Personality -

Personality -

Personality Prompt #4 In a few words, describe how they act and think. Your Boss Your Best Friend Spongebob

Why would someone want to study things like this? Personality The consistent, enduring, and unique characteristics of a

person What are examples of these characteristics? Personality Theory Categories Psychoanalytic Behaviorism Social

Learning Cognitive Humanistic Trait Purposes of Personality Theories Organize the many characteristics

Explain differences among individuals Explore how people conduct their lives Determine how life can be improved Psychoanalytic Theories Freud & the Unconscious

Id, Ego, Superego Theory division of psyche Id=pleasure principle; needs, drives, instincts, and repressed material Ego=reality principle; rational, reasoning Superego=moral principle; source of conscience and high ideals Defense Mechanisms Pg.

380-383 Read, understand, come up with example scenarios for each Draw ONE image for each of your examples (half page with caption); put name of DM ON THE BACK Check in, then grab Defense Mechanism sheet (will be HW if not finished)

Defense Mechanisms Identifying Scenarios Personality Tests Rorschach Inkblots TAT Both projective tests

Meant to analyze unconscious feelings Rorschach Inkblots Write what you see in the inkblots Carl Jung

Personal vs. collective unconscious (inherited instincts, urges, and memories of all humans) Archetypesinherited idea, based on ancestors experiences, that

shape ones perception Alfred Adler How parents treat their kids determines personality

or lifestyle Birth Order Prompt #5 Have you noticed the ideas of birth order in your own family? Explain. Do you agree with Adlers ideas of birth order in general and the information in

this article? Explain. Behaviorism & the Social Learning Theory As you read Highlight/underline key concepts or

terms; summarize in a few words every paragraph or two Stop after Behaviorism section Summarize how this theory says personality develops Finish reading Summarize how this theory says personality develops

Behavioris m - Direct reinforcement of behavior - Testable theory - Personality traits learned/influenc

ed by external factors - Similar things excluded (childhood, genetics) Social Learning Theory - Modeling/

Imitation - Self-assessment (success, outcomes, etc.) - Cognitive (thinking process) Bobo Doll Experiment What ideas

from the Social Learning Theory did you see with this experiment? Exit Pass Provide an example of a specific

personality traits development through behaviorism. Provide an example of a specific personality traits development through the Social Learning Theory. Media Violence & Aggression Read the article & answer the corresponding questions

Behavioris m - Reinforcement s (rewards & punishments) - Present environment - Measurable (external factors)

- - Social Learning Theory - Modeling Environment affects traits - Self(people)

assessment of Reinforcement Similar flaws past (genetics, unconscious) experiences Behavioris m -Reinforcers

-Pragmatic (logical, straightforward) -Can be tested and proven (measurable) -similar flaws (unobservab

le factors left out) -actions/ behaviors -similar goals -learning (idea of reinforceme nt)

Social Learning Theory -Modeling -Self-analysis (success, outcome, etc.) -More variables to assess

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