Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software

Open Automation Software Liberate Your Data Enterprise Data Automation HMI/SCADA Solutions Industrial IoT Protocol Gateway Who is Open Automation Software? 1994 Company founded 1997 Became OPC Foundation Member Developed OPC Servers 1999 First standalone OPC Systems released Logging OPC data in an open format to SQL Server and CSV for redundant systems 2004 2005

First company to provide Smart Client Deployment for visualization, trending, and alarming with 100% managed components. Released Service Oriented Architecture for OPCSystems.NET providing Internet communications for OPC data access First SCADA/HMI software for web and mobile platforms, providing visualization, trending and alarming using AJAX. The first SCADA interface for the iPhone when first released in 2007 and Android in 2008 2010 OAS becomes the first SCADA system to log 1,000,000 records to SQL Server in a single call and in an open format for Big Data 2012 OAS releases Live Data Cloud with Remote SCADA Hosting

using a standard Internet connection, and without the need for a fixed IP address 2013 OAS replaces AJAX interface with new interface based on open standards, supporting HTML5 and JavaScript and providing a REST API for SCADA 2016 OAS releases connectors for Azure IoT and AWS, as well as Portable Class Libraries (PCL) for native iOS/Android app development OAS remains committed to providing software for moving data between devices, databases, and systems, all within open formats. What is the OAS Platform? A server-based software platform for powering Industrial Automation solutions, and Operations Management Software that allows businesses to create their own Industrial Internet of Things

Universal Data Connector Device & Data Connectors Data Historian IoT Connectors Alarm Logging & Notification Developer Tools & APIs OAS Platform Networking The OAS Universal Data Connector HIGHLY SCALABLE NETWORKED SERVER PLATFORM Open Database Sources Desktop, Web, Mobile

Visualizations Moves data from anywhere to anywhere in a non-proprietary format Host your own live data on local or wide-area networks, or over the internet Enables the movement, aggregation, and transformation of data between PLCs, IoT devices, databases, applications, cloudbased services and more PLCs and Devices Database Destinations IoT Cloud Services Application Servers The core of the OAS Platform REST

API The OAS Universal Data Connector Azure IoT Data Historian LOG TO OPEN DATABASES and FILES MS SQL Server Oracle MS Access MongoDB mySQL Azure SQL Cassandra SQLite MariaDB PostgreSQL CSV Fault tolerant: If disconnected from the destination, no data is lost. When connection is reestablished, data is transferred at high speed. Log data to wide or narrow tables or directly to stored procedures, to over 10,000 separate tables per server at up to 100 nanosecond resolution, and up to 1 million records per call. Log data continuously, event-based, time-based, or on data change, to local or remote databases High-speed, fault tolerant data logging to open formats AUTOMATED REPORTS Generate reports based on events, time of day, or continuously

Create PDF, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, Images, or send directly to a networked printer Deliver automated reports via email Alarm Logging & Notification Log alarms to open databases MS SQL Oracle MS Access MongoDB mySQL Azure SQL Cassandra SQLite MariaDB PostgreSQL CSV Files Notify users of alarm activity to any client destination Voice Message SMS Text Message Email Summarize alarm totals per area, priority, and type Access both local and remote alarms Alarm conditions triggering notification via SMS, email, and voice Visualize and interact with real time alarms with Developer Tools & APIs View and Acknowledge Alarms Provide links to your own alarm documentation for inline operator event handling Operator Input from the alarm screen

Log operator comments with alarm or event condition Device & Data Connectors Allen Bradley Connector Driver Interfaces such as: ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, and Micro800 with the ABLogix driver, and MicroLogix, SLC 500, and PLC-5 with the ABClassic driver Siemens Connector OPC Server Connector Provides connectivity to OPC Classic and OPC UA Servers, Data Access and Alarms and Conditions OPC Client Connector Siemens Driver Interfaces which support communications over Ethernet to S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 Enables unlimited OPC Clients to communicate with an OAS Service, allowing unlimited OPC Client connections while maintaining only one OPC connection to the local OPC Servers

Modbus Connector Data Route Connect to Modbus slave devices over Ethernet and Serial interfaces with Modbus TCP, RTU, and ASCII protocols Universal Driver Interface Create your own interface with your own custom properties. Deploy to unlimited devices and platforms. Excel Connector Provides connectivity to MS Excel Workbooks for both read and write functionality with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and above Allows an OAS Service to write values from any Tag Parameter to any local or remote OAS Tag data source, simplifying remote networking by installing the OAS Data Engine at the source OAS Recipe Provides data transfer from databases such as MS SQL Server, Access, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, SQLite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or mySQL. OAS Recipe supports static or dynamic

queries from other data sources such as device or operator input from your user interface IoT Connectors Connect and move data to or from cloud-based IoT services AWS IoT Gateway Connector Azure IoT Data Hub Read or write data to and from Amazon Web Services IoT devices using MQTT with TLS (Transport Layer Security). This enables you to take full advantage of any or all of the other services provided by AWS. Write live data to Azure IoT Data Hub using the built in AMQP protocol driver and Azure IoT Edge using MQTT. This enables you to take full advantage of any or all of the other big data and IoT services provided by Azure. Data Route MQTT Connector

Connect to MQTT devices and software brokers with the built in MQTT Driver Interface. Allows an OAS Service to write values from any Tag Parameter to any local or remote OAS Tag data source, simplifying remote networking by installing the OAS Data Engine at the source. Developer Tools & APIs .NET VISUALIZATION & AUTOMATION Build customized Visualizations, User Interfaces, and data automations Integrate with existing Windows applications Programmatically configure all aspects of OAS server Visualize Tags, Trends, and Alarms in WPF and WinForm Apps All .NET tools are compatible with Visual Studio 2005+ WEB VISUALIZATION Built upon open standards of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript Visualize Tags, Trends, and Alarms in any browser, desktop or mobile, no plugins required Compatible with any web application environment and tools (ASP.NET, .NET MVC, PHP, Ruby on Rails, more)

PCL for iOS and ANDROID Build native mobile applications for iOS and Android with Visual Studio and Xamarin Forms. Apps can be deployed to the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android REST API Build automations between diverse systems utilizing simple JSON over HTTP Available to any client code on any platform Windows, Mac, Linux, IoT devices Read and Write Tag, Trend, and Alarm data Modify OAS Tag Configurations OAS Platform Networking Features OAS Universal Data Connectors can be deployed in any configuration to achieve the highest performance, reliability, and flexibility in you network environment. (Satellite, GPRS, etc) Aggregate data and logic in the cloud, take advantage of an Edge Computing architecture, or combine features to meet your needs. Networking Configuration Options

Basic Networking with Static IP Client applications communicate directly to up to 10k remote OAS services with a fixed IP address or registered domain name Live data is hosted at the source with no data loss on network failure Live Data Cloud or Network Forwarding Clients communicate through one or more Live Data Cloud or Forwarding services with a fixed IP Address or registered domain name to up to 10k remote services The data source services do not need to have a fixed IP Address, just be able to reach the Live Data Cloud Servers that do have fixed IP addresses Live data is hosted directly at the source, there is no data loss on network failure The Live Data Cloud feature is free to use on any self hosted Windows OS One-way Networking with Communications Diodes Clients communicate to one or more services on the receiving side of the communication diode The data source services do not need to have a fixed IP Address, and broadcast all tag values at an adjustable rate to remote services Increased bandwidth, but enables one-way data transfer to business applications Benefits of an Open Architecture Open architectures provide maximum flexibility and data access OPEN REAL TIME DATA ACCESS

Programmatically access data from any .NET, Web, or mobile app Share and host data from any .NET, Web, or mobile app Integrate into existing Business applications -- ERP, MES, CMMS, etc. Data is store in open formats - use your preferred tools, always have access to your own data OPEN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Create stunning, powerful WinForm, WPF, Web and Native Mobile operator interfaces and HMIs Use any graphics tool such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, MS Paint, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SketchUp, more... Drag and drop configuration for .NET tools Open Source, easy to develop, maintain, extend Benefits ofOpen

Automated Configuration Architecture OAS Configuration is completely available to Programmatic Interfaces New site rollouts can be automated, saving thousands of man/hours and dramatically increasing profits Custom configuration interfaces can be exposed to administrators or other classes of users OEMs benefit from OAS Product Platform whitelabeling OAS Platform Use Cases What can you achieve with the OAS Platform and tools? CONNECT HOST LIVE DATA Connect to almost any industrial data source , application, database, or device Host live data with any Windows PC over the Internet or on-premises

PROCESS and LOG DATA SCADA/HMI SOLUTIONS Process and log data live at source with full store and forward capabilities ENTERPRISE DATA AUTOMATION Transport and transform data between sources, log data to open formats at unmatched speeds, or even aggregate data from disparate sources Visualize and control real-time data and provide operators with customized HMIs, complete with secure access on Window, Web, and mobile devices INDUSTRIAL IOT COMMUNICATIONS Capture data from devices and transport to cloud-based IoT hubs for warehousing or predictive analytics and scheduled maintenance Implementation Pathways

Options ranging from do-it-yourself or guided development 1. On-demand, do-it-yourself implementation Using our extensive online knowledge base and technical support, design and build your own solution 2. Hire OAS System Integration Partner to implement a defined project OAS will assist with the design and implementation of the solution 3. Hire OAS System Integration Partner to implement a defined project + customized configurator Additionally, OAS will assist with the design and development of tools for rolling out multiple deployments OAS Support Options ONLINE KNOWLEDGE BASE Extensive, detailed product documentation Programming references for .NET, WEB, PCL and all APIs Code Examples and downloadable samples VIDEO LIBRARY Step-by-step videos for getting started with all product components and tools TECHNICAL SUPPORT

Responsive technical support for all customers, even during 30-day evaluation Thank You! [email protected]

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