complete a Request for Transcript form in Guidance Give the form and pay a $3.00 fee for each transcript to Mrs. Hauke Transcripts are delivered via 1st period teachers. **Mailing of transcript is the students responsibility ** *Opening of the envelope invalidates the transcript* Recommendation Letters Complete a Senior Information Sheet and return To Mr. Roache Allow 3 weeks for completion of recommendation (most colleges do not require a counselor recommendation) Recommendation letters are returned to the student in a sealed

envelope (Do Not Open). Requested transcript will be enclosed with the recommendation. *Students are responsible for mailing.* Financial aid & scholarships Dont waste your money on fee-based scholarship matching services. You wont get any better information than you can get from the free services online. Here are a FEW

Financial Aid Financial aid is money from different sources Apply for financial aid to be eligible to receive any funding Check with the college financial aid office (FAFSA deadlines, scholarships) Sources of financial aid: The federal government State government Colleges and universities Community groups, including religious organizations, civic organizations, employers, private companies, professional organizations and service organizations. Financial Aid Scholarships Academic, athletic, member of a certain religious organization,

your parent works for a particular company, college major -Awarded by governments, colleges, and even private organizations - HOPE, Zell Miller, NCAA, ROTC, Military Service Academies - Free money! Dont have to pay back Grants A form of financial aid that doesnt need to be paid back - Federal and state governments/individual colleges - Many are need-based (Federal Pell Grant). Depends on family financial circumstances - Non-need based grants (HOPE Grant) Financial Aid Loans Borrowing from a bank, government, other lending institutions - Direct loan program: federal government, low interest - Subsidized loans: need based loans, government pays the interest while student in school

- Unsubsidized loans: not based on income; determined by ECOA and other financial awards received Federal Work Study: provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with a financial need - On and off campus jobs - Available to full-time or part-time students - Administered by schools participating in the FWS Georgias HOPE Program HOPE Scholarship GPA of 3.0 Core Credits (all attempts)- Calculated by the GSFC Tuition is paid a percentage amount, which will vary yearly. Zell Miller Scholarship GPA of 3.7 AND 1200 SAT (Math and Verbal) or 26 ACT 100% Tuition paid

HOPE Grant Scholarship For students seeking a technical certificate or diploma, regardless of the student's high school grade point average or graduation date. HOPE Scholarship Academic Eligibility Students graduating from high school 2017 must receive at least four credits in courses from the following categories: Advanced math, such as Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, Math III, or an equivalent or higher course; Advanced science, such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology II, or an equivalent or higher course; Advanced Placement courses in core subjects (English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language); International Baccalaureate courses in core subjects (English, math, science, social studies and foreign language); Courses taken at a unit of the University System of Georgia in core subjects (English, math, science, social studies and foreign language) where such courses are not remedial and developmental courses; or Advanced foreign language courses.

Students may earn one or more credits in each category; provided, however, that an earned course credit may only be counted one time toward the credit requirement. ROTC Scholarships 4 year, 3 year, and 2 year scholarships Scholarship recipients receive monthly stipend Military service obligation upon commissioning Contact college/university ROTC department Army Navy/Marine Corps Air Force Military service academies

Students interested in attending one of the military service academies should go to the academy website and familiarize themselves with the application process. Except for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, students must apply for a nomination to a service academy. The service academy website will list the nomination types for which students can apply. See Mr. Roache in the guidance office if you need assistance. Academy websites: U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Military Academy - U.S. Air Force Academy - U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - U.S. Coast Guard Academy - United states armed forces

Administrative Machine operator Combat Specialty Media/public affairs Electronic/Electrical Equip Repair Protective services Engineering, science, technical Support services Health care Transportation and Human resources development material handling Vehicle and machinery mechanic

College & Tuition Programs College entrance exams SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test (CEEB Code: 113052) ACT: American College Testing Exam (CEEB Code: 113052) SAT Subject Test : English, History, Math, Sciences, Languages Admissions requirements vary from school to school. Consult your prospective school when deciding which test to take. SAT What changed?

New essay and its optional No penalty for guessing Two major sections: Evidence based reading/writing, math Four parts reading, math, writing and language, optional essay 400 1600 score scale vs. 800 2400 3 hours 50 minutes with the essay; 3 hours without essay Personalized practice from Khan Academy (Free) SAT Register for your SAT online. Here's what you need to know: CEEB Code: 113052

Where: The College Board's Web site at Score reports: You may send four free reports to the institutions of your choice at the time of Registration. Score Choice is available. SAT Subject Tests As soon as you have finished the relevant course work. One-hour test that assesses mastery of a particular field of study. Up to three tests can be required for admissions. Some schools use the SAT Subject Test for course placement; others don't require it at all. Tests are offered in five subject areas: English, Math, History, Science and Foreign Language.

ACT Spring of your junior year or fall of your senior year (or both, if you want a practice run). Three-hour exam; measures achievement in English, math, reading and science. Optional writing test is offered (Highly recommend taking this test) Your score is based on the number of correct answers ONLY. If you aren't sure, take a guess - it can't hurt you and it could help. Scores on each section are averaged to create a composite score. Perfect score is 36.

ACT Registering for the ACT CEEB Code: 113052 Where: ACT, Inc.'s Web site at Score reports: You may send four free reports to the institutions of your choice at the time of registration. SAT/ACT Fee-Waiver-Eligible Students Can receive 2 fee waivers for each test (11th and 12th graders only)

Entitled to four additional score reports at no charge (SAT) Score reports may be used at any time as part of registration or after students have received their scores (SAT) Eligible for up to 4 free college application fee waivers (SAT) NCAA Eligibility center College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met eligibility standards. To participate in college athletics and receive athletically-based financial aid, you

must do the following: Register online with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse and meet eligibility standards (SS# and fee required) Complete the amateurism certification questionnaire Submit transcript release form to SCHS Guidance Department HS uploads transcript, but student must submit official test scores NCAA Division I & II Initial Eligibility Academic Requirements There are new requirements for college-bound student-athletes enrolling full time at an NCAA Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2016. Minimum core-course GPA of 2.300 required for competition.

Core-course progression. Must complete 10 core courses before seventh semester of high school (e.g., senior year). Of the 10 core courses completed, seven must be in the area of English, math, or science. These 10 core courses become locked in for the purpose of core-course GPA calculation. A repeat of one of the locked in courses will not be used if taken after the seventh semester begins. Helps students..

HOPE eligibility.. More Resources.. Plan for college, military, or work Apply for college Attend college HOPE requirements Check HOPE GPA Complete FAFSA application Send Transcripts to Georgia Schools Career Inventory

SAT and ACT Prep Financial Aid Scholarships Credit Recovery This opportunity is available to help students regain lost credit required for graduation. Edgenuity facts: ITS FREE!! After School Opportunity -- students attend a supervised after-school credit recovery session held in a computer lab. REQUIRES students to be self-motivated as well as an independent learners who exhibit a strong, personal commitment towards being successful. There is no access on weekends or holidays ALL PRE-AND POST-TESTS MUST BE SUPERVISED IN THE LAB.

Many other CR programs available see Mr. Roache if needed Graduation requirements Senior class information HOPE Scholarship Service Academies Credit recovery Transcript requests NCAA/NAIA eligibility To Wrap things up.. Follow a timeline for completing required tasks for college applications (Backward planning from deadline dates)

FAFSA Oct 1 submit using 2015 tax returns some college apps, transcript submit, HOPE GPA (Ensure profile info is accurate name [IC], ssn, DOB, address) SAT/ACT College visits 2 each before Spring Break (visit form located on senior page) Scholarship search websites/college financial aid offices NCAA eligibility center registration Credit recovery Please contact me at [email protected] or (770)-969-2840 ext. 232 Class of 2017 Parent & Student Information Night Please take 1 handout per family

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