Parts of the Sentence

Parts of the Sentence

Sentence: a group of words that contains a subject and its predicate, and makes a complete thought. To say anything clearly, we must say two things: what we are talking about (subject) and what we are saying about it (predicate). Each thought must have these two parts: One Two subject

predicate what were talking about what were saying about it A fragment is an incomplete thought. The simple subject of the sentence is the noun or subject pronoun that the sentence is about. The complete subject includes the simple subject and all of its modifiers. Compound subject: a double subject: more than one noun or pronoun used as a double subject of the same clause

Predicate: the verb and other words that are about the subject Simple predicate = the verb. Complete predicate = everything that is said about the subject.

Compound predicate: the subject takes more than one verb as its predicate. In most sentences, the subject comes before the predicate. The red-tailed hawk soared high overhead. However, for emphasis, some sentences are written in inverted order, with the predicate coming before the subject. High overhead soared the red-tailed hawk. In sentences beginning with there or here, the subject follows the verb. Here is your birthday present.

Direct Object a noun or object pronoun that receives the action of the action verb. DO It answers this question: What is the thing the Subject Verbs? Action verbs are called transitive if there is a direct object. S AV DO We walked the dog. Action verbs are called intransitive if there is no direct object. S AV

adverb We walked slowly. Only object pronouns (e.g., him, her, us)may be direct objects. Indirect Object a noun or object pronoun indirectly affected by the action verb located between the action verb and the direct object.

S AV IO DO You gave me nothing. NOTE: If there is an indirect object, there MUST be a direct object. The indirect object is an alternative to using a prepositional phrase. S AV DO (prep phrase) You gave nothing to me. Identify the Simple Subject, Simple Predicate, and, if there is one, Direct Object and Indirect Object in each sentence. 1. Mario picked some flowers for the mantel.

2. The crowd gave our team a cheer. 3. The simmering volcano erupted suddenly. 4. Behind the hills sank the setting sun. 5. Here are the corrected test papers. Predicate Nominative: A noun or a pronoun that RENAMES or IDENTIFIES the subject Mr. Cadenhead is principal of Folsom High School. My favorite novel is To Kill a Mockingbird. Predicate Adjective: An adjective that DESCRIBES the subject. The freshly baked cookies smelled delicious. The golden retriever puppy seemed friendly.

Identify the Simple Subject, Simple Predicate, and either the Predicate Nominative or Predicate Adjective in each sentence. 1.My favorite holiday movie is Its a Wonderful Life. 2. Mark Twains real name was Samuel Clemens. 3. This winter seems especially mild and sunny. 4. The prizewinners are Jennifer, Marcus, and Raul. 5. Soft and warm was the afghan my grandmother crocheted.

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