point of view

point of view

Narrative Perspective Point of View Authors Point of View Dialogue and Narration Dialogue = when characters speak. Narration = when the narrator speaks. Quotation marks separate narration from dialogue. Example

Help my cousin Jack said. 1 2 Identifying Narrative Perspective It's about the narrator (who tells the story) We're not looking at dialogue. We don't care what characters say. Only the narrator's voice matters.

Pronoun Case We are trying to figure out the narrator's view point on the story. Perspectives and Signal Words First-Person I, me, my, mine, we, us, ours,

Second-Person you, your Third-Person he, she, her, they, them (also character's names) Secret I am in the room I = 1st Person

You come in the room. You = 2nd Person Then he or she came in the room. He or She = 3rd Person First-Person Narrator is a part of the story (character). Often uses I or we. Example I went home. Tim came over. I couldn't play.

Second-Person Usually for instructions Uses You; from your perspective. Examples First, gather your materials. Add 1 cup sugar to flour. Third-Person Narrator usually isnt involved. Tells other's stories.

Lots of He, She, & character names. Three Types of Third-Person Narration Does the narrator tell Thoughts and Feelings of Characters? Third-Person Omniscient Narrator is all knowing. Narrator tells thoughts and feelings of more than one character.

Omni = All Scient = Knowing Example Tim was mad at Shay. He blamed her. Shay knew Tim would be mad, but she wanted to live her life. Third-Person Limited

Narrator is limited to one character. Tells thoughts & feelings of one character Example Tim was mad at Shay. He blamed her. Shay just left without saying anything. She left a note and then left him. Third-Person Objective Narrator does not reveal any characters thoughts or feelings.

Only characters dialogue and actions are narrated. Example Tim slammed the door. He walked upstairs & read a note from Shay. He kicked her trash can & started crying. Tips on Identifying Check 1st or 2nd-person before worrying about objective, limited, or omniscient.

Ask, Whos story is the narrator telling: his, mine, or someone elses? Focus on narration not dialogue. Practice 1. Read the following passages. 2. Determine the narrators perspective. 3. Write down your answer. 1

When I was four months old, my mother died suddenly and my father was left to look after me all by himself I had no brothers or sisters. So through boyhood, from the age of four months onward, there was just us two, my father and me. We lived in an old gypsy caravan behind a filling station 2 The huge man dropped his blankets and flung

himself down and drank from the surface of the green pool. The small man stepped behind him. "Lennie!" he said sharply. "Lennie, for God" sakes dont drink so much." Lennie continued to snort into the pool. The small man leaned over and shook him by the shoulder. "Lennie you gonna be sick like you was last night." Lennie dipped his whole head under, hat and all "Thas good," he said. "You drink some, George." He smiled happily

3 Foresight in Relationships The previous night, make your plans for the next day and write them down If you attend an exclusive Samurais party and feel timid, you cannot do your part in making it a successful party. You had first better prepare by convincing yourself that you will have a grand time. And you should feel grateful for the invitation.

4 Harold Davis took a deep breath and slowly started to peel the gauze from the wound on his grandmothers leg. Hold on, Grandma. Im almost done, He said quietly. Dont worry, baby. It doesnt hurt too much, she quietly replied. Just take your time. Harold glanced up at his grandmother lying on the couch. He could tell she was in pain from the way she gripped the

cushions, but still she managed to smile back at him. 5 They were standing under a tree, each with an arm round the other's neck, and Alice knew which was which in a moment, because one of them had "DUM" embroidered on his collar, and the other "DEE." "I suppose they've each got "TWEEDLE" round at the back of the collar," she

said to herself. They stood so still that she quite forgot they were alive, and she was just looking round to see if the word "TWEEDLE" was written at the back of each collar, when she was startled by a voice coming from the one marked "DUM." Answers 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. First-Person Third-Person Objective Second-Person Third-Person Limited Third-Person Limited 9/16-Warm up- Based on the picture, make a prediction about

the poem Casey at the Bat (left page of your notebook) Agenda 9/16 While watching, write at least 6 details that stand out to you. Choral read Casey at the Bat pp. 650-652. After reading, write at least 6 details from the poem that stood out to you. (Be specific) Create a Venn Diagram to c/c the video to poem.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erfSed2 MUsA Analyzing Summaries--9/17 Warm-Up- 1) Check that you have your details written from yesterdays video and reading. 2) Write the Summary of a Story: A Checklist (textbook p.654) in your notebook (next right page). Create a bullet list of the terms. Read Summary 2 on page 655 and identify the objective and subjective statements in your notebook (left page).

In a well written response, answer the following: Is summary 2 an effective summary? Why or why not? What critical details from the poem does this summary include? Do you believe the author of summary 2 has a biased opinion of Casey? Homework Due 9/18 Create a Frayer Model for Point of View. The center should read Points of View. The four

quadrants should read: See Model Quiz on Point of View tomorrow. Bring a book to read when you are finished. Unbiased Review Activity Write an unbiased review of a book, song, video game or movie of your choice. Your review must include at least 3 objective statements and no more

than 3 subjective statements. Your review should be at least 1 paragraph ( 5 sentences). The topic sentence must include the title and the name of the author, artist, developer or star of the film. Entertain me with your words!!!

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