Outlining Strategies

Outlining Strategies

Outlining Strategies Creating an Outline Creating an Outline Gather your prewriting and all the information you want to include in

the paper. Write down the information in the order you think makes the paper most logical. Outline only the body paragraphs for your essay. Creating an Outline

Include the thesis statement at the top to ensure you include only the support that defends or proves your thesis. Include all your source examples and any other information that makes up a paragraph Creating an Outline

keep the following in mind when creating an outline: One point may never stand alone Your outline must be complete and detailed. After you have drafted an outline, rearrange the order of topics and subtopics. Place

them in the best order, so items make sense, and transitions are easy to add. Ways to Organize an Outline

Your outline is a visual representation of the order of ideas in your paper. It is a good idea to explore different organizational arrangements. The following are the more common ways to organize ideas: Ways to Organize an Outline

Least important to most important: Many persuasive essays are organized in this way to build the momentum of an argument Ways to Organize an Outline Most important to least important:

Executive summaries and news articles are usually written this way because readers may not have time to read to the end of the story or article. Ways to Organize an Outline Chronologically: If you tell a story or describe a process for example, downloading a song

from the Internet or changing an automobile tirethe order of events or steps in the process is important. Ways to Organize an Outline Logically: You may organize your outline logically so the information makes the most sense, such as from a

problem to a solution. Ways to Organize an Outline Spatially: If you want to describe the way a person or object looks, you may arrange the descriptions in a certain order

Resource For additional help with outlining, review the information at the following site: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/r esource/544/01/.

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