Healthy Salads History Ingredients Uses Dressings History of

Healthy Salads History Ingredients Uses Dressings History of

Healthy Salads History Ingredients Uses Dressings History of Salads

Saladdefinition? A mixture of one or more ingredients, including not only leafy greens but also vegetables, meat, fish, fruits, nuts and grains. it may be used as. When is a salad served???

Appetizer Used For a starter to stimulate the appetite, it is served at the beginning of the meal. Make it with crisp greens, fruit or raw vegetables, Servings are usually small.

Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail ..Appetizer Basic Tossed Greens Types of Salads Accompaniment

Served with main the course of the meal either on dinner or salad plate. This salad should contrast pleasantly with the rest of the meal in color, flavor, and texture. Use crisp greens, fruits, or vegetables whether raw or cooked. cole

slaw, 3 bean salad, potato salad Accompaniment Salad: Types of salads Main course Chef Salad, Chicken Caesar Must be substantial and satisfying. Can be made with meat, fish, eggs,

poultry, vegetables, fruit or a combination of fruit and cheese. This is served in meal-sized portions and may be served hot. CAESAR SALAD.. Types of Salads Desserts- This may be a sweetened,

molded or frozen This salad can be made of fruit gelatin or fruit mixture. Whipped cream is usually added to the dressing. This salad furnishes the meal with a color, flavor and texture treat. Example of Dessert Salad Entre:

Principles of Salad Making 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Place on a chilled plate or dish at least 5

hours before serving. Prepare salad dressing 2 to 3 hours and chill. Make just before eating. Choose fresh and good quality produce. Salads should look neat, but not labored over. Handle greens as little as possible. Avoid too much dressing. Principles of Salad Making

8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Do not put the dressing on or salt salad until just before serving. Break or tear into bite-size pieces.

Use no more than 3 -4 ingredients. Ingredients should be well-drained. Combine crisp with soft ingredients for contrast in texture. Toss with a fork to give the tossed rather than smashed appearance. Serve immediately. Nutrients in Salads Minerals and vitamins come made to order in the fresh fruits and vegetables found in salads.

Salads provide plenty of cellulose or roughage to aid good digestion and elimination. This regularity will help you grow stronger and more healthy and beautiful. The main course salads of eggs, fish, meat, poultry and cheese serve as body builders and provide protein for the body. Pasta and potatoes provide carbohydrates Nutrients in Salads

Vitamins Minerals Fiber Protein Carbohydrates Fats Salad Greens Lettuce is the most popular salad plant grown in the Nation. Four

types are generally sold: Iceberg Butterhead Romaine Leaf Salad green varieties: Arugula Iceberg

Butterhead Mache Curly Radicchio endive Cress

Dandelion Belgian endive Escarole Romaine Sorrel Spinach Frisee Additions to salad greens HERBS: (soft leaf)

Coriander Chives Dill Parsley Chervil Mint Tarragon FLOWERS: Roses Violets

Pansies Nasturtium Bachelor buttons Snapdragons The flowers from most herbs Repertoire

Fruit Salad Caesar CobbSlaw Cole Chef Salad

Potato Tossed Tuna Salad greens Salad Frisee Chicken Salad Salad Lorette Greek Salad

Spinach Salad Waldorf salad Salad Nicoise JELLO salad Etc, etc Salad Dressing Dressing

are used to : Add flavor Enhance colour and appearance Enhance the nutritional value /increase caloric value What dressings should be used for which salad ? The dressing should complement the other flavors in the salad. Vinaigrette-mixture of vegetable oil,

vinegar, and seasoning Mayonnaise-a thick, creamy dressing that is an emulsion of oil, vinegar, egg yolk and season Types of dressings Vinaigrette -mixture of oil, vinegar, and seasoning Formula for a Vinaigreatte= (3 oils to 1

vinegar ratio) EXAMPLE: 1/3 cup Olive Oil 2 T white wine vinegar 1 tsp Dijon mustard OTHER EXAMPLES Examples of Oils Examples of Vinegar (ACID) Flavoring

Mayonnaise Based=Base of the dressing is mayonnaise and seasoning added. Thicker consistency 1.RANCH 2.Blue Cheese 3. Tomatillo (Caf Rio) Dressing 4. Thousand Island

Salad Dressings Vinaigrette: Mayonnaise 3 parts oil to 1 part acid A variety of ingredients can be used to flavor the dressing.

Balsamic, Italian, Raspberry Ranch based: Blue Cheese Green Goddess


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