Peeling a Tangerine -

Peeling a Tangerine -

Tangerine Written by: Edward Bloor SpringBoard Book Activity 3.2 What is a simile?

A comparison between two unlike things, using like or as, to make a vivid and emphatic description. Example: The dog was as big as 4 story building. Example: The meatloaf tasted like a pile of cardboard.

What is a metaphor? A comparison between two unlike things, in which one thing becomes another. Example: The tears were a waterfall streaming down her face. Example: The car was a lion roaring down

the track. Why do we need to use Imagery? Imagery- the use of figurative language and other descriptive language that appeals to the senses.

This allows the readers to see, taste, touch, hear or feel an object. Example of Imagery The hot July sun beat relentlessly down like an oven cooking a pizza, casting an orange glare over the farm buildings, the fields, the pond. Even the usually cool

green willows bordering the pond hung wilted and dry. Our sun-baked backs ached for relief. We quickly pulled off our sweaty clothes and plunged into the pond, but the tepid water only stifled us and we soon climbed onto the brown, dusty bank. Our parched throats longed for something cool--a strawberry ice, a tall frosted glass of lemonade.

We pulled on our clothes, crackling underbrush, the sharp briars pulling at our damp jeans, until we reached the watermelon patch. As we began to cut open the nearest melon, we could smell the pungent skin mingling with the dusty odor of the dry earth. The smell was a rainbow in the sky; so beautiful. Suddenly, the melon gave way with a crack, revealing the deep, red

sweetness inside. SpringBoard Book Activity 3.3 Back Cover of Tangerine

Quick Facts About Florida Florida was admitted to United States as a State on March 3, 1845 (27th State) Governor - Charlie Crist Capital - Tallahassee Nickname - Sunshine State State Flower - Orange Blossom

State Animal Florida Panther State Beverage Orange Juice State Bird Mockingbird

State Gem Moonstone State Reptile Alligator State Soil Myakka Fine Sand State Song

"The Swanee River" (Old Folks at Home) State Stone Agatized Coral State Tree Sabal Palm Whats The Weather Like?

Average Annual Temperatures: Summer: 80.5 (F) degrees (26.9 C) (North Florida) 82.7 (F) degrees (28.2 C) (South Florida) Winter: 53.0 (F) degrees (11.7 C) (North Florida) 68.5 (F) degrees (20.3 C) (South Florida)

Lake Eola Park, Orlando Florida SpringBoard Book Activity 3.4

Double Entry Journal Who keeps a journal or diary? Why do people keep diaries or journals? What are some advantages of keeping a journal or diary? What are some disadvantages?

Essential Question: What kinds of choices are made in forgetting and remembering and forgiving? What is the relationship between choices and consequences? SpringBoard Book

Activity 3.5 Define: Flashback: a sudden and vivid memory of an event in the past. Also an interruption in the sequence of events to relate events that occurred in the past.

Answer these questions What is the socioeconomic status of the family? Does Pauls mother understand him? When Paul says, Good work, Mom, what tone is he using? Demonstrate the tone in

his voice, and explain your interpretation. What is Pauls relationship to his family? BE SURE TO SHOW ME TEXTUAL EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR INFERENCES!! What does this word mean?

Zombie Zombie: Which one fits the book? zombie /zmbi/ Show Spelled[zom-bee]

noun 1. (in voodoo) a. the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose. b. the supernatural force itself. 2. Informal . a. a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton.

b. an eccentric or peculiar person. 3. a snake god worshiped in West Indian and Brazilian religious practices of African origin. 4. a tall drink made typically with several kinds of rum, citrus juice, and often apricot liqueur. Source: A person held to resemble the so called walking dead.

A mixed drink made from rum, liqueur, and fruit juice. Source: Websters dictionary Review: The words: zombie

Setting Point of view Flashback Elements of a plot (exposition, rising action, falling action, climax, conflict, resolution) Imagery Simile

Metaphor Prediction Inference

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