Good Tuesday Morning! Today is Oct.8th! CAUGHT YA

Good Tuesday Morning! Today is Oct.8th! CAUGHT YA

Good Tuesday Morning! Today is Oct.8th! CAUGHT YA Can you find all the errors? Look Carefully! Write out the Caught Ya the way you think it should look.

every day in this spot you will be regaled with news from the dramatic story of general animal hospital Number of the Day Worksheet! You MUST KEEP up with this paper! Put your

name on it and complete #4,5,and 6 Quote of the Day Education is the key to unlock the golden door of

freedom. -George Washington Carver (American scientist and inventor) Lets Take on that ABC book! What do we want it to look like? How will we publish it?

What will be the most interesting way to present it so others will want to read it? Grammar What have we been learning this week? Who got it all

right? Did I catch ya? Lets Grow as Writers! Todays Plan Hear, discuss, and draft personal narratives

Explore writing about things you collect Learn about a professional author Share your partners thinking with the class Discuss and solve problems that arise in your work together Come to the carpet and sit next to your partner. Lets discover about Patricia Polacco

Today we are going to read about how she got ideas for stories from her own life. After reading What ideas for stories did Patricia get from her own life?

What did you learn about the process Patricia goes through to make a book? Looking back at page 21, Patricia tells us that her mother collects geodes and rocks. What do you collect, or would you like to collect, and why?

Turn and talk with your partner. Write Independently Here are your choices to write about for the next 20 to 30 minutes. Write about something you collect or would like to collect. Work on a personal narrative you started earlier. Start a new personal narrative about anything from your

own life. Sharing Today you will share your writing with your partner using Turn and Talk. Be prepared to answer questions about your partners writing. What did your partner write about today? Did your partner include any sensory details in his or her writing today? Tell us about one.

What problems, if any, did you and your partner have working together today? What can you do to avoid those problems next time you work together? Reading Like a Detective We need to make a page in our stash book!

Context Clues Context Clues Look for the Clues What does context mean? A words context is the words, phrases, and sentences that surround it. If you look closely

at the context of an unknown word, you often get clues about that words meaning. Look for: Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Read Surrounding Sentences When ALL ELSE FAILS use a Dictionary

Look for Synonyms Watch for words that repeat the same meaning. From Boys Against Girls by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: What does precocious mean? Just because she was supposed to be super smart precocious, the grownups called it didnt mean he had to like

her. You probably see that super smart and precocious both mean the same thing. In this sentence super smart and precocious are synonyms. Look for Antonyms Watch for words with opposite meanings. Sometimes authors use them to make a point.

From Nomi and the Magic Fish by Judy Sierra: When Nomi was a little girl, her mother died, and her father married another woman. This woman had a daughter called Nomsa. Nomi was a beautiful, tall child, but Nomsa was very short and ugly. The author uses two pair of antonyms to show that Nomi and Nomsa looked very

different from each other. Look for Definitions Watch for definitions defined near a word. Sometimes youll see words and phrases such as or, that is, and in other words with a definition right after it in parentheses.

From Census Surprise! from Junior Scholastic: What does census mean? The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census (people count) every ten years. Since 1960, the population growth rate had been slowing down. But no longer. Notice that the meaning of the word census is given right after it in parentheses.

Look for Examples Watch for examples that explain what a word means. Examples often follow words or phrases, such as for example, such as, like, and especially. From Boys Against Girls by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: What is an abaguchie?

Actually, nobody knew if there was an abaguchie in Buckman at all, and if there was, just what kind of creature it was. For several years various people in Upshur County claimed to have seen a large animal, something like a cat, lurking around in the shadows, running along the edge of the woods, or even crawling about under somebodys window.

The word abaguchie is unfamiliar, but you soon learn that its a creature, a large Read Surrounding Sentences Look closely at the sentence containing the word, as well as the sentences that come before and

after it. From The Sultans Perfect Tree by Jane Yolan: What does blemish mean? There was a sultan who loved perfection. In his palace he would allow only the most perfect things. Each fruit that he ate had to be without blemish. Each cup that he drank had to be without flaw. By reading the whole passage, you learn

that the word blemish means a flaw. Something that is perfect would not have a What to do when context clue strategies dont help? Sometimes we still dont understand the meaning of a word even after looking for synonyms, antonyms, definitions, examples, and

reading surrounding sentences. When ALL of these strategies fail use a dictionary. Practice Give the meaning and the type of context clue

used to find the meaning of the red word(s). A Vicarious Journey By Menkeli Kanaa, 2003 I would like to take you on a vicarious trip, a trip I want you to experience through my description, to Tanzania. I visited Tanzania with five other teachers this summer, and I can

Word: vicarious truly Word: memorable Type: Definition Definition claim that it was theType: most memorable Meaning: experience through

Meaning: never forget; stay summer a description, not personal in memory Ive had. I doubt I

will ever forget it. experience Practice Give the meaning and the type of context clue used to find the meaning of the red word(s). The old Maasai told us stories that teach

many things about life and death, bravery and fear, vengeance and forgiveness. Type: Antonym Meaning: revenge; punish someone When going to a party you should show your best decorum by dressing your best,

drinking and eating moderately, and thanking your host before you leave. Type: Example Meaning: using good manners Practice Give the meaning and the type of context clue used to find the meaning of the red word(s).

Carly is fond of trite, worn-out expressions in her writing. Her favorite is You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Type: Synonym Meaning: worn out; overused Animals adapt to the environments they live in. Some animals live in the Arctic

where it is very cold and their fur keeps them warm. Other animals live in the ocean, or in ponds, streams, lakes, and Type: Read rivers. Surrounding Sentences or Examples They use gills

to breath. Meaning: how a living animal changes to survive in their environment Practice Give the meaning and the type of context clue used to find the meaning of the red word(s). The snake slithered through the grass. The grass parted as he hunted.

Type: Read Surrounding Sentence Meaning: moved; slide from side to side Josie received a bauble for Christmas from her great aunt. This she put with her others, a pair of imitation earrings, a fake emerald pendant, and a ring that Type: Example looked like

a ruby. Meaning: jewelry Practice Give the meaning and the type of context clue used to find the meaning of the red word(s). I took the tome off the shelf and opened it. The

book will take me a long time to Type: Synonym read.Meaning: book Joe was reluctant to take on the position of captain of the basketball team. He was afraid that the time it would take would hurt his grades. On the other hand, Billy was eager for the chance to be captain.

He thought that being captain of the Type: Antonym team woulddomake him very popular in Meaning:

not want to do something school. IF I call you to my table, please come

quietly. You will not need to bring anything but your brain. What great things did you read today? Lets add to our

Repertoire of Words surge stamina dissatisfied Partner Up & Move to the Carpet Last time we learned three words from the article Follow That Ball! Soccer Catching On in the U.S.

Today were going to think about those words and really use them! Quiz time! What is the definition of surge a sudden increase or a sudden

strong rush What is the definition of stamina the energy and strength to keep doing something for a long time

What is the definition of dissatisfied not satisfied Think Pair Share Which word describes how you might feel if you went to a baseball game and your favorite team lost? Why?

surge stamina dissatisfied Think Pair Share Which word tells what you would see if a crowd of people at a concert suddenly ran toward the stage? Why? surge stamina

dissatisfied Think Pair Share Which word tells what a runner needs to finish a marathon? Why? surge stamina dissatisfied

Game Make a Choice Today were going to play a game We will start the first round using the word surge. I will describe two scenarios and as partners you will decide which one is surge and why. Partners dont have to agree, but they both need to explain their thinking for their choice. First well practice!

Game Make a Choice Which of these is a surge: a single shopper strolling into a store or a crowd of shoppers hurrying into a store? Why? Think Pair - Share

Paired Partners Make a Choice Which of these people do you think needs more stamina: a mountain climber climbing Mt. Everest or a a mountain climber climbing a climbing wall? Why? Think Pair - Share

Paired Partners Make a Choice Which of these people are dissatisfied: a customer who buys a TV and then returns it or a a customer who buys a TV and then buys another just like it? Why? Mad Scientist Time!

Skeletal System! Math Time! Math Workbook page 227 Math Workbook page 228

Math Workbook page 229 Math Workbook page 230 Homework

Math Workbook Pages 231-232 Review Science Binder Read at least 30 minutes every day COW Collection Dont forget Math and Science Test Thursday!

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