Ohio GIS Conference 2016

Ohio GIS Conference 2016

Ohio GIS Conference 2016 PennDOTs Path to Survey123 for Field Collection Nate Reck, Govt Solutions Director GeoDecisions Topics/Discussions Desktop Asset Condition Assessment Today Why Replace Existing Solution?

Technology Assessment Why use Survey123? Findings during the Pilot Proposed Solution Path Forward

Web Device Apps Portal Access / Identity Services Server Online Content and Services Asset Condition Assessment Today

Current Pavement and Asset Survey System Systematic Technique to Analyze and Manage Pennsylvania's pavements (STAMPP) Survey System was developed in Microsoft Access - 1-3 person team per engineering district completes manual distress surveys of the following assets: - Drainage Conditions - Unpaved Roads -

Guide Rails Shoulder Current Pavement and Asset Survey System Teams are temporary Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Interns (ESTI) Surveys are performed during the summer months Asset and survey data is retrieved and uploaded via flat files to/from PennDOTs Roadway Management System (RMS) Why Replace Existing

System? Why Replace Existing Pavement Survey Solution? Microsoft Access form code is outdated and difficult to update Does not support mobile devices Does not support mapping of assets

Upload mechanism is difficult and has no validation Database corruption in the field Would like the forms to be more user friendly Bulky equipment in the vehicle And so on.

Technology Assessment Legacy vs Collector vs Survey123 vs Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Timeline 3-4 Years Ago Esri built the Local Roads Collector for PennDOT - ArcGIS Mobile on Rugged tablets running Windows - Works, but hard to maintain. Will run out of support. 12 Months Ago Review of Collector and Its Capabilities -

7 Months Ago Worked with Esri to see if Collector could be altered for PennDOTs workflow needs - Looked promising, easy to use, light-weight No, Collector no longer an optionbummer Today Survey123 Why Survey123? Why Survey123?

Hard requirements for PennDOT: - Editing of Existing Data Conditional Logic Support - disabling a dropdown(control) based on selecting a value from another control GeoDecisions was invited to participate in the Survey123 Holistic Event -

Early March 2016 - Provide support in customizing Survey123 to edit existing survey data Survey123 Technology - Survey123 is an AppStudio application Update the Survey123 application by using QML and JavaScript programming languages Why Survey123? Desktop

Contains out of the box templates or you can expand on them and build your own Easy to deploy them to a device Similar thought process to that of AGOL templates Device

Apps Portal Access / Identity Full support and integration of the Esri Platform Web AGOL or Portal Services

Offline Editing and Syncing Server Online Content and Services Proposed Solution Proposed Survey123 Architecture AGOL Web Service Central Enterprise GIS Retrieve Existing Data

Feature Service Enterprise GIS/RMS Sync Surveyed Data ArcGIS Server Survey123 District Office Proposed Survey123 Solution

Download Surveys and Data by County Sample Forms Customizable, conditional questions and steps Set to work on a phone or a tablet PennDOT looking to supply iPads for this work to the

interns in the field Simple, easy to use Work offline sync later Submit Surveys to Feature Service Path Forward Where Do We Go From Here?

Pilot for a single district to be done and ready for June use in the field One member of the team will use the old method while the other member(s) use the new pilot method. Used to benchmark the data collected and accuracy. After this collection season is over, tweak application and roll out statewide for next year

Possible enhancements: Map integration and routing of surveys More LRS data on the forms for reference ??? Questions? You! Thank

Nate Reck, Govt Solutions Director GeoDecisions [email protected]

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