PNMsoft Sequence Intelligent Workflow Applications for Outline About us 1 Capabilities 2 PNMsoft Sequence 3

Case Study 4 Technology 5 6 Benefits About PNMsoft PNMsoft:

Provides Intelligent BPM and CRM Solutions for organizations worldwide. Is the leading Microsoft-based vendor on Gartners iBPMS Magic Quadrant. PNMsoft Sequence

An Intelligent BPM Suite that enables rapid build and change of advanced workflow solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. PNMsoft SCE A unique Dynamics CRMbased product which enables creation of advanced CRM workflows for vertical & horizontal applications. The Gap: Intelligent, Integrated Workflows Challenge: Our organization needs to create advanced processes involving SharePoint content &

operations. Our users need easy access to these processes, and management need visibility on their progress & performance. And, we need integration with CRM, ERP and more X Introducing PNMsoft Sequence PNMsoft Sequence A unique product for SharePoint that creates Intelligent Workflows which enable rapid integration, manage process flows, create greater insight and promote user adoption. PNMsoft Sequence Architecture

Customer Service, Sales Employees Managers CRM Users SharePoint PNMsoft Sequence Other Departments

Workflow Designer ERP Visual Workflow Canvas Vertical and Horizontal Applications Capabilities 1. Document Management

3. Collaborative Workflows 2. Costs Saving on Development 4. Integration ERP, CRM & more Create SharePoint Workflows on a Visual Canvas 1. Visual Workflow Canvas 2. Activities Toolbox 3. Command Ribbon

4. Workflow Properties Involve More Users with SharePoint Workflows Create SharePoint workflows which involve more users in SharePoint operations such as publishing documents. Improve processes by adding structure

and business rules. Manage Workflow Applications within SharePoint Track and Manage Processes In-Flight Get Social : Post Questions/Comment to the Process Wall/Other users Comments and Questions can

be private or for all users. Get insight from SharePoint Workflow Analytics Out-of-the-box Integration with with ERP, LoB & CRM systems ERP activities can be quickly added to Sequence workflows in one click. Sequence determines which ERP system will

handle each invoice based on geographical location. A wizard-based GUI enables you to define the ERP connector. Mobilize your Workflows Deliver SharePoint Workflows to any Mobile Device. Enabling Technologies PNMsoft Sequence is based on and integrates with the following Microsoft technologies and platforms: SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 (Online and Onpremise)

Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 (Online and Onpremise) Windows Server SQL Server Visual Studio ASP.NET Azure Office 365 Case Study: Atkins Atkins Automating a complex commercial service delivery process Solution:

PNMsoft Created Online Forms: service delivery forms risk categorisation bid approval Challenge: Implement a Service Delivery process to evaluate, manage and record opportunities and projects. Benefits: Integrated with existing Corporate systems:

Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft Dynamics CRM JD Edwards Project Management Tool Provided a single interface for users to view their own opportunities and projects and outstanding actions. Information entered only once Reduced processing costs (e.g. job creation

processing) User friendly Common reporting tools Improved compliance from clear visibility of any missing data Significant reduction costs & carbon footprint from printing PNMsoft Sequence Benefits

Create agile, high-value SharePoint-based solutions Slash development times & costs Tailor SharePoint to your business Connect more people,

systems and devices to SharePoint Manage & control change Improve Compliance PNMsoft Customers include Contact PNMsoft Email: [email protected] UK HQ

38 Clarendon Road Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 1JJ United Kingdom + 44 (0)192 381 3420 USA 845 Third Avenue Suite 600, 6th Floor. New York, NY 10022 USA + 1 (646) 290-5063 Portugal Avenida Dom Joo II, Lote, Edifcio Mar Vermelho Piso 4, 1990-095 Lisboa Portugal +351 21 121 20 38 Israel 7 Giborei Israel street Adar House (Entrance D, 3rd Floor) Poleg IZ, Netanya 42504, Israel + 972 9 8853633

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