Patient Reporting Applications - General Aspects as an ...

Patient Reporting Applications - General Aspects as an ...

Smart glasses A new mobile tool for health care and education Gunnar O Klein, M.D. Ph.D. Professor of Informatics/eHealth in rebro, Sweden Valencia, 2015-07-29 1 What is Google Glass ? Dr Karandeep Singh Harvard Medical School

03/01/2020 A communicator, handsfree telephone A camera and voice recorder/transmitter A display for reading short messages/texts images A voice input interface for steering applications from local storage or internet sites 2 In press for the Medinfo 2015 conference of the International Medical Informatics Association Smart Glasses A new tool in medicine Gunnar O Kleina, Karandeep Singhb, Johan von

Heidekenc,d a Dept of Informatics, rebro University, rebro, Sweden b Dept of Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School, Boston USA c Dept of Womens and Childrens Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden d Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston USA 03/01/2020 3

Method 03/01/2020 A litterature search in December 2014 using Pubmed and Web of Science. Fifty-nine abstracts were found and read. We included articles in the review if they: (1) included original data, and (2) were evaluating Google Glass in a clinical setting. Articles should be in English and of full length. 17 studies were found to meet the criteria

4 Brief History of the device 03/01/2020 The Google Glass Explorer Edition became available in February of 2013 to individuals in the U.S. in a limited beta test. In April of 2013, Google released the first iteration of the development platform known as the Mirror API, followed by release of the Glass Development Kit in

November of 2013, which allowed for the development of a number of Glass applications. On January 15, Google announced that the production of the Glass prototype was stopped but Google remains committed to the development of the product. While the Google Glass product is the most publicized, a number of start-ups and larger companies have also developed different types of smart glasses 5 Other smart glasses 03/01/2020

The Google glass product is being redesigned and after January 2015 it is not available right now in July. Google has announced they will relaunch a new product but not when. However other products are available and coming One interesting is the VUZIX M100 smart glasses They have teamed up with Octovis in their Telemedicine kit named Telle which contains a bag for remote monitoring by a not so skilled person communicating to a physician at a remote location with a desktop application 6 The Telle kit

03/01/2020 A tablet PC Smart glass from Vuzix: Display, camera and audio 5 hours battery life A digital stethoscope A pulsoximeter that also records heart rate The Physician desktop application 7 Table 1 Different application areas described

Application area Remote instruction of users wearing Glass Documenting procedures Patient empowerment Findings Beneficial use in cardiologist education [4] Orthopedic surgery training [5] Cancer surgery [6] Central venous access [7] Ultrasound interpretation [8] Diabetic limb assessment [9] Autopsy documentation [10]

Airway intubation [11] Allergy patients getting access to information [12] Macula patients getting augumented vision [13] Reading signal data ECG assessment [14], Immunochromatography [15] Vital signs during radiological intervention [16] Providing instructional films and simulation Disaster medicine [17], Anatomy and palpation [18] 03/01/2020 8

Glass in the operating room 03/01/2020 9 03/01/2020 10 03/01/2020 11 03/01/2020

12 03/01/2020 13 The study in Boston with Dr Singh A smart glass based record is being developed Patients that are the concern of a specific physician on a particular day or on a short list easily retrievable for review of essential facts on the glass display The location system and time combined makes it possible to propose and display the relevant patient for retrieval The physician documents based on a pre-defined structure where key words are displayed on the

smart glass display The physician has a task list of things to do which is displayed on the device 03/01/2020 14 The patient as a user 03/01/2020 A very advanced system for augmented reality where patients with severe macula degeneration and thus impaired vision where equipped with glasses with a

very special purpose to enhance vision by providing more visual information to the peripheral field which was relatively unimpaired. The authors report promising results and seem determined to continue studies. The other study reported is for patients with allergies who can benefit from the use of smart glasses by asking for the detailed content of consumer products when for instance doing grocery shopping. 15 The potential is great but unproven 03/01/2020

There is are many potentially important applications where patients will use this technique both without the direct contact with health care and in treatment partnerships where they are reporting on their state to a remote health professional. The combination of an audio conferencing technique and the possibility of showing what they are doing including e.g. the state of a wound or other skin lesion is interesting. 16 Applications in education

03/01/2020 This is an area where there should be more studies Physicians at various stages may use glasses to communicate in real time to a remote supervisor where a specially challenging patient encounter may be done with the assistance as needed, e.g. during surgery It is also a way of recording patient doctor interviews An alternative approach is to put the glasses on a patient to record what the doctor in training is doing as seen from the perspective of the patient 17 Conclusions

03/01/2020 Interesting opportunities with smart glasses in many areas. Initial enthusiasm must be replaced by scientific evaluations It is hardly a solution for all problems The general use of smart glasses in society by patients and other citizens for health is one vision but

not without many concerned opponents Privacy issues are important Whatch out for new product releases from Google and other companies 18

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