Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso.

PABLO PICASSO. By: Charo Cabanes. PABLO PICASSO. My name is Pablo Picasso.

I was born in the Spanish town of Mlaga in 1881. Ever since I was a boy, I liked to paint. My father was a painter and Art Teacher.

PABLO PICASSO. My first drawings were of bulls and doves. I did them when I was just 9 years old. A child with a dove.

PABLO PICASSO. My father passed on to me his love of doves and bulls. PABLO PICASSO. I studied arts at La Corua, Barcelona and Madrid. But academic studies never excited me...

My dream was to visit Paris. PARIS IN BLUE AND PINK. I arrived in Paris in 1900. There I set about discovering the artistic movements of the period.

There was so much to learn!!!! Suddenly, my best friend Carlos died. I was very sad and I started to paint everything in BLUE.

PARIS IN BLUE AND PINK. Soon afterwards I fell in LOVE. I began to paint everything using PINK. At that time I spent a lot of time at the circus. So, I painted harlequins, jugglers and clowns. A NEW WAY OF SEEING.

Why paint things to look so real? Could be there be another way to represent objects and figures? I started to experiment with new materials, made collages, sculptures, ceramics,... And I found a new language:


In 1935 the Spanish Civil War started. A new change took place in my life. I was shocked by sad news: The Basque city of GUERNICA was cruelly bombed and destroyed in April of 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. I painted a mural as big as a wall, in one month.

I painted all in BLACK AND WHITE. No colours to show the suffering of the WAR. I painted: THE GUERNICA.

With this electric light Picasso said that this is not a natural dissaster, this is a MAN MADE DISSASTER. THIS IS A WAR. What can you see?

A woman crying with her dead baby. A bull watching the dissaster. A man burning!.

A soldier dead in pieces on the ground. I lived a passionate life. I never returned to Spain. I died in Mougins, France, on the 8th of April of 1973. I was 92 years old.

This is my portrait. Do you like painting? TASK: Paste the self portrait of Pablo Picasso in your

book Recall the information shared and brainstorm around the picture

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