OLD TESTAMENT PART 4 ISAIAH ISAIAH AUTHOR: Isaiah. He is referred to 13 times in 2 Kings. He ministered for up to 60 years. Tradition says he was martyred.

RECIPIENTS: Judah and Jerusalem. Chapters 1-39 seem to address a different audience. Have a difference theological emphasis. Has a more flowing and poetic style DATE: 758-698 BC PURPOSE: Turn back to God or be driven from the land. Even though dispersedJews have a future THEME: The justice and grace of God.

NOTE: 194 passages contain allusion to verses from 54 of Isaiahs 66 chapters. Isaiah has influenced the NT more than any other OT book. Quotes in the NT identify four main categories: Messianic prophecies Eschatological (salvation history and the last things) The Christian life or to teach doctrine Parallels between events or Israels conduct in

the OT and in the NT (Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament, p. 205) KEY PHRASE: The Holy One of Israel (28 times) CONTEMPORARIES: Jonah, Amos and Hosea all prophesied at the same time in north and Micah in the south. OUTLINE:

Chapters 1-35 Prophetical: condemnation Chapters 36-39 Historical: Hezekiah Chapters 40-66 Prophetical: Consolation SIX WOES ON ISRAEL Isaiah 5 1. 2. 3.

4. LAND GRABBERS (vv. 8-10) DRUNKARDS (vv. 11-17) DECEIVERS (vv. 18-19) PERVERTERS OF MORAL DISTINCTIONS (v. 20) 5. CONCEITED (v. 21) 6. DRUNKEN JUDGES (vv. 22-25)

Isaiah saw 3 things that changed his life!! The Lord (6:1-4) Himself (6:5-7) The need (6:8) Christs Reign During Kingdom Age

1. The Spirit of the Lord will be on Him (v. 2). 2. He will judge impartially and righteously (vv. 3-4a). 3. He will destroy the wicked (vv. 4b-5). 4. The curse on creation will diminish (vv. 6-9a) 5. The earth will be full of the

knowledge of God (v. 9b). 6. The nations will turn to Christ (v. 10). 7. Israel will return to the Lord (vv. 1113). 8. Israel will conquer and subdue their enemies (vv. 14-16). Coming Judgments on the Nations Assyria (10:5-19; 14:24-27) Babylon (13:1-22; 21:1-9)

Philistia (14:28-32) Moab (15:1-16:14) Damascus (17:1-14) The capitol of Aram Cush (18:1-7) Egypt (19:1-15) (Yet God will one day bring Egypt to Himself (19:16-25)

Coming Judgments on the Nations (contd)

Dumah (21:11-12) Arabia (21:13-17) Judah (22:1-25; 28:14-22) Tyre and Sidon (23:1-18)

The whole earth (24:1-23) Israel (28:1-13) MAP DURING ISAIAHS TIME The SUFFERING and

SERVANT TRIUMPHANT Isaiah 52 52:13-15Pre-eminence of the SERVANT 53:1-3 Person of the SERVANT 53:4-6 Passion of the SERVANT 53:7-9 Passivity of the SERVANT

53:10-12Portion of the SERVANT Characteristics of the KINGDOM Isaiah 65 Joy (verse 19) Longevity (verse 20) Peace and Security (verses 2123)






3 years Battle of Armageddon Battle of Gog and Magog JEREMIAH

JEREMIAH AUTHOR: Jeremiahunpopular prophecies RECIPIENTS: Mainly Judah and Jerusalem DATE OF WRITING: 626-560 BC. Josiah Zedekiah 26 years in Egypt PURPOSE: To warn nation of Judah of coming destruction. THEME: Sin of Judah brings about Babylonian

captivity. Gods equipping & Jeremiahs Response JEREMIAH 1 GODS DESCRIPTION: God had planned Jeremiahs ministry. God had set Jeremiah apart before he was born. God had appointed Jeremiah as a prophet.

JEREMIAHS RESPONSE: I do not know how to speak. I am but a youth. Object Lessons in Jeremiah

Ruined waistbandIsraels pride destroyed. Potters houseGod can make useful. Earthenware jarToo late for Judah. FigsRestoration and rejection of Jews. Bonds and YokesBabylon would rule the nations.

Large stonesNebuchadnezzar would rule Egypt. Scroll thrown into riverBabylon would sink and never rise again. THE NEW COVENANT Guarantees Israel God will restore them, give them a new heart, put His Law on their hearts, teach

them His ways and forgive their sins. In addition there will be physical blessings. Jeremiah 30-33 THE NEW COVENANT Provisions New mind and heart Jeremiah 31:33

Restore favor and blessings of God Jeremiah 31:33; Hosea 2:19,20 Forgiveness of Sin Jeremiah 31:34 Indwelling of Holy Spirit Jeremiah 31:33; 2 Cor. 3:3-6

THE NEW COVENANT Material blessing Jeremiah 32:41; Ezekiel 36:24, 26 Sanctuary rebuilt Ezekiel 37:26, 28 War will cease, peace will

reign Isaiah 2:4 THE NEW COVENANT Character Eternal Jeremiah 31:26 Depend on God

Jeremiah 31:33 Unconditional Covenant Jeremiah 31:31-32 JUDGMENT ON THE NATIONS

Egypt (46) Philistia (47) Moab (48)

Moab (49:1-22) Damascus (49:23-27) Kedar and Hazor (49:28-33) Elam (49:34-39) Babylon (50-51) LAMENTATIONS LAMENTATIONS

Author: Probably Jeremiah Recipients: Judah & Jerusalem, Edom, all who observe the destruction of Jerusalem, the Lord. Date: About 586 BC Purpose: Tells sorrow in prophets heart over destruction of Jerusalem. Theme: Lament over desolation of Jerusalem. Title: Lamentations to cry aloud.

OUTLINE OF LAMENTATIONS The affliction and miseries of Jerusalem (chap. 1). The destruction of Ziona judgment from the Lord (chap. 2). The suffering of the prophet (chap. 3). Present desolation contrasted to past splendor (chap. 4).

An appeal to God for mercy (chap. 5). NATURE OF GOD His lovingkindness never ceases (vv. 22a, 32). His mercies never come to an end (v. 22b). His mercies are new every morning (v. 23a).

His faithfulness is great (v. 23b). The Lord is his portion (v. 24a). NATURE OF GOD (Contd) The Lord is good to those who seek & wait on Him (vv. 25-26) The Lord will not cast off forever (v. 31) The Lord does not willingly afflict men or treat them unjustly (vv. 33-36)

The Lord is sovereign (vv. 37-38). In application Jeremiah says: They have no right to complain (vv. 39, 42-47) They should test their ways and repent (v. 40). They should praise God (v. 41). They should grieve over the punishment

that has come (vv. 48-51). JEREMIAH: Prophet mainly to the Jews in Jerusalem, before the city fell. DANIEL: Prophet mainly to the court of King Nebuchadnezzar, in Babylonia. EZEKIEL: Prophet mainly to the

exiled in Babylon, before and after the fall of Jerusalem. Ezekiel was the prophet of the captivity. EZEKIEL EZEKIEL AUTHOR: Ezekiel RECIPIENTS: Children of Judah

DATE: Ezekiel prophesied at least 22 years (593-571 BC). PURPOSE: Prophesy of fall and future restoration of Judah. THEME: Captivityglorious restoration. KEY WORD: Son of Man91 times.

Object Lessons in Ezekiel 1. Eating a scroll (3:1-3)sweetness of yielding to Gods will. 2. The besieged brick (4:1-3)Jerusalem will be besieged. 3. Lying on his side (4:4-8)the years of Israels and Judahs captivity. 4. Bread and water (4:9-17)famine during the seige.

5. Shaved head (5:1-12)destruction of the Jews. 6. Baggage (12:1-6)Judah to go into exile. Object Lessons in Ezekiel 7. Anxious eating (12:17-20)Judah will go into captivity. 8. Wild vine (15:1-8)Judah is useless. 9. Boiling pot (24:1-14)the destruction of Jerusalem.

10. Ezekiels wifes death (24:15-24)silent mourning for Jerusalemcoming 11. Valley of dry bones (37:1-14)revival of Israel 12. Joining of 2 sticks (37:15-28)reuniting of Judah & Israel. FOUR ABOMINATIONS 1. In the inner court sat an image of jealousy (vv.

3b-6). 2. Idolatrous engraving on the wall (vv. 7-10), and 70 elders of Judah worshiping these engravings (vv. 11-13). They believe the Lord does not see what they are doing for he has forsaken the land (v. 13). 3. At the north gate he sees women weeping for Tammuz (vv. 14-15). 4. At the entrance to the temple he finds men

worshipping the sun (v. 16). Object Lessons in Ezekiel 1. Eating a scroll (3:1-3)sweetness of yielding to Gods will. 2. The besieged brick (4:1-3)Jerusalem will be besieged. 3. Lying on his side (4:4-8)the years of Israels and Judahs captivity.

4. Bread and water (4:9-17)famine during the seige. 5. Shaved head (5:1-12)destruction of the Jews. 6. Baggage (12:1-6)Judah to go into exile. Object Lessons in Ezekiel 7. Anxious eating (12:17-20)Judah will go into captivity. 8. Wild vine (15:1-8)Judah is useless.

9. Boiling pot (24:1-14)the destruction of Jerusalem. 10. Ezekiels wifes death (24:15-24)silent mourning for Jerusalemcoming 11. Valley of dry bones (37:1-14)revival of Israel 12. Joining of 2 sticks (37:15-28)reuniting of Judah & Israel.

Judgment against Gentile Nations

Ammon (25:1-7) Moab and Seir (25:8-11) Edom (25:12-14) Philistia (25:15-17) Tyre (26:1-28:19) Sidon (28:20-24) Egypt (29:1-32:21)

A Description of Satan Ezekiel 28 1. He was perfect (verse 12). 2. He was in Eden (verse 13). 3. He was the anointed cherub (verse 14). 4. He was blameless (verse 15). Israel Brought Back Home

Cleanse them of their sins (v. 25) Give them a new heart (v. 26) Put His Spirit within them (v. 27a) Cause them to live in obedience (v. 27b) They will dwell in the Promised Land (v. 28a) They will be Gods people (v. 28b) They will have abundant harvests (vv. 29-30) They will repent of their sins (v. 31)

Israel will be rebuilt (vv. 33-37). The Lord Reunites Israel & Judah 1. He will reunite Israel and Judah (vv. 17-19, 22), 2. King David will rule over them (vv. 22, 24), 3. The Lord will be their God (v. 23), 4. The Lord will make an everlasting covenant of peace with them (v. 26),

5. Gods sanctuary will be in their midst forevermore (v. 26), 6. The nations will know that God is the Lord. GOG & MAGOG THE BOOK OF DANIEL DANIEL

AUTHOR: Daniel (God is my judge) lived during reigns of Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Darius and Cyrus. A captive in Babylon. RECIPIENTS: Not statedespecially intended for consolation of the nation of Israel. DATE: Covers about 72 years (606-534 BC). PURPOSE: Reveals the power and wisdom of God in the government of the world to the end of days.

Gods Greatness The Lords Provision Omniscience Daniel and his friends obedience leading to their superiority over

the others. Daniel alone as a worshipper of the true God could interpret the kings dreams (2:145; 4:1-27). Gods Greatness Protection

The Lord could deliver even from a fiery furnace (3:829). Sovereignty The Lord alone is sovereign (4:34-37).


This power point has been produced by Southern View Chapel Springfield, IL All rights are reserved. May be reproduced with permission of the publisher. Please contact us for further information at email: [email protected]

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