Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation Planning 599

Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation Planning 599

Transportation Planning 599 Cool tools for successful transportation projects Troy Hearn Division of Planning Travel Time- Statewide Data 2011 PM Cardinal Direction

2012 PM Cardinal Direction The indicate how much longer it takes compared to Speed Limit = Travel time factor Travel Time - Corridor Profiles Blue are Minimum Speeds. Red are Maximum Speeds.

Arrow is the direction of travel at Average Speed. Travel Time Spot Speed Profiles by Day, Month, Year, and/or Direction Statewide Data If you are ArcGIS savvy:

try this filterable link or to view Link level TT data Click this box > to choose the day part If you need customized results contact [email protected]

Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning Local Government adopted projects/plans Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning Strava Heat Map Bicycle Travel Pedestrian Travel Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning KYTC Highway Design Manual (HD-1503 /exhibit 1500-1) Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning Resources AASHTO Bike/Ped Guidance manuals Stored in Projectwise

FHWA Bike/Ped Web Resources Links on KYTCs 1. University Course on Bike/Ped Design 2. Sample Bike/Ped Plans 3. Funding (TAP, TIGER, and RTP) Pedestrian & Bicycle Data Resources Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Coordinator KYTC

Troy Hearn [email protected] Air Quality VIN Data VIN Vehicle Identification Number

Model year # Veh in Co Vehicle type Vehicle make Vehicle class Mobile/MOVES Registration type

Fuel type County registered Street address City State Zip code Air Quality EPA MOVES Model

MOVES MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator. Output = total emissions by area by pollutant, by hour, day, month, season, yr Used for Regional/MPO Conformity documents Project-level Analyses Motor Vehicle Emission Budgets (MVEBs) CMAQ applications Freight Planning Freight Modes Book Freight Network

Major Freight Generators Business Info Freight Analysis Framework Multi-State Research Groups Assistance to Locate Information Freight Planning Freight Modes Book Freight Planning

Freight Network Freight Planning Major Freight Generators o Company Name o Contact Info o Number of Employees o Building Square Feet o # of Truck Bays o Average # of Trucks per day o # of Rail Doors

o NAICS Codes (Commodities) o Needs Assessment Freight Planning Business Information Cabinet for Economic Development interactive mapping Kentucky Library and

Archives InfoUSA database Freight Planning Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) Data Tab Tool Domestic Trade Exports from KY Top 10 Commodities by Value ($M) $19,826

$14,055 $13,213 $17,379 $120,006 $20,544 $27,844 $31,041 Motorized

vehicles Machinery Base metals Misc. mfg. prods. Pharmaceuticals $42,037 Basic chemicals Electronics

Textiles/leather Plastics/rubber $38,217 Mixed freight Freight Planning Ask a Librarian

Assistance To Locate Information Kentucky Transportation Center Call 800-432-0719 Kentucky Library and Archives AskALibrarian.aspx

Consultant List Interactive Maps Roadway Viewer: 3551&y1=3868453.589951066&x2=5427435.959483551&y2=3971969.2 14951066&MODE=PL Project Archives: Dataminer for bridges: KYTC Highway Design KYTC Design Manual: nual.aspx KYTC Planning Planning Studies and Reports: Consultant List Data Mart HIS Extract: ONS/HISEXTRACTS/ New Traffic Counts page: ONS/CTS/ Other Signal Warrants: Concepts for Congestion: AQ Resources KYTC AQ Website: px

FHWA AQ Website: EPA AQ/Model Website: My Contact Info: [email protected].gov or (502) 782-5059 Thank you!

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