Positive Locality Partnership Working with an Education ...

Positive Locality Partnership Working with an Education ...

Fiona Cowan Headteacher Bolsover Infant and Nursery School The so y e n r jou r fa Positive Loc ality Partne rship Work - an Educati ing on Perspecti ve Early Help Offer They saying it takes a village to raise a child this always makes me think of Early Help Positive impact on childrens lives, working with parents to help make a difference. (Seen this first hand from early Family Resource Workers based in schools to MAT and

Joint commissioning) So when an opportunity came about to Radically Re-think the Early Help Offer - and to work jointly with other professionals, to undertake joint commissioning to impact positively on our vulnerable families before they get to crisis - we were eager to get involved. Non-negotiable for me and our team When I became a teacher I made a commitment to the children, parents and staff that I would always prioritise the children, their families and the needs of the community. Started at Poolsbrook and developed at Bolsover. Support parents before they were in crisis trying to be pro-active and not just re-active Offering whatever support was on hand, to help improve childrens lives. This work was enhanced by the first Family Resource Workers, situated in our schools, to the development of Multi Agency Teams. We have always tried to work collaboratively and effectively as possible for children and families. Plus I have a big mouth and am quite opinionated! Who is we? Ch a

lle n ge Su pp Co Res llective pon sibi l i ty Collaboration Schools Involved: Bramley Vale Primary Brockley Primary Arkwright Primary Duckmanton Primary New Bolsover Primary Bolsover C of E Juniors Bolsover Infant and Nursery Palterton Primary Scarcliffe Primary

Sharley Park Primary Tupton Primary The Bolsover School ort Bolsover Excellence Schools Trust VISION Inspiring all, to learn and achieve their best, in our schools and communities. AIM We aim for all of our schools to retain their autonomy and the individuality which makes each one distinctive and unique. However, collaborative working will make them stronger. Together they will take a collective responsibility to provide support and challenge on the path to excellence for all. Bolsover Excellence Schools Trust values: At BEST we value children and ensure they are key to all of the work we undertake. We value: The diversity each school brings to the collaboration The well-being of all to enable enjoyable and effective learning Sharing expertise, experiences and opportunities across the range of schools Open and honest relationships based on mutual trust A cohesive and strategic approach to education that benefits the The pro-active commitment of

with all stakeholders all to achieve the vision whole community equally Understanding the plan Derbyshire County Council Derbyshire Safeguarding Board Derbyshire Childrens Trust Childrens Locality Partnership Bolsover, Shirebrook, Clowne Early Help Cluster Clay Cross, Tibshelf, South Normanton Early Help Cluster

Eckington, Dronfield Early Help Cluster 6 MAT Teams; 5 Social Care Teams; Schools, Other Partnerships A seat around the table North East and Bolsover District Locality Partnership ad t e h , bu s w ore new e c i ef e rv h b wer e t e s w i c es . m s i d So rke erv to u s o

w o st m re ha ut s o o r t ind new e ag d f o f e e an rk r e rk o s e w wo he w vice W ur t t er o ou s ab r fo for a s d en vice g a er ed g s i es

r a n il Sh rovi fam p im There are lots of people who attend and there is always someone new at the table. Ambitious start Our ambition was to ensure that children within our Locality: Have the best possible start to life. Are ready for school and able to learn. Have aspiration and are able to reach their potential. Are protected from harm. Grow up in households free from domestic violence, neglect or abuse. Are emotionally resilient and have access to early support where there is evidence of emerging mental health needs. Develop healthy relationships Topics covered: Domestic Violence CSE and Cyber Crime Early Help Emotional Well being School Readiness NEET/Workless Families Bolsover Infant and Nursery School

Where little people learn to dream big! The impact of the Locality Partnership in our school: Two rounds of Incredible Years Support for Mumming and Dadding About Safeguarding Newsletter Better links with locality services and local schools outside of the cluster Time to focus on the Early Help agenda MAT links Mental Health audit links with the secondary school Understanding of the data Mental health support, Exclusions, Home school, House fires etc

Understanding around Troubled Families agenda Training CAMHs Specialist Community Advisor Graded Care Profile MAT and Social Care School readiness work 2 year old assessments Mental Health and Well-Being Focus Joint Commissioning Through focused locality ACTION PLANS we have managed to identify the priority needs in our area Through COLLABORATION we have been able to undertake more focused and richer joint working to address these needs Through JOINT COMMISSIONING we have been able to begin filling in the gaps Everyone is eager and willing to work with Education Joint commissioning on a shared agenda. It seems to be us in Education who is finding it hard to comprehend. Navigating the Landscape Schools need to commit to the process Other services are there and eager to work with our young people and families Joint Commissioning is the way forward What would I like to see Every school across the County with a Parent Plan All schools, inc Secondary Schools and 0-5 setting committed to Early Help and Joint Commissioning not just looking at

case worker and Family Resource Workers Family History Laura had a history of Sexual Abuse Multiple Partners Postnatal Depression Infant Death 1st child Domestic Violence Alcoholism Child abandonment x Matty (12) and Mark (9) Homelessness Mental Health issues Laura lived Zander (6) with Jack - Dad of Alfie (4) and her new partner Bob When we get in right! Case Study Services already involved before Zander started school: Private day care for 1 year (only accessed 3 year old funding) Alfie signed up for 2 year old funding and to transfer to school nursery in January Mark living with his Step Mum as Dad had gone into Re-hab (three times)

Relationship now: Social Care Zander is in school 2- Making progress, attendance good MAT/Childrens Centre Worker Alfie accessed 2 year old funding, in school nursery Health now and moving to Reception Progress positive School met in Summer term Mark back with Mum and doing well with Juniors Laura and Bob in their own home Pro-Active Relationship from the start: DBS/Trips/Return to work for Bob/School Readiness Open and honest relationship Pastoral Care team / Headteacher Mental Health support for Laura School Health New friendships to support all Behaviour Support SEN Partnership working Proactively has really supported Incredible Years - Friendship this family in becoming a success. Dadding About / Mumming About Adult Care intergenerational work / Public Health / Adult education HENRY Adult Ed Adult Mental Health work Bolsover Church of England

The Landscape Ahead Needs to be truly joint working Schools need to commit to working with parents Parent Plans for every school with all staff committed to a parent plan Parenting - Helping with parenting and childrearing skills and setting home conditions to support a childs abilities to access school. Communicating - Communicating about school, attainment, achievement and childs progress Participation - Supporting school and school programmes. Improving involvement in school activities, inc audiences at school events, PFA etc Learning at home - Learning at home, homework and curricular based activity. Decision Making - Participating in decision making, school governance, questionnaires, information sharing about the school to benefit the school, children, other parents and stakeholders and the community Collaborating with the community - Services for parents in the community, liaison with the school and outside agencies. School committed to the Locality Partnership way of working and attending Early Help meetings Dadding about and Mumming about in every school!

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